Info on Tiny Timmy’s D.C. Trip!

Dear friends:

Tiny Timmy is a cat that suffers from physical problems caused by over-the-counter flea/tick products.  His people are planning a trip to Washington, DC to meet with the EPA and then politicians to discuss the problems with these flea and tick products.  Take a look at his note and see what you can do to help!  For more information check out his web site at


Tiny Timmy flying to Washington, D.C.!


Last year at this time, Aundria Arlandson, Tamar Arslanian and I were in a meeting with directors of the EPA’s Office of Pesticide Products. The meeting lasted an hour and a half. Almost to the moment of the start of the meeting marked the anniversary of Oliver getting his wings. This was hugely emotional for us all. It was very significant.

We weren’t expecting or planning this timing. In fact, we planned to hold a vigil for Oliver in front of the EPA office at the moment of his death. Instead, because you spoke out and called, faxed and emailed, we were able to secure this meeting at the EPA in only 72 hours. It takes most organizations months.

I remember, as we prepared for this significant and important meeting, that both Aundria and I felt very overwhelmed. We took time to remember the tens of thousands of cats, dogs and people who have been harmed by flea & tick products EACH YEAR. It was very important to remember who we were there representing. We weren’t there just for Aundria and Oliver, or myself and Timmy… We were there for you. We were there to make a change for the future of companion animals world wide – as where one country goes, others follow.

Since that momentous meeting, we have organized a group of volunteers (the T.O.Y. Army for Timmy, Oliver and You) and thanks to their help, we have had the official statement that Dollar Tree will no longer carry propoxur flea collars NATIONALLY. This is huge.

Like Timmy, in his Healing Journey, we have accomplished so many things we never imagined possible. When i started this journey, my concept was simple – To share Timmy’s story in a personal way with people. To share his story so that people would remember when sitting in the grocery store trying to decide which product to use on their furpeople. I thought I would do this using images and film. In all honesty, I never imagined doing more than 3 videos in the next couple of years.

What changed thing for me to so divert from my original meager goal? You changed things. You friended Timmy, shared his story, started talking to people you knew or met, changed your business practices to offer safer alternatives, you helped Timmy with this incredibly high vet bills, supplements and acupuncture treatments. Each triumph of Timmy’s was YOUR TRIUMPH. You stepped up to the plate and I was dragged into your WAVE – created by thousands of tiny ripples.

When Aundria first broached the idea of going to DC to hold a vigil for Oliver on the anniversary of his death, I reluctantly agreed (with much prodding I might add). She continually said, “Of course you are going! C’mon, you know nothing could stop you!” Deep down I knew she was right.

Aundria arrived one day prior to me and visited politicians offices and also re-connected with an old friend, who as it happens, works for a lobbying group that deals in social causes. Due to her passion about this Mission and Cause, multiple people at the offices of this group have contributed – PRO BONO – aide to us. They have helped us sketch out our next steps and have given us guidance of what works and what does not. For their passion and time and effort, we are truly grateful.

What really made an impact into the success of the DC trip last year was YOU. You paid to get us there, donated air miles, hotel points and money that allowed us to make a maximum impact in a short amount of time. My own trip was only one full day and two nights. It took a lot out of me as the flight from Portland to DC is very long and it was incredibly hot and humid. Keep in mind, us Pacific Northwesterners are NOT used to that kind of sauna heat!

This year, we want to take it up a notch:

  1. Extend our trip to 5 full days for maximum impact.
  2. Meet with the EPA again. We already have a meeting scheduled for September 7th, however we need your help to get as many high-level members at the EPA, including hopefully Lisa Jackson herself, to participate. Last year, you blew up their fax machines and emailed anyone who was anyone, asking they meet with us. It worked.
  3. We moved our visit from August, the anniversary month of Oliver’s death to September, the month that we rescued Timmy. Although we were told he had a “muscle disorder”, he was actually in the throes of a toxic reaction to Sergeant’s Flea & Tick Spray for Cats. The reason for this move was twofold. It would allow me to heal a bit more with a new health protocol for a long-term illness and politicians are back in DC and back to “business as usual” in September. This will allow us to reach more politicians and educate them on some of the grave issues we face in pet care today. We need your help to contact your senators, congress people and representatives – ask them to meet with us and accompany us to the EPA meeting on September 7th. The more high profile people we can get involved, the better. We already have a commitment of WCCO to cover the story again IF we can accomplish this.
  4. Riding on the back of the education of Dollar Tree Stores Nationwide, we intend to meet with big box retailers and educate those in charge of product buying and logistics on these products. The hope is to get the most dangerous off the shelves as this will hit the manufacturers hard in their profits – which is all they care about. We also want for them to be educated on how they display these items, encourage them to do training on these products for their employees so they can better answer questions and also offer safer alternatives on a larger scale, giving equal display space to them or more prominent display space.
  5. We intend to continue to do guerrilla outreach, one-on-one, hitting the streets of DC, talking to anyone who will listen.
  6. We intend to honor you, your questions, concerns and represent many, like the 44,000 dogs and cats who were injured or died from the use of spot-on flea & tick products in 2008 alone. Why? Because not only are Timmy and Oliver part of the 44,000, but you are too.

How you can help:

We know it isn’t possible for everyone to contribute financially. Of course, it’s important as it will allow us to make the journey that is so important this year. BUT your VOICE, sharing and contacting these places is a HUGE IMPACT, and in some ways, much more important than a $5 contribution. My philosophy is simple, “We do what we can, when we can and how we can”. Nothing should ever keep you from effecting positive change.

  1. Contact information and sample letters are available on this event:
  2. The ChipIn for DC is here. Keep in mind we are trying to raise $3200 to cover the cost of hotel, flight, transportation in DC and all incidentals such as food will be covered by us. YOUR CONTRIBUTION THIS YEAR WILL BE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!!!
  3. Here is an album with a list of things you can purchase where the creators have offered to support Timmy Tour (and this trip to DC as part of TImmy Tour) with a portion of profits. We feel so strongly about this that we are even auctioning off the honor of being Tiny Timmy’s God Parents!!! It also lets you know other things we need that you can sponsor us with (in the album description).
  4. Here is the auction of a limited number of items to help raise funds. It won’t be a huge auction as last time I really over extended myself and still have A LOT of things to send out to people as most of the items were my own or came from me.
  5. Our Call to Action video, Be The Wave, is here. Please share, share, share share… Did I mention sharing???
  6. We need your skills – graphic artists, fundraisers, corporate sponsors, etc. If you have a skill that you think will benefit us, please let us know! Email (this is important as I have been locked out of TImmy’s messages on Facebook for almost a month!) IF YOU NEED A SPONSOR PACKAGE, LET ME KNOW! WE HAVE ONE!!!

We are on the crevice of drastic change and awareness. Will you be a part of it?

It is an honor to be part of your passion and part of YOUR WAVE!

~ Claudia – The Under Secretary of Timmy Affairs

5 thoughts on “Info on Tiny Timmy’s D.C. Trip!

  1. I loves to fly in Mousies Lil’ Pink Aeroplane! She mai official pilot and takes mes all over da world to spread da word bout harmful flea & tick products! *headbonks* Thank yous so very muchly Rumpy!

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