Sonnet for a Cookie

I am a sensitive dog, and sometimes I just have to let my feelings show through words.  This is my first attempt at a sonnet.  I wonder if any other dogs have written sonnets?  Anyway, this form of verse is usually reserved for poems of love, and what do I love more than cookies?  Here goes!!!!!

I love my human and my kitties too,

and they love me, I know this is a fact.

But only one thing makes this big dog swoon-

when Jenny brings out the dog cookie sack!

Anticipation builds for that first bite.

I beg! I plead! I sit, lay at her feet.

The flavor is a carnivore’s delight!

I love the way they crunch between my teeth.

Oh Dog! To have an unending supply,

to have large bowls of cookies everywhere,

is what I dream about most every night.

Then wake up finding no cookies are there.

My heart belongs to Jenny, that may be,

but I’d love you if you had a cookie!

 (this is a pic of me dreaming about cookies!)

23 thoughts on “Sonnet for a Cookie

  1. This is an EXCELLENT poem! Maybe a cookie company will see your sonnet and want you to be their spokesdog! Or at least send you a big box of cookies. We look forward to another poem soon!

    Rumpy Dog you are
    a wonderful fellow and
    we love you a lot!

    ……..Loud purring! RainbowCats

  2. Me and Charlie are clapping very hard cos we love love love your sonnet to your cookie – and Jenny too of course! LOL! Yay!!

    p.s we discovered we had to log-in to leave comments on some word press blogs. we click on the “w” under the comments box next to the sign for twitter and facebook and sign in first!

    Take care

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