Friends Around the World-New Zealand!!!

Hello everybody!  Today we’re meeting a friend of mine from New Zealand.  Gordon is an interesting character, as are his friends.  I have to admit that at first I didn’t understand their humor, but Gordon was gentle with me and has schooled me without making me feel stupid.

So dogs and cats, let me introduce you to the furball they call Gordon!!!!

Gordon Drummond

Rumpy:  Hi Gordon!  Let’s start by having you tell the readers about you.

Gordon:  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh… My name is Gordon….. “Gordon the great” to my friends. *nods* I am adorably handsome, as you can see by my photo there is no one quite like me. I live with 4 pet humans, I LOVE the boy human best, I let him share my big bed in his room. I am forced against my will, to live with a big FAT DOG who wants to EAT me. The FAT DOG will not be here for much longer….. I have plans…… I will win. FAT DOG is worried, I can see it in FAT DOGS beedie little eyes, he may be 40 kilos, but I am GORDON…… sorter outter of FAT DOGS.

Rumpy:  *rolls eyes*  Oh brother!  Gordon!  The dog’s name is Souljah!  Could you try to be a little nicer about him?  Never mind, let’s change the subject.  What are your favorite treats?
Gordon:  I have become a lover of DOG treats. This is mainly because, as the pet humans here love me best, they give me FAT DOG treats every time I sit next to the FAT DOG treat jar. To tell the truth, I’m not really a big fan of FAT DOG treats but the look on the FAT DOGS face when “I”… Gordon the great, get fed his treats is priceless.
Rumpy:  *sigh*  I really feel sorry for Souljah.   What do you like best about your human(s)? Any complaints?

Gordon:  I LOVE the boy human best. He is the ONLY pet human here who won’t let the FAT DOG into my/his room. It’s a FAT DOG free zone so smells the best in the house. I eat in there, I sleep in there, I sit on the boy’s knee and play playstation games where we hunt down FAT DOGS……..

Rumpy:  I’ll bet Souljah appreciates that too.  That way he can have a drama-free house!  So tell us how long have you been on Twitter? On Facebook?

Gordon:  I have been on facebook about 2 years (I think). I have more friends than the mum human….. and FAT DOG doesn’t even have a page….no one would look at it anyway.

Rumpy:  He probably couldn’t get on the computer anyway.  So, what is one thing about you you want all your friends to know?

Gordon:  I am GORDON………..(the great)….. terrorizor of FAT DOGS.

Rumpy:  And blower of hot air!  One more question Gordon, if you were a dinosaur, what kinda dinosaur would you be?

Gordon:  A Gordon-a-great-a-saurous !!

Rumpy:  *sigh* I shouldda known.  Well Gordon, thanks so much for being my guest today.

Gordon:  Thanks Rumpy.  Did I tell you I LOVE the boy human? he’s MINE. Purr

27 thoughts on “Friends Around the World-New Zealand!!!

  1. Hi, Gordon! Yes, you’re right, I can tell how gorgeous you look on the photo! It’s a bit shame that you are not fond of dogs…or you don’t like only the FAT DOG ? How kind you are to let your boy human share your big bed! The human boy must really appreciate you! 🙂

  2. as Gordon’s pal I agree with everything he said!!! we are plottin the overthrow of FAT DOG!!! Gordons Army!!!

  3. I am GORDON…. Lover of all dogs…….except FAT DOG. And look at me up there ^^^ with the boy human, i LOVE my boy human. I LOVE Rumpy, i LOVE my mate Jonesy…… nothing to love about FAT DOG though, no-sir-ree…..he is just FATDOG.

      1. I do….. he is FAT DOG. It’s the humans who don’t call him by his real name of FAT DOG, they call him some other name….. that one you use….

      1. FAT DOG is not cleffa like me, he can’t read nor use the computer. All FAT DOG can do is dribble and fart…

    1. I’d like to hear dog’s side too – after all, its his side that counts, not smelly cat’s side. And I like dog’s name – it sounds very aristocratic – as it should be!

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