June Buggie Speaks Out


As Elder Statesman of the household I feel I should be allowed to speak my piece.  Rumpy may be a pretty face, but I am the brains of this operation.

I’ve been living with Jen for almost 14 years now.  My brother Bubba and I were found where Jen worked and she agreed to take us in.  We were just little guys then- maybe 8 weeks old.

As Supreme Leader of this household I expect the dogs to earn their keep by protecting us from evildoers and proselytizers.  In return they get the opportunity to worship me.  Not a bad deal I’d say.

I’m guessing you’re wanting the dirt on Rumpy.  So for all you inquiring minds, read and be amazed!

TRUTH:  When cats fight, Rumpy cries.  He can’t stand it and he whines like a puppy.  He also cries when Jen cries.  It’s pretty pathetic.

TRUTH:  Rumpy growls when Jen hugs him.  Oh he loves to pampered and petted, but if Jen gives him a bear hug he don’t like it.

TRUTH:  Rumpy will eat almost anything- including fruits and vegetables.  But the two things he will NOT eat are raw carrots and apples.  I thought all dogs liked that, but not him!  Go figure.

So there.  Not much dirt on the mama’s boy, huh?

And to think people adore him…. they should adore ME!


19 thoughts on “June Buggie Speaks Out

  1. Rumpy doesn’t like to be hugged? That’s odd. The dogs that live here love to be hugged. Was Rumpy a rescue dog? That might explain it. His whining when you guys fight isn’t that odd. The big dog here, Bailey, whines whenever the male Staff is rough housing wih the mini-mutt. If he starts growling, she starts whining. Must be a dog thing. *shrugs*

  2. We loves Rumpy lots – and if mews don’t wans him – sends him to mees!

    My doggy gets da shakes over nothins – da other one barks at da air. You has da best one of all!


  3. Hi June Buggie! We like your post! You’re a great-looking kitty with your nice orange tabby stripes! Julie is a grey tabby, so she especially thinks you’re the cat’s meow. We think, from your description, that Rumpy must be a pretty wonderful housemate. He sounds like a sensitive soul and very agreeable about food and guarding.

    You want to know a secret? We think you really like Rumpy in your heart of hearts and are putting on an act to make him feel insecure so he’ll bow down to you. That’s OK with us though, because we like to boss doggies around, too!

    Love from RainbowCats

  4. Trixie here. I’m a 9-year old Norfolk. I recently had a play date with my pal, Paris. He’s a Barbet, or should I say Baby. He cried like a puppy for his mommy the whole day, and I was shocked when Cheryl howled with him. What a racket! I really need my 23 of 24 hours of sleep every day, people!

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