A Victim of Crime!

Oh Dog! There was an attempted burglary at our house overnight! It wasn’t immediately obvious when we got up, but Jen went into a cabinet to get some food for us and she found this:

She had heard someone’s repeated attempts to open the cabinet but figured it was one of them kitties looking for a cool place to hide. She had no idea that someone was trying to steal MY treats!

We have no leads, so we’re asking anyone with information about this despicable crime to contact us immediately!

In the meantime, I’m gonna sleep in front of that cabinet to discourage a repeat attempt.

11 thoughts on “A Victim of Crime!

  1. This criminal really has some nerve ! You were asleep so close to the crime scene ! Any paw prints, or teeth marks ? Any hair ?
    May you solve this crime shortly for you to get back your peace of mind. xxx

  2. Meow! This happened to us once. It was a new bag of Savory Salmon Treats that got shredded and every single one eaten! Later we found out it was a big possum!! Do you have any possums in your neighborhood? We bet that’s what happened. 😦 Loud purring from RainbowCatsx8

      1. RainbowCats took a vote and we think it must have been the squirrel. Do you have any cat doors at your house? A squirrel could get in that way, but the deer wouldn’t fit. The squirrel probably thought those treats would go nicely with that tomato he stole!

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