Peaceful Sunday Morning

I like Sunday mornings in my neighborhood. Weekday mornings are hectic with folks leaving for work. Saturdays bring folks out for ballgames and errands. But Sunday mornings are quiet and peaceful. When we go for our walk we see people sitting on their porches and they smile and say hello.


When I walk I like to see the squirrels playing.  Sometimes the birds fuss at the squirrels.  Sometimes there’s kitties out and about.  Occasionally another dog crosses my path.


When DeDe walks she’s too busy to notice anything.  She acts like walking is a race.  But me?  I like to take in all the sites.  Unfortunately its too hot right now for me to walk for very long.  I can’t wait until it’s cooler and we can walk a long time!


I hope you enjoy your Sunday!  I know I will.  woo woo woo!

6 thoughts on “Peaceful Sunday Morning

  1. Hey, not fair! You’re my size, but I’m not allowed on a bed. How’d ya work that out? My folk say if I’m too big for their laps, I’m too big to climb on furniture. Drat! When the Shelties were around they always got away with it, but then again I guess I do weight four times what they did. Still… ya look real comfy, Rumpy. Enjoy your peaceful Sunday.

    Tynan, the black Lab

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