Schooling Ya on Personality!

Oh Dog!  We got a house bursting at the seams with personalities.  It sure makes for an interesting adventure.

For example, June Buggie has been sneaking around the computer again.  He emailed me this picture of himself yesterday:

So tell me how this Twitter stuff works Rumpy

What does that MEAN?

I mean, if he doesn’t know how it works, how did he pull up my account?  Sneaky cat!

In other news, my mediocre media specialist has made yet another mediocre video.  I think it captures the true essence of yours truly.


Well…… whaddaya think?

18 thoughts on “Schooling Ya on Personality!

  1. What do I think??? My favourite question!! ok…. “I” think, June buggy is a cat so MUST be very cleffa. “I” think dee dee looks funny in a corsett and “I” think you’re lookin’ a bit fat there Rumpy *sniggers*…..

  2. We think the video ROCKS! And Amber & I sent you a BIGGGGGGG Smooch!


    Gypsy Simone – Willow pushes Gypsy aside – and gives her favorite friend a big hug and smooch

  3. Hurray!!! Hi June Buggie! I’m glad to hear that you somehow managed to send your photo which is very lovely one to Rumpy. You look always awesome! 🙂
    Oh Dog! I hope that Rumpy will KINDLY tell you how it works!!! ( *wispering* or you could sneak into it again! )

  4. Hey Rumpy,

    So nice to meet you guys, love that video, I can see you’ve got a great personality!

    You’re so lucky to live have a Cat in your house, I wish I did, I don’t have a single Cat friend, they all run away from me, I just want to play with them! 😦

    Have a fun weekend,

    Your new pal Snoopy 🙂

  5. You guys look fab!
    DeDe is definitely smiling in that video.
    And Rumpy, you look and move so much like my brother Charlie! At one point, you look like you’re about to talk to your mum with a howlie or two. You’re so handsome!
    Love June Buggie’s photo — he looks very mischievous and cunning in that pic. He sounds pretty smart too. You watch out for that kitteh brofur!

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