Dogs and Spirituality

Kevin Nelson MD is a professor of neurology at the University of Kentucky. He thinks it is possible that dogs and cats may go through near-death experiences and have mystical experiences similar to those experienced by humans.  His book is called “The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain: Unlocking the neurology of the God experience.”

I read his posts on Psychology Today ( and I don’t think he’s promoting spirituality in dogs.  But his work is very interesting nonetheless.

Anyway, I DO think dogs are spiritual creatures.  You may not agree with me, and that’s OK.  All I know is that I believe Jen needed me and I showed up right on time.   If not for me she might never have pursued her dream of typing a blog for a fuzzy dog!

DeDe and I spend alot of time in meditation to try to figure out what in the world we need to do next to keep things around here on an even keel.  So this is not an uncommon sight around our house.

Notice the cat isn’t bothering to help.  Cats think they already know everything.  *sigh*

6 thoughts on “Dogs and Spirituality

  1. Actually, we DO know everything! But pups know a lot, too. And you’re right about animals showing up just when people need them the most. Our people say that. Although right now they’re wondering why Freddie thinks they need him to be spraying stuff.

    You and DeDe look peaceful and sweet. And we love you! RainbowCats

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