For Sage

I am sad to report that we have said good-bye to our dear Sage. I know I haven’t talked much about her; that’s because we knew that this day was coming and we were coming to terms with it.

Sage came to live with Jen 8 years ago when her family was unable to keep her. She was already a mature lady of 5 years at that time. It wasn’t an easy transition, because she went from only dog to a family with another dog and cats, but Sage settled in quickly and took it as her mission to keep everyone in line.

Lately things had not been easy for our girl. She was a dog that had been used to running and jumping, but was no longer able to do so. We focused on keeping her comfortable. This weekend she let us know it was time, and we accepted her decision.

Sage, you were a wonderful dog, and I look forward to the day that we once again run together on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Good-bye dear lady.
Heaven offers you sweet peace.
You’ve earned it old girl.

18 thoughts on “For Sage

  1. We are so sorry that Sage is gone. She was a beautiful lady and so fortunate to have had you, Jen, and the others as her family. We bet she is now at running and playing in that field with all the wild flowers just beyond Rainbow Bridge.

    Peace be with you.

  2. Rumpy my friend, I am so sorry to hear the sad news. The pictures of Sage that you chose for your post clearly show how wonderful she was. She will always be with you in the thousands of memories you have of your time together.

  3. So sorrys tooz hears your newsy, glad she’ds had suchy a gweat lifey wiv yous all for whichy you shud be bery pwouds….manys huggies….

  4. Sorry to hear the news. Sage was lucky to have found such a lovely family as yours. She was a happy dog, had a happy life with you all and got all the caring a doggie should get.
    *sending comforting purrs to Rumpy and his family* ♥

  5. From Sage’s picture you can see what an elegant and wise girl she was…just like her name. There’s a new star shining in the sky tonight. Love & loud purring from The RainbowCats

  6. What a beautiful girl, So sorry she had to leave, but she will be playing at the bridge while she waits for you

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