Friends Around the World- Super Star Edition!

Oh Dog! Today we have a star on my blog! Well, OK, he’s not a star yet, but I know he’s gonna be! I met Jimmie while doing a bit of blog surfing. He’s an amazing young guy and I just know you’re gonna be as blown away by him as I am. Dogs and cats, put your paws together for Jimmie Chew!!!!!

Rumpy: Hi Jimmie, how about we start out by having you tell us a little bit about you.

Jimmie: I am from the streets. I am studying to be a model/actor.

I hope to expand my career into film making and philanthropy. Eventually, I would like to get behind the camera. I don’t want to be remembered as just another cute cat. I want to open the doors for other “regular” cats into showbiz. I also have a screenplay I would like you to read.

Rumpy: *rolls eyes* Great sound bites there kid, but we want to know the REAL Jimmie.

Jimmie: *sigh* Alright, I’m about three months old now. I was six weeks old when my human friend found me out side.

She has two cats she just adopted, and did not want to keep me, but another friend of hers that is a crazy animal lover, that would do or say anything to help an animal, told my human she would train me and get me a modeling job. Now that friend is NOT a trainer and hasn’t lived with a cat since high school. But she rose to the challenge.

My trainer stops by to feed us cats when our human’s working, so she started training me with a clicker and taking pictures of me. My trainer had so many pics, that she and my human set up a blog to keep track of my training.

Darnell, Fin and I really enjoy the photo shoots, and it’s not hard work at all. As for getting me a “modeling” job, that’s not been so easy. But my humans are now looking to volunteer at hospitals and schools with me. I like putting on a show. My human is in love with me now so it doesn’t matter if I get a “job”. But it would be nice, because she can barely afford her rent, nevermind the vet bills.

Rumpy: Now that I can relate to. When Jen rescued me she was making more money than she is now, and we started my blog so I could earn some money to pay for doggie daycare. So Jimmie, what are your favorite treats?

Jimmie: I love Bonito flakes, wild caught salmon, free range chicken and kitten milk, which is the secret to my luminous fur.

Rumpy: Sounds like you models live the good life! What do you like best about your humans? Any complaints?

Jimmie: The best thing about my human is she can grow her own whiskers.

Rumpy: *ROLF* So can mine!

Jimmie: The only complaint is that I am not allowed to chew the shoes with the red bottoms.

Rumpy: I have found myself in trouble before for chewing shoes, so I leave those things alone. So, how long have you been on Twitter?

Jimmie: I don’t twitter

Rumpy: What about Face book?

Jimmie: I don’t Face book

Rumpy: Well What DO you do?

Jimmie: I have a blog where my humans post my pics. It’s

Rumpy: Cool! What is one thing about you; you want all your friends to know?

Jimmie: Sharing a litter box is no day at the beach.

Rumpy: It’s no picnic from this end either. One last question, if you were a dinosaur, what kind of dinosaur would you be?

Jimmie: I’d be a Chewasaurous Rex.

Rumpy: What on earth is that? Never mind. Well Jimmie, thanks so much for being my guest today, and I encourage everyone to check out Jimmie’s blog for some more awesome pics starring Jimmie and his brothers.

19 thoughts on “Friends Around the World- Super Star Edition!

  1. OMD OMD!!! You are a true actor! I’ve never seen those photo shots like you do! You paint sunflowers with a brush! Wow….How do you do that??? Yes, you have lots of photos on your blog, Jimmie. Thanks for these pretty photos. 🙂 Good Luck! Woo woo!!!

  2. Chewing shoes with red bottoms … hmmmm … sounds cool to me 😉 Lucky you ! That’s top class chewing ! Hi paw Jimmie !

  3. I think that someone with your skills: model/acting, painting, etc. should be allowed to chew on those shoes with the red bottoms. And, since you’re a celebrity (to us– Bernese Mountain Dogs, anyway) why do you have to *share* a litter box? Wow. 😦 Sorry about that, Jimmie.

    We’d love to know how you used a straw and how you painted; we have not tried those yet.

    Great learning about you. Wonderful interview, fur friend!


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