Mail Call!!!!

Oh Dog!  I am so excited!  I got a package today from my friends Ella, Leo, Daisy and Jennie in England!  How cool is that!

Oh Dog! That looks so good!!!
It didn't take DeDe long to come and check out the treats!
Mmmmmm...... British chewies are delicious!
DeDe pretended to not have a treat..... but she did!
Our friend Noah sent us these yummy treats last week! Mmmmm..... Aussie treats are good too!

Oh Dog, we sure are very fortunate dogs to have such wonderful friends!!!

One thought on “Mail Call!!!!

  1. It’s fun to have friends all over the world! We do, too. You’re licking your chops before the bag is even open. DeDe looks very coy. Did she think she fooled you? Yum! Treats for all. ❤ RainbowCats

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