Friends Around the World- The Canadian Club!

First of all, I want to say a big thanks to everybody that participated in the Haiku Challenge!  You guys Rock!  A special High Five for those of you that wrote your first haiku- way to go!

Today I want to introduce you to one of my bestest friends.  This is Loup Graham, and he’s also a Malamute!

He’s a real macho dog, and he says I am a spoiled Southern dog.  He’s here today to tell you all about his wonderful self so I’m gonna let him get to it.  Dogs and cats, put your paws together for Loup!

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  Thanks so much for being my guest today!  Tell us about you.

Loup:  My name is Loup Awesome Graham (pronounced Loo meaning “wolf” in French) and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with my four humans, three other dogs, and three cats.

Sometimes I wish I was an only dog but I guess it’s good to have company even if they are a nuisance most of the time.  Tyna, the St. Bernard is so lovesick always giving me the lovey dovey look and Tanner, the red Siberian hates me since I’m the Alpha Dog.  At least Alex the red Siberian is okay but then he’s an old codger at 16 and not too sparky these days.  One of these days he will pass over the Rainbow Bridge.  Must be tough being so old as he is blind and lame.  Poor old dog.

Rumpy:  I have cats too!  Do you hang out with your cats like I do?

Loup:  I don’t have much to do with the cats but if I did, they’d be sorry.  Got that predator/prey instinct pretty bad, I’m afraid.  Tried therapy but it didn’t work out.  I ate the therapist’s cat.  Sigh.

Rumpy:  Uh oh!

Loup:  Rosie and I have had a few encounters. I think she’s working on using up her nine lives.  One of these days, I’ll wipe that smirk off her smug little whiskered tabby face.  GEESH!  What attitude she has!  I thought I was smug and overly confident but she’s even worse if that’s possible.

Rumpy:  Cats can be full of themselves.  My June Buggie is the WORST!

Loup:  I hear Maggie, the black cat, is a real piece of work, too.  As skittery as they come.  Good thing she didn’t see me.  I’d give her something to be skittery about.

Daisy, the calico, looks like a tasty morsel…er, I mean she looks like a cute young cat.  Very spirited and fun loving.  She’d be fun to eat…er play with.  *Looks uncomfortable* Uh, where were we? *Wipes drool off mouth*

Rumpy:  Just remember that this is a family blog, so let’s don’t scare any children with random acts of violence, K?  Let’s change the subject.  What are your favorite treats?

Loup:  I love chewing on old socks and roadside garbage.  I also love dog biscuits and leftovers.  Face it, I’m not picky!  I’ll eat anything!  Got any treats for me?  *Looks hopefully*  I can sit and shake a paw for my treat but that’s about the extent of my obedience training.  It’s all downhill from there.

Rumpy:  I am not real big on begging either.  The way I see it, why should I beg for what you were gonna give me anyway.

Loup:  I love going on my walks in the forest and down the street.  I don’t like the two German shepherds who always try to ambush me if they’re outside.  Nasty pieces of work, those two.  I can’t help it that they’re jealous of me.  It’s a tough burden being this handsome and virile, but I do my best.

Rumpy:  *rolls eyes*  Yeah, don’t go hating on us for being so wonderful.  What do you like best about your humans?

Loup:  My human Cathy is okay, I guess. She spends too much time on Facebook but I understand the obsession. I do it myself.  She thinks she can write but everyone knows I’m the writer in this family.  I don’t want to hurt her feelings though as she can be a bit overly sensitive.

Rumpy:  Yeah, I have the same problem with Jen.  What would they do without us to keep ’em straight?  So how long have you been on Twitter? On Facebook?

Loup:  I’m not on Twitter.  Is it fun?  I don’t think I could be brief enough to be on Twitter plus I waste enough time on Facebook as it is.  I like Facebook and have been on it for about a year and a half, I guess. Gee, time flies.  All the ladies just love me.  Face it, I’m a chick magnet. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

Rumpy:  Of course it’s fun, except when you make fun of me for all my tweets.  Anyway, what is one thing about you want all your friends to know?

Loup:  Don’t let this macho wolf exterior fool you.  Deep down I’m very sensitive and caring.  And I’m quite intellectual, too.  *BELCHES and a rubber boot flies out*  Oh, scuse me. Gee, Brian will be happy.  He was looking for that.

