I’m dreaming…. (to the tune of White Christmas)

So my buddy Loup Graham had this idea of singing winter songs to think of snow and forget about all this heat. We decided to each write a poem to a Christmas song.  You can see Loup’s at his blog: loupslifelessons.blogspot.com and decide which you like best.  Loup says his is better, but I know mine is *snicker*.


I tell ya though, this really did help me think cooler!  I remembered all the fun we had last winter running around in the snow and ice.  I would bound out the door and Jenny would chase me around and around the yard.  It was great!  Then I’d lie in the snow like in my picture.  Ah, the good old days!


So read our poems and see if it doesn’t get you to thinking about cooler days.  I’m counting the hours until those days are back!


(with apologies to Bing Crosby)


I’m dreaming of a snow-covered landscape
Just like last winter’s don’t ya know,
when it didn’t stop snowing,
No grass was showing,
The ground was frozen to the core.

I’m dreaming of rolling in snowbanks
and licking ice from off the deck.
Oh to run and play and frolic
On a day that’s not hotter than heck!

8 thoughts on “I’m dreaming…. (to the tune of White Christmas)

  1. Oh Rumpy! Don’ say snow an ice to my pawrents – dey goes loco right nows! Dey has all da insurance peoples over again todays to agree on fixen all da mess frum last snows!

    I votes fur air conditionin fur nows!

    Love Willow

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