Haiku for a Hot! Hot! Friday (temps AND tempers!)

Oh Dog! There are alot of angry humans in this world today. They’re mad about the economy and about tax increases or salary cuts or something! Frankly, I find it rather amusing that humans can get so worked up that his blood pressure rises to boiling over paper and metal bits.

Anyway, I’m glad I’m not a dog and that I don’t have to worry about stuff like that.

Here’s some haiku for today that will hopefully lower your blood pressure:

Hey! Red-faced human!
Come over here and pet me!
There, feel better now?

Look into my eyes.
See what’s really important.
You cannot buy love.

And if that doesn’t calm you down, go read yesterday’s post!

Woo woo woo!

Just chill like me and DeDe do!

8 thoughts on “Haiku for a Hot! Hot! Friday (temps AND tempers!)

  1. Love the haiku Rumpy. Cass (my GSD) solves all my problems in life with a squeaky toy. One of the most beautiful symphonies ever written.

  2. Rumpy! You are a haiku-meister. Those are great poems and so true. Some people are just very sad about what’s happening in the government cause they can’t really do much about it. Our person made the August budget without one of the incomes just in case. She says not to worry because we won’t starve or anything like that. We’re going to sit right in between both our people and purr really loud. That always makes them happy. Love, RainbowCats

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