Calling All Angels!

One day I asked Hissy Fit Jones if he was an angel.

That cat said he thought I’d been into the catnip- like catnip has an effect on a dog!  He said that he was a cat, NOT an angel, but he could act like one for cat treats.

Then he asked me what brought that on, and I told Lil’ Hiss that angels show up all sorts of ways.  See, humans think angels come only as cherubs or seraphs, but when the angels show up in that form the humans can’t see them because they don’t believe they can.  So angels have learned to be creative.

Some show up in human form.  Some show up as dogs…. or even cats!

I think Hissy Fit Jones is an angel because when he acts scared or mad he brings out compassion in others.  They want to comfort him and reassure him that he’s OK.  He doesn’t see it that way though.  He just feels scared and is reacting the only way he knows.

He says he doesn’t think he’s an angel, but then, how would he know?  Hmmmm….. I think he has a point.  Ya think he could be an angel and not know it?  If he is, then maybe I’M an angel too!  And maybe DeDe is, and even that evil June Buggie!  But if he is, I think he should be nicer to me!

Anyway, this is not a lesson in religion or spirituality.  What you believe (or don’t believe) is none of my business.  I’m just saying that anyone that makes a human think of something besides him- or herself is an angel.

Sooooooooo………………  have you seen any angels lately?

15 thoughts on “Calling All Angels!

  1. Love the way you write.. I read your post about the blind dog (im sorry I cant recall his name). One of my dogs, a black labrador has a eye condition. I have taken her to all the vets I know in my country. Only problem is that in Pakistan animals and especially dogs are not given priority. We dont have any eye specialists. Her eye has been bothering her since she was a puppy, now at 6 months its getting worse. I dont know who to turn to.. could you give me some advice? She is active otherwise. I dont care if she cant see from one of her eyes, but I dont want her to be uncomfortable.. What should I do?

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry you struggle with your dog. I am not a vet and cannot answer your questions, but I think I know someone who can. There’s a vet that blogs- Check out her page and see if she can’t provide you some assistance. And tell her Rumpy sent ya!
      Seriously, I hope you can find some help for your dog. I know you love her.

      1. Thank you so much rumpy. I sent her a post, I hope she gets back to me soon. I just feel helpless. When the doctors dont know what to do.. It is really scary. Thank you once again. 🙂

  2. Hmm, I would have to say the you and my Bella are definitely angels. You made me think of Bella when I read your blog, and I always think of Bella while I’m at work missing her. <3<3<3

  3. We’ve been reading some of your blog posts again and we’re pretty sure that Sage is an angel now. She might even have wings. She might even fly down in the night when everyone’s asleep and gently kiss your noses. Angels can be very quiet and soft like a tiny breeze. When you wake up all rested and happy, it could mean your nose was kissed by an angel dog!

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