An Uneasy Truce

I have an important announcement!

As you know, the Kitty Alliance hacked my blog this morning and posted a warning to me.  At first I thought to contact law enforcement, but I didn’t want my kitty friend to go to Kitty Jail.  So instead we agreed to a meeting to discuss kitty concerns and see if we could come to an understanding.

Them kitties agreed to send a representative to meet with me and negotiate a truce.  This is me with June Buggie.  We are taking questions from the press after our initial meeting.  While no final agreement has been reached, we are talking….. well, actually he’s talking…. and I guess that’s a start.

June Buggie, representative from the Kitty Alliance, and I answer questions of the press after our initial meeting. Negotiations continue.

8 thoughts on “An Uneasy Truce

  1. You kitties bees nice to my friend Rumpy! Remember he even spens all his hard earns monies to buys you a special bed an toys. If you means to him – I comes an takes him away on da Pirate Ship to lives with us! We LOVES RUMPY!

    Willow paces worries about her special doggy friend

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