Friends Around the World- Indonesia!

Oh Dog!  I have gotten so behind in publishing my interviews that to get caught up I will be publishing several this week.  So I hereby designate this as Friends Week!  I will be publishing two interviews today and tomorrow.  Please check each out because I know you’re gonna love ’em as much as I do!

I am so excited about my next guest!  Louie is a Siberian Husky that lives in Indonesia!  He’s a fun guy that has a wicked sense of humor.  I know you’re gonna fall in love with him and want to be his friend, so put your paws together and help me welcome Louie!!!

Louie:  Arroooo arooo wooo wooo woooo… Did u hear me sing?

Rumpy:  That’s awesome Louie!  So how about we start out by having you tell us a little bit about yourself.

Louie:  Woooo this is Louie, just Louie!!!!! My human tried to call me Louie Pooper, but eughhhh how’m I spose to face other dogs?! It all began on a warm summer night (July 1st 2009 to b exact) when my ma Jacklynn was whimpering… Oh Dog! Its gonna be too long a story so let’s just skip that! So anyhow… I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, not too far from where I live with my human now. I’m the only dog at home, a succesor to a chow-mix who passed coz of cancer. I hate men in black jacket!

Rumpy:  Black jacket?  Ok, let’s move on then…. What is your favorite treats?

Louie:  Treats! Treats! Did anybody say Treats? *chasing tail* I love liver sticks, jerky, dog cookies (human cookies too), bacon, ham, apples, french fry, cheese, bread… Oh the list just won’t stop!  Well I LOVE anything edible!

Rumpy:  You and me both!  I especially love cookies!  So tell what you like best about your human? Any complaints?

Louie:  I love that she spends more money on me than on herself! But what’s with her long work hours?!  (What is work anyway???) She’s newly graduated doctor so she spends lots of hours in clinics! Sometimes she doesn’t even come home! No fair!!! Told her I can give injections too but she didn’t believe me! Oh dog it’s so hot in here in Jakarta (all year long!!!!), and really really not a lot of dog parks and dog-friendly ponds and lakes, they don’t even let us on the beach here!!!!!!!!

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  I hate hot!  No snow?  I’m sorry your human has to work so much.  How long have you been on Twitter? On Facebook?

Louie:  I’ve just been on twitter for slightly over a month. But wow I have over 100 followers! *doing husky dance* Had a FB acc but was sabotaged by my human’s sister, all coz of that silly FB farming and cooking and building games! Booooorrriiinnnggg!!!!

Rumpy:  I bet you get alot more followers now, cuz you sound like lots of fun!  So what is one thing about you you want all your friends to know?

Louie:  And I have this crush on a teenie tiny 2 pounds teacup pomeranian named Lemon…*whispering* don’t tell anyone else Rumps… This is off record… you have to know that I’ve never never never hump on anything (not even human’s leg) in my whole 2 years! I wonder if I’m really a male dog?????

Rumpy:  *snickers*  Oh Dog!  I’m sure you’re fine.  I’m not a humper either…. except when I’m at daycare.  Now, one more question- if you were a dinosaur, what kinda dinosaur would you be?

Louie:  I’m gonna be the flying kind! Waddaya call that???? So I can fly around n around n steal other dogs food and treats and toys and scare kitties! Hahaha!!! Even when I’m in my dinosaur form I’m still 100% pure dog inside you know!!!

Woooo wooo wooo aroooo… I sing better than Rumpy!!!!

Rumpy:  Louie, you are so cool!  It’s been a real pleasure!

Louie:  Thanks for the interview! It was really fun!

24 thoughts on “Friends Around the World- Indonesia!

  1. Hi, Louie! Thanks for telling us your story which was very interesting! I’m sorry to hear that your human has to work for such a long time. In Japan, Doctors are extremely busy like Jakarta, too. I’m sure that she would love to spend more time with you. Thanks for Louie’s interview, Rumpy! You are wonderful interviewer! Woo woo woooooo!!!

  2. Moxie is owned by two Bernese Mountain Dogs.

    I’ve been following Louie the Husky on Twitter, and he alerted the Berner Girls to go and read his interview with you, Rumpy. It was terrific. I learned so many things about Louie; sad to read about beaches in Jakarta, Indonesia. You will have to visit us in US (Boston, MA.)

    Thank you both. I’m now following you, Rumpy, and I’m also subscribed to your wonderful blog!

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