The dangers of getting high, or living with a cat named Hissy Fit Jones

Yet another talented individual has died far too young. This has prompted me to be more proactive in helping my kitty overcome his addiction.



This is Hissy Fit Jones, and he likes to get high.

I am not sure what to do, because nothing I’ve done so far has helped.

Hissy was born to a feral mama. When he was a little kitty he was real sick. His mama brought him up to our house and left him for Jen to doctor. She did, but it wasn’t easy. He’d hiss at her every time she got near him, hence the name.


Hissy has achieved many milestones in his short life. He recovered from his illness and is now a healthy and (somewhat) happy kitty. He learned to trust us, though he does still hiss at Jen from time to time. He doesn’t care for surprises, so if you walk up on him real quick, watch out!


But there’s this problem with him getting high. He likes to lie on top of the kitchen cabinet, especially when it’s time for flea treatment.

He’ll stay up there for hours at a time. He does like to lie in the window sill and on the bed with his buddies, so he doesn’t stay high ALL the time.


Oh, what to do? What to do? Hissy Fit Jones, you need intervention!

42 thoughts on “The dangers of getting high, or living with a cat named Hissy Fit Jones

  1. Not kitties who like to get high do need intervention Rumpy. Good luck with yours. I am sure is surrounded with love and caring. Not all kitties have the chance to get it when they need it.
    Your post is brilliant and veru thoughtful Rumpy. β™₯

    1. Kitties who like to get high do need intervention Rumpy. Good luck with yours. I am sure he is surrounded with love and caring. Not all kitties have the chance to get it when they need it.
      Your post is brilliant and veru thoughtful Rumpy. β™₯

      NB : Sorry Rumpy my paws got tangled up in my previous post. Could not delete it.

  2. Loved your post, Rumpster. Sounds like Hissy has adapted well to his new home considering his wild beginnings. He’s lucky to have a great family like you guys.

    Cats seem to love “getting high”, don’t they? πŸ™‚ Our cats are the same.

    You sure are a thoughtful and sensitive doggie. Loup could learn so much from you.

  3. Hissy Fit’s mama was a very smart kitty. Cats have magical abilities like knowing who are the good people who will help them and their babies!

    Lots of kitties like the view from the highest point in a room. Annie especially likes to keep an eye on what’s going on in the computer room. Maybe it comes from when they descended from the big cats in Africa…like leopards who hang out in treetops!

    On the other hand, they DO like a good roll in freshly-sprinkled catnip, which is probably OK if they don’t overdo it. Or unless they’re rolling on a high place and fall off!

    Our person once had a kitty named Alger Hiss who always hissed at her. It was a feral cat, too, but was happy to always have good food to eat.

    Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx8!

  4. Hi Rumpydog! This is Winston and Clementine Wester. We live in Knoxville, TN with our mom, Becky. You are certainly a smart dog, as smart as us!

    Love your blog. You write so well and what you write about is so interesting. We especially like hearing about Hissy Fit. You are an angel to put up with Hissy’s shenanigans.

    Mom says she knows Jen and you are a very lucky dog to have such a nice human with whom to live.

    Will be checking your blog from time to time. Keep up the good work!

  5. Rumpy, the only solution is for you to get up there and spend some quality time with him but wear a safety harness because you can’t naturally flip over and land on your feet like he can if you fell! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, how I wish I could climb high and watch my furgang from the above!
    Thanks for sharing this, Rumpy!
    x, Martha

  7. I don’t have a solution. I think it just a cat thing. When I had cats, they all liked to do the same thing. He probably feels secure up there. If there is no danger for him to be up there, then is it really so bad that he likes to get high?

  8. Believe it or not, my brother used to climb up on things like that before he could walk. Maybe he’s part cat. His addiction was never cured since he now climbs around outside skyscrapers. It’s a different perspective though, so that seems like a good thing (as long as cats always land on their feet/paws).

  9. hiya Rumpers. Savannah here. So, I don’t get the “up high” thing ‘cuz I don’t get higher than the kitchen counter MOL And only then if my huParents have forgotten to put my food dish down for me (full of course). IMHO cats up high must mean there is something up there to eat! Right?!

  10. Not until September 2007 did I ever have an indoor cat. It was a totally new experience. I wanted her to stay off of everything. Stay on the floor like a good dog. No window sills. No kitchen counter or table. No piano. No bed. No shelves. No desk. No refrigerator. No…….. no……. no…….

    She was miserable. Then, while watching a show on Animal Planet, I discovered that cats are vertical animals. They like to go up.

    I started letting her on everything except the piano, the kitchen table, the kitchen counters, and the top of the refigerator. Actually, she can go to the top of the refrigerator if she can figure out how not to make a temporary stop on the kitchen counter.

    She’s a much happier animal, and I’m a much happier cat owne.

  11. He’s a cutie. I was wondering how he got that name. How about foil on the surfaces you don’t want him to enjoy for safety’s sake and treats on the surfaces that are acceptable? There’s also this spray called “NO!” in the pet section at Wally World. I’ve had to use it to keep Winston away from hiding places that may not be safe. It doesn’t smell to humans but gets the message to pets. Ms Kathy.

  12. Hissy is a tree cat and likes to observe the world. I would suggest finding some cat safe spots that are high up for him and add some blankets or pillows to the spot. I have four cats, two cat trees and plenty of spots for the cats to lay. The newest is on an older wood entertainment center. I put two pillows down and a quilt.. put and unused end table nearby with another small blanket as a stepping stool and waited. I have since seen 3 of 4 cats up there curled up and cozy.

  13. A little cat nip and you’ll be fine in no time, Hissy Fit.
    My cats do love the window sills. One of the two likes to curl up in the oval sink in our bathroom – a great fit for a curvy kitty. πŸ™‚

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