Friends Around the World- Japan Revisited

Oh Dog!  I am so excited because my guest today is another friend from Japan!  Kevin is another Twitter friend.  He reads and posts comments on my blog all the time- makes a dog feel good!  I think you’re gonna really like hearing his story to put your paws together and help me welcome Kevin!  woo woo woo!

Kevin:  Hi, Rumpy!  First of all, I’d like to say “ Thank you very much “ to Rumpy for giving me this opportunity to be here.

Rumpy:  The pleasure is all mine Kevin!  Let’s start with you telling us about you.
Kevin:  I’m a Shiba inu that is one of the Japanese dogs. I was named after Kevin Costner, a movie star, because my mom used be a big fan of him, but not any more. My mom always says that “Oh Kevin, you’re much more handsome than real Kevin is!” which is very sweet of her to think of it.  I live with mom, mom’s parents, mom’s sister and a cat called Shiro.
When I joined this family, I was about a month old, and Shiro was not here.  Well…in fact,  I actually hated Cats because some of them were hanging around our house which was very annoying. However one day, my mom found a cat that got injured, almost losing one of the eyeballs, probably hit by a car or by a moto and took the cat to a vet immediately. That was a begining of living with Shiro.
After twenty days of hospitalization, he joined us. At first, it was quite difficult for me to get along with a cat, but after Shiro told me he was dreaming to have a family, I decided to become his good brofur!
Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  He is so sweet!  I am glad your family took in Shiro and that you are best brothers now.  That is so sad what happened to him.  So tell us Kevin,  what kind of treats do you like?
Kevin:  I love cheeses!!!(woo woo!) I don’t care if it is human cheeses or doggy’s , but mom only gives me doggy ones (*sigh*), which is a bit disappointing because I know that human cheeses are much bigger and look more delicious than doggy’s! She gives me doggy cheese often but only a tiny piece of it and if you sneeze, the piece is easily blowing away! (I think…) That’s because I’m putting my weight these days (yes, that is true), mom seriously thinks that she has to cut my treats(*tears*)…oh no..I hope that someone stops her to do that. I also love chewies and it’s a good way to get my stress out!
Rumpy:  I can relate.  Jen has done the same with me. *tears*  So, what do you like best about your humans?
Kevin:  I love mom and all of my family members, of course, but I think that my human grandpa is the best (oops!!! don’t tell this to mom!!) because he always gives me lots of treats secretly when mom is not here.  Grandpa seems to be very happy if I wag my tail eagerly waiting for the treat. He is the only man in the family, so he wants me to be on his side!
Rumpy:  Way to go Grandpa!  I wish I had mine nearby to give ME treats.  So, any complaints?
Kevin:  I have a complaint about my granny.  I love my human granny, too but she sometimes breaks wind during our walk and if someone is there, she put the blame on me saying “ Oh no, Kevin! You shouldn’t fart in public!” as if I did it! Yes, I do fart a lot ( do you guys?) , but it hers not mine! it humiliates me! Stop it granny!

Rumpy:  ROFL  Oh Dog!  That is so funny!  DeDe farts alot and blames them on the cats!  Well Kevin, how long have you been on Twitter? On Facebook?
Kevin:  I’ve been on Twitter for 4months, quite new to me . At first, I was just curious about it and wasn’t interested in so much, but after I met Rumpy on Twitter, it’s become more and more interesting and enjoyable, and also because of Rumpy, I found adorable DeDe, and the other anipals that are very priceless.  I’m interested in Facebook, but I’ve heard that it requires more details than Twitter to make an account, does it? That’s why I’m still thinking to stat Facebook.

Rumpy:  It is different, but once you get the hang of it it’s quite fun.  Give it a try.  Now tell me, what is one thing about you you want all your friends to know?
Kevin:  Although I’m a dog, I’m fond of cats, too. * blush* My cat brofur Shiro let me realise how cute cats are!  Of course, our life is different from cats’ but we are all anipals after all!  Besides, I found some of my cat anipals on Twitter and they are all wonderful!  I think that nowadays we, Dogs and Cats, should be getting along with each other to live with our lovely human family! ( *wispering* I like June Buggie that is Rumpy’s brofur, which was a love at first sight! * blush*)
Rumpy:  Oh brother!  *rolls eyes*  I sure hope he doesn’t read this!  Well, one last question, if you were a dinosaur, what kinda dinosaur would you be?
Kevin:  Let me think…..I think that I would be “Pteranodon” which is one of the dinosaurs(?) that is able to fly. The reason I chose this is because if I was it, I could fly to my Twitter anipals easily! You know, as a dog, how wonderful it is that I can meet friends like you! Woo woo!
I couldn’t imagine that I would be a guest on your blog, Rumpy. What a honor it is!!! Again thank you very much, Rumpy.
Rumpy:  I would love to have you fly to visit me!  Well Kevin, thanks again for being my guest!
Kevin:  I  admire your talent to write things. Especially Friday Haiku is amazing! I’ve never met a dog that writes Haiku! Genuis!
Rumpy:  You ARE going to write one for Friday’s Haiku challenge, right?  And I hope each of our readers are too!  woo woo woo!!

23 thoughts on “Friends Around the World- Japan Revisited

  1. Just what the world needs….. another dog who FARTS !! now…..tell me more about this adorable Shiro “purr purr purrr”

    1. Hi, Gordon! Thanks for your comment! Shiro was adopted by us 18months ago, and he is getting along with me better and better. I sometimes give my PRECIOUS treat for him to share but he seems to not like cheese!!! I wonder if cats don’t like cheese??? Do you get some food out of FAT DOG’s, Gordon? or our taste , Cats and Dogs, are different???

    1. OMD! You’re right! That’s why I fart a lot! *blush* woo woo, I wish that I could fly to Jakarta with lots of cheeses,woo! we could talk alot all night, woo woo!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Kevin ! Nice to meet you. If you like cheese, we could probably get along : I am named after a kind of soft goat cheese MOL !

  3. Hi Chabichou! Yes!!! I love cheese and my family, too!!! Yes, I read about the origine of your name on your interview with Rumpy and how cute it is!!! Goat cheese is soooooo delicious!!! I hope that mom gives me more cheese …*tears* ( we don’t have so many kind of cheeses in Japan….)

    1. Hi Mario! Thank you very much for reading and for your lovely comment! Hee hee…the doggie cheese is very yum! Mario, do you remember you kindly helped my cat brofur ‘Shiro’ to tell us about the special dentist you went to on twitter? Thankfully his gums are ok now! Thanks so much! 🙂

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