Update on Negotiations with the Kitty Alliance

I thought I’d let you know the status of negotiations with the Kitty Alliance. Actually, the Kitty Alliance wanted me to let you know the status of negotiations with the Kitty Alliance.

Alliance representative June Buggie and I have met several times and talked about Kitty concerns. I had no idea they were so upset about so much! Here is the list of demands they gave me.

  1. Only cats can sleep on the bed.
  2. Cats are to be fed first.
  3. If a cat likes what the dog’s got, the dog must share.
  4. If the human is sharing her food, cats get first dibs.
  5. Dogs must admit that cats are the superior beings.

DeDe and I have our own list of demands.

  1. When it’s time for dogs to go outside, cats stay out of the way.
  2. The same goes for returning indoors.
  3. Cats will stop making all that noise when the human first gets up. It’s really annoying.
  4. If a dog is getting petted, cats will not butt in and try to get the human’s attention.
Needless to say, the cats are not budging on any of their demands but do not want to agree to any of ours.  DeDe and I are doing the same.
Negotiations will continue, but we may just have to agree to disagree.
We seem to be at a stand-off.

27 thoughts on “Update on Negotiations with the Kitty Alliance

  1. Gee, the kitties don’t want much do they!? We think your’s and DeDe’s demands are quite reasonable…and we’re CATS!

    Shadow was nice to us, very gentlemanly, so we were happy to oblige him. And we always knew when he was upset, because he’d get the barking heebie-jeebies. We don’t know if that would be safe to try with the Kitty Alliance though. You might get the thunderpaw!!

    Good luck with the next round of talks. Kitties are always open to bribes, you know. We prefer sardines!! Love & loud purring RainbowCats

    1. This all started when DeDe got to help with the blog, so I think there’s really something else they want. I’m standing firm and waiting for them to play their hand.

  2. Keep talking with them Rumpy. As you get to know each other better, the closeness will get bigger and compromises and deals will be achievable.

      1. Not doomed. We need a court jester. 🙂 have you offered any services as part of negotiations? Such as grabbing treats or helping to find the catnip? That might help.

      2. I am offering to profile the #wlf on my blog. I just need someone to get with me so I can get some more information. Can you help me?

  3. I will support you Rumpy.

    I certainly will. We shall have no ganging up on Rumpy by the pussycats please.

    Love Charlie xxx

  4. Yeh go kitties. U cats gotta keep them dogs in line. Cats rule dogs drool. I am human sister to 3 cats who hate dogs. Haha. Sorry rumpy n dede i gotta side wit the cats

  5. We have heard your plea, Rumpy, 1.5 Huskies will way in… Although our owner used to be a “Cat person”, only Max and Togo had to put up with them (Nemo & Tigger) but they were only 7 weeks old when they joined the cats. Two Husky-hybrids put an end to that Feline hegemony within a few days. Max was always a little ashamed that Togo, his brother befriended Tigger (another orange tabby)… I guess we shouldn’t go there based on that picture on your site! Terra, “I know when I went missing, Dad looked at that cute little kitten in the drop of box at Dumb Friends League and I knew I had to escape those people that were keeping me or Dad was a goner. Good thing they took me to Dad’s vet and read my chip! No CATS!” Terra is busy educating her 10 month old beau, Roku and I’m sure cats are one the agenda. Terra, “We don’t like them unless they are on a plate!” Huskies rule! Go Broncos: http://twitpic.com/698kq3

    1. well…. I’m not promoting violence….. just understanding! You do bring up a good point though- not all dogs and cats get along, so I guess we’re already ahead of the game just by sharing the same living space.

    1. The ancestors of us kitties were worshipped as gods in Egypt and would’ve stopped the Black Plague if silly humans hadn’t stopped us. When have dogs been able to stop something that big? Hmmm? Cats RULE!!

  6. Oh Rumpy!! We, the RainbowCats, love you very much and we want to support you!! There are 8 of us and we are officially declaring ourselves “Dogs for At Least a Day.” (Maybe more, if that’s what it takes.) So, at least at your house, dogs outnumber cats now.

    When our girl person met her wonderful husby, he had SEVEN dogs!! Oh Dog, for sure! She had always been a cat person, but she fell in love with him AND the dogs. And then she adopted a dog for herself. None of us have known a life without a dog and they have all been cool and kind to us.

    Right now, our people don’t have any pups and they are sad. And we are sad with them. Dogs go for walks and come home to tell us about their adventures, other dogs and their people, and the many messages they sniffed out.

    Maybe Jen could start a blog just for the Kitty Alliance? Or is she trying to be like Switzerland and be neutral in this? Or is she open to bribes?

    Uh oh. Our girl person just told us we’re being comment hogs again. So, goodbye! Remember, just like Dolly Parton, we will always love you!! RainbowCats(DogsForTheDay) x8

  7. Rumpy, as you know I tried negotiating with Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot. It doesn’t work. I think the Kitty Alliance are delusional if they think you would agreed to any of their outrageous demands.

    P.S. Bunny Foo Foo makes some good points in her comment!

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