Stylin’ in my Fur Coat!

Malamutes have a heavy coat that’s designed to keep the dog warm in winter.  But did you know it also is designed to cool in summer?  When I first came to live with Jen she didn’t know that and she got my hair clipped.  She didn’t realize that made me susceptible to sunburn.  She doesn’t do that to me anymore.

I have a double coat and twice a year I shed my undercoat.  I am doing that now.  When it’s shedding time there’s lots of hair to discard.

I should be brushed at least twice a week.  But I don’t like to be brushed!  Jen has tried several different types of brushes and I don’t like any of them.  When she brings out the brush, I run!  So she learned that when I lie out on the deck I’ll let her brush my coat with her fingers.  Not the most effective way to brush, but it’s more productive than to chase me around.

This is my coat today.

There’s a condition called Coat Funk that has cropped up with some Malamutes.  I don’t know much about it, but I know it results in the dog only having a wooly undercoat showing.

Another thing I don’t like is taking a bath!  I’m sure glad Malamutes don’t have to have to have them often.  We don’t have an odor and don’t require regular baths.

I think I better go hide the brushes, cuz after Jen sees this pic she’ll want to brush me.

9 thoughts on “Stylin’ in my Fur Coat!

    1. Thanks! My Twitter friend just told me Jen could bury that fur because it’s good for the soil. So my fur is environmentally friendly! Woo woo!

  1. You’re still beautiful even with your undercoat hanging out, Rumpy. I’ll have to take a photo of Loup so you can see how ratty he looks. And he won’t let me brush him either or yank out the loose fur. He gets very annoyed and growls if I try.

  2. Our friend Samantha looked a lot like you but she was 1/2 Norwegian Elkhound and 1/2 Big Furry White Dog. She had a shedding problem, too, although she didn’t think it was a problem! She was very playful and couldn’t stand still long enough to get brushed. So she would let our people pull her underfur out in big chunks. Sometimes they had a contest to see who could get the biggest pile of fur! Maybe Jen could spin your fur into yarn and knit herself a sweater? Love & loud purring from the RainbowCatsx8

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