Rumpy:  Yeah, heart of gold you got there Loup.  One more question, if you were a dinosaur, what kinda dinosaur would you be?

Loup:  A T-Rex of course.  They’re the most ferocious.  They eat meat and get to terrorize everyone.  What’s not to like?  I sure wouldn’t be Barney, the purple dinosaur. No way!  Bet that’s what Rumpy chose for his kind of dinosaur, right, Rumpy?  *Rolls eyes*

Rumpy:  I am not ashamed for loving Barney.  Anyway, I thank you so much for being my guest today.  Our friendship proves true the old adage that opposites attract!

You check out Loup’s blog at where among other things you’ll see his interview with Yours Truly!  woo woo woo!


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47 thoughts on “Friends Around the World- The Canadian Club!

  1. Cool!!! You’re real macho, Loup. Although you’re malamute, we have similar dog in Japan, which is Akita Inu. Akita Inu is known as a dog of ‘Hachi’ starring by Richard Gear. (Do you know this movie?) oh Dog! pls do not eat cats!!! Loup!!!

  2. Great article, Rumpy but then it’s about me so of course it would be. I don’t know about that Gordon and his big ego. He’d better not come too near given my reputation with cats.

    Thanks, Rumpy. You’re a real pal and my bestest bud!

  3. Awesome! I live in Ottawa too. I’ll be sure to say Hi to Loup in person if I ever see him around. Great interview. So glad you didn’t edit out the boot burp, it made me LOL. 😛

  4. Well, even though we are the superior species, we gotta give you kudos Loup – that was a great interview with a lot of awesome inside bark! Rumpy sure is good at asking all those biting questions!

    Oh, and we understand the concept of instinct and all, but we are really keeping our paws crossed that you don’t mistakenly eat your human’s cats…

  5. What an enlightening conversation! LOL!
    I have never stopped by your blog on the blogger hop before, but you have a knack for the humor thing. 🙂

    So sorry I missed the Haiku contest. An awesome idea. I had a friend once wrote one about my dog, Jasper.

    Oh Bunny Bunny
    You hop hop and I chase chase
    You all WILL be mine

  6. Hi there Loup, nice to meet you. But we have to say we love dogs but we also love cats so try to be nice to the kitties. We know they can be a pain but we are nice guys and gals too. Anyway, it is fun to meet all of you. We have two doggies that live here and they are so glad when we meet other doggies. Take care.

  7. This is my first time visiting here, but I have to say, your interview cracked me up! I’m not sure I should let Morgan read this though. I think she’d take those comments about GSDs a little personally!


  8. Hi dere Rumpy,

    So nice to meet you and Loup. Thanks fur stoppin’ by my blog today. I sure hope you come back and visit me again soon. 🙂

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Oh dog! I share your sentiment about kitties! I love them black, tabby, white, anyway the come! That’s why Awesome is a great middle name for ya! 😉

  10. Wow, we Berner girls are sure getting around to all these cool blogs. Just yesterday we read Loup’s wonderful interview of you, Rumpy. Today, you switched jobs. This was fun reading about Loup, although we’re a little concerned about the cats. Loup, you really enjoy the roadside garbage, huh? BOL! You sure are a handsome dog, and we’re sure you are sensitive and caring. Good to get to know more about you with this wonderful interview.We love both your blogs.

    x The Bernese Mountain Dog Girls

  11. Hey, Rumpy Dog, great interview with Loup! But I think he makes too much of his supremacy over cats. Everyone knows cats reign. I learned that a long time ago when I went to visit my Labrador-in-law who lives with a cat. Of course, I don’t allow cats in my household. I use to share space with Shetland Sheepdogs but I’m the lone star now and I like it that way. I get my choice of feet to lay on and don’t have to share my treats. Mind you, I’d share one with you and Loup. You guys rock!

    Tynan, the black Lab

  12. He likes cats, alright. That’s the problem. He’d like to sample them all.

    Great comments, everyone. Loup will be so pleased. He’s napping right now. All this fame is tiring.

    Signed Loup’s humble owner and manager, Cathy

  13. Ah, so nice to come and read all the nice comments. Thanks, All. I enjoyed doing the interview with Rumpy. He’s such a great interviewer and makes a dog feel at ease. It was really fun!

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