Dear DeDe

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  It’s Sunday, and that means it’s once again time for advice from Dear DeDe.  Are you ready DeDe?

DeDe:  Am I?  You bet I am!  I’ve been practicing answering questions all week just so I could do this!

Rumpy:  Really?  What kind of questions have you been answering?

DeDe:  You know, “Ready to eat DeDe?”  “Want to go outside DeDe?”  Want to go for a walk DeDe?”

Rumpy:  *grrrrr* Yeah, sounds like you’re ready for sure!  Well here’s our first question, posted after last week’s segment:

Dear Dede,
Here is my question. I live with two cats who think it is perfectly okay to nap on the kitchen table (where we humans eat all our meals). I disagree. Is there any way I can disabuse them of this notion before the other two cats decide to join them?

DeDe:  Oh Dog!  I think Diane needs to take a look at this (poem by Eleanor Farjeon).

My advice to Diane is for her to find somewhere else to eat!

Rumpy:  *sigh*  I’m sure Diane will appreciate that.  Here’s your next question:

Oh! Here’s one: If our person thinks we need a bath, and we don’t agree, what do we do? You prob’ly know cats don’t like water, except for drinking.Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx8

DeDe:  Oh Dog!  This sounds serious!

Rumpy:  What do you mean DeDe?

DeDe:  It means somewhere there’s a human that thinks he or she can bathe 8 cats.. and live to tell the tale!

Rumpy:  DeDe!  That’s not a nice thing to say!

DeDe:  Maybe not, but it’s true!

Rumpy:  OK, so what advice do you have to offer to these sweet kitties?

DeDe:  I suggest the cats drink lots of cow’s milk.

Rumpy:  Huh?  Why?

DeDe:  Cuz cow’s milk gives cats diarrhea.

Rumpy:  And?  *thinks*  Oh!  Never mind……

DeDe:  Yep!  I’m certain that will work!

Rumpy:  *holds nose*  Well folks, if you have questions for Dear DeDe, post them on her fan page…. at your risk!

DeDe:  And don’t forget to join my fan page on Facebook!

12 thoughts on “Dear DeDe

  1. Um, DeDe, why do you want to give kitties the runs? That’s not going to keep us from getting baths. It’s going to send us to the V-E-T!! Why would you want to send kitties there? It’ll just make us more irritable, and in the case of your housemates, take it out on Rumpy!

    You don’t want *that* do you?

    1. Rerun, DeDe doesn’t want to make cats sick. Those kitties wrote and asked what they could do to get out of a bath. Any kitty that would ask a dog what to do must be pretty desperate!

  2. Our daughter’s cat likes to climb on the counters and the table but so far he has eluded capture on either….sinister kitty, that’s what we call him.

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