#Haiku Challenge!!!!!

Oh Dog! It’s here! It’s HERE! It’s time for the HAIKU CHALLENGE! I hope you’ve been working on a haiku to post here and share with the world!

As you know, haiku typically reference nature, and boy have we had a run-in with Mother Nature this week!

We’d just come in from a perimeter check when we heard a loud “whoosh!” We looked out the back door and saw THIS!

That tree was OUTSIDE my fence, but when it fell it blocked exit from our deck. DeDe and I were NOT happy because we couldn’t go into our back yard!

The next day some people came and started removing it. This is what we saw that afternoon when we went outside.

My fence is broken!

And the tree is still there! Go away tree! Go far, far away!

So here is my contribution to the challenge:


After standing tall

She curtseys the wind and rain

Then cannot get up.


Remember, this is JUST FOR FUN, so don’t worry that you didn’t get it “right.” This exercise is to get your creative juices flowing.

In my case, I’ve never claimed to write good haiku, but I’ve certainly written my fair share- and it’s great fun.

Alrighty then! Let’s see what you’ve got for us!!!! Who’ll be next?

53 thoughts on “#Haiku Challenge!!!!!

  1. Here you are! This is mine!

    Looking up at the sky

    Gazing at one fluffy white cloud

    Thinking of you, kitties

    Oh Dog! I might be kicked away from Doggie World!!! Woo woo!

  2. Never done a Haiku, so here is my very first attempt

    Here I lie and sleep
    Hammock swaying in Spring breeze
    Sunpuddles galore

  3. I didn’t know Haiku was supposed to be nature inspired, I may try again later, for now here’s mine…

    We dog sit sometimes
    Our four cats hate when we do
    It sucks to be them

      1. And it was much fun! Thanks for the inspiration…

        Here’s another…

        Wind on my muzzle
        I lift up my nose and breathe
        And then sneeze on you

  4. This is my very first haiku! Posted it on twitter already!

    Lying on my back
    Waiting for a belly rub
    Was ignored instead

      1. Yeah well…. human… gotta teach her a lesson someday! I got another by the way! Here it is!

        With his tail wagging
        Rumpy chased his yellow ball
        But DeDe took it

        Sorry Rumps! She caught you by surprise… πŸ˜‰

  5. Hmmm this aint so easy…!

    The storm is over
    Now they sleep on the soft bed
    Kitten storm of play

    (Blimey – did it!)

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