Doggie Daycare’s Loverly!

I am going to doggie daycare today, so I wrote a song to share with you all how much this dogs loves it! It’s to the tune of Wouldn’t it be Loverly from My Fair Lady.

Ya think Audrey Hepburn would have liked going to doggie daycare too? woo woo woo!!!!

I wish I could go to daycare,
Rip and run ’round while I was there,
and lounge without a care,
Oh, doggie daycare’s loverly!

Peanut butter stuffed into Kongs.
Sirens prompt us all into song.
It’s where this dog belongs!
Oh doggie daycare’s loverly! Loverly! Loverly….*sigh*

Oh Dog! I’m going to daycare!

8 thoughts on “Doggie Daycare’s Loverly!

  1. Love your song, Rumpy. I’m sure Audrey Hepburn would have approved and she’d have loved seeing all you dogs at the daycare.

    Sure wish I could go to doggie daycare. You’re so lucky, Rumpster.

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