The Magic of Myron Wood

While we remember our Sage, we thought you might enjoy revisiting this inspiring guest post by everyone’s friend Myron Wood.



I have been on Facebook for almost 3 years. What an extraordinary time it’s been. It’s changed my life. It really began as a joke. I didn’t even know there were other dogs on Facebook, but soon enough the friend requests started flooding in. And not only from dogs, but cats, rabbits, hamsters, sheep, horses and birds!

I was having a wonderful time but discovered I could also help people and animals along the way. I soon realized people were looking at me and realizing that pets with health problems can be managed and remain part of the family. Some even started weighing up if they could adopt a special needs pet. Some came to me for advice on how to cope with problems such as allergies and epilepsy (both of which I have) and others came to me for tips on how to improve the happiness of a blind dog and ideas on how to keep them safe.

While there are many dogs out there that are blind, people really notice me as I have no eyes at all. I function extremely well and love chasing my tennis ball and frisbee. I have become a bit of a poster boy for blind dogs everywhere. Also the Australian organization for animal welfare – the RSPCA has made me the Face of Cupcake Day for 2011 which is a huge honour. I have had my own annual cupcake stall for the last 4 years at Narellan Library where all money raised has gone to help the animals at the RSPCA. Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is a national event held on the 15th of August.

I have also got my own book The Magic of Myron which is a biography of my life. It tells of how I went blind and my other health issues, my many celebrity encounters with icons such as World champion women’s surfer Lain Beachly, Tv journalist Ray Martin, Lead singer of Metallica James Hetfield among many others. Theres a little about my Facebook life and also my work for the RSPCA and nursing home visits. The sale of my book helps with my ongoing medical costs.

I have received alot of media attention and have appeared on TV, international newspapers and magazines and even radio! I am recognised in the streets and even when I go on trips with Mum and Dad to far away places someone always asks, “Is that Myron?'”. We are astonished how far and wide I have become known. We try to use that popularity to encourage people to look after their pets, to love them and to help animals in need. We also encourage children to go home and play with their dog who is often stuck out in the back yard with not much attention because, after all, that dog is just as special as me and he needs to know it!

You might like to visit my website –


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9 thoughts on “The Magic of Myron Wood

  1. We’ve been following Myron for a while and my dog Ella is connected to Myron on Facebook. While we live in Adelaide, South Australia, we have ensured we bought Myron’s book and send something for his Cupcake Day. Myropn just proves that no mater what is wrong, you can do anything you set your mind to.

  2. Wow! How inspiring to read about Myron and how he lives a full life with a loving family, despite having no eyes. I’m going to share this on my Facebook. All my doggie friends will be inspired, too.

  3. wow how special is he and wot better ambassador could we want, thankyou for shareing such an inspiring story xxx

  4. I have been following Myron for a while on Facebook and he is not only beautiful, but such an inspiration to everyone. I always enjoy all of his posts and also his pictures. He and his mom and dad are truly wonderful. They
    do so much for all of the animals out there. We love you Myron !!!

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