Advice From Dear DeDe!

Hello everybody!  DeDe here ready to solve all of your problems and make your life filled with love and harmony.

Or not.

But anyway, I do have a couple of advice questions sent in this week, so I’m going to get right to them.

Dear DeDe,
How can we get a certain neurotic St. Bernard whose name starts with “T” to stop barking over nothing? She’s driving us all nuts and I’m getting a headache listening to her all the time. Since you’re a girl and you’re a bit on the neurotic side yourself, I was thinking that maybe you’d understand how she thinks. Inside her head must be a very scary place indeed. *Shudders*
Love Loup

Dear Loup,

What have you got against women?  I’m thinking that maybe the reason “T” is barking all the time is because you guys are SOOOOO annoying!  I say you need to clean up after yourself, share your old socks and be NICE to her once in awhile.

But in all seriousness, I do have some concerns.  In the past you’ve mentioned her fear of storms and spending nights downstairs.  Your humans might want to discuss your concerns with the vet.  There are treatment options.

By the way, did you know dogs can be treated for anxiety with Prozac?

Sincerely, Dear DeDe.

Next we have a question from Sheri:

Dear DeDe,

I need some sound dog advice. We’re a family with four cats, all very strong willed and three of them are over 8 years old, so very set in their ways. Over the years we’ve done our share of dog sitting and though it can occasionally get a little tense, it’s generally a good experience. Except for that time Hercules swatted Guinness on the nose for no reason. There were some hurt feelings that day.

Anyway, DeDe, our daughter, who just turned 16, wants a puppy. A Husky to be exact. She has wanted one for a long time and we keep telling her that we want to wait until there are less cats in the house. Rightly though, Daughter mentioned, BUT WE ALWAYS HAVE THIS MANY!  

What I want to know is, what do you think about bringing a puppy into a home with a lot of older and sometimes grouchy kitties?  Is it a bad idea or are there ways that we could make it work? I’d love to know all your thoughts on this. 

Btw, Daughter is very responsible and would take good care of her dog…we’re absolutely sure about that part. 

Dear Sheri:

The fact that you’re rationally considering this instead of just going out and buying a puppy is good!  My first questions are:  Is daughter planning to go to college, and if so, where will her dog stay?  These next few years are going to be filled with change for your daughter and her dog’s care will need to be a part of those plans.

I think the grouchy old cats will resent the pup at first but should come around; cats are social animals and the change will be difficult but I am hopeful they will in time become accepting of a dog.  Of course, they’ll accept the pup long before they let YOU know it.

I wouldn’t recommend an older pup or adult unless from an organization that can vouch that the dog is good with cats.  Even then, cats that aren’t used to being around dogs may run in fear, and a dog sees an animal running from him as prey.  But I’m sure you know that.

Anyway, a dog is a wonderful addition to any family.  I say as long as the humans are on board, go for it!

Sincerely, Dear DeDe

PS: I’m sure you know this too, but a reminder to our readers to check rescue organizations or  Puppies come into rescue also!

And for Carolina:

I don’t think you’re going to convince Fluffy to buy- so pay up and enjoy. And save me a fortune cookie!

Thanks everyone.  If you have something to share that can help Loup or Sheri, please do!  

Also, don’t forget to “Like” my fan page!  There you can submit questions for next week’s column.  Have a great week!

49 thoughts on “Advice From Dear DeDe!

  1. Hi Dear DeDe! You got always good advices! In my case, we started living together with my cat brofur Shiro when I was old enough and at that time Shiro was around 5years( Vet said because we didn’t know when he was born.) At first, mom was very careful about us being close, as she was worried Shiro might have scratched my eyes. However gradually we accepted our existence each other in our house and became getting better. Like DeDe said, human has to pay lots of attentions to both cats and dogs going well!!! Woo woo! 🙂

  2. Hey Rumpy, please thank DeDe for her awesome advice. We will definitely heed her words as we continue to decide if getting a dog is something we’re going to do.

  3. Oh my gosh! this is so clever and cute! What a great way to answer animal questions! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now, go get your tea and snuggle up with one of those animals. As long as they don’t bump you and spill all of that warm goodness! 😉

  4. Great advice, especially regarding the 16 year old who wants a puppy. I must admit that I had not thought as far ahead as college but DeDe did and she was right to raise that.

    1. I agree Bassa, we hadn’t thought about that either and DeDe was very wise to address that issue. It’s definitely something we need to “chew on”. 😀

  5. Hi De-De,
    This is MIc. I like your advice. Sorry to go off subject But Iam hoping you can pass this along to your human. Mark tried to e-mail the addresses for the Belfast City Council and Dog Wardens yesterday and neither went through. We’re not sure if that’s a new thing or not but we hoped you might have a more direct contact point notify them and seek an alternate address.Anyway Mark says since we got the website from you he thought we should let you know.The failure message says the domain is not found for both. I’ll get him on it again today. We did sign the petition and have passed the story and URL on to every one we know, even the humans.

  6. When I first came to live with my people Scratchy the cat had been living without dogs for years. He hung out on top of the kitchen cabinets for the first ten months I was here. Now he hangs out around me, but I still can’t get him to play with me. -Bongo

  7. Great advice. Our cat dog combo works good in the house, but weirdly Bob (bulldog) goes nuts when he sees a loose cat outside. He never ever bothers cats in the house, even friends cats that have come over. Its weird

  8. Hey Dede, you mentioned T’s fear of storms. One of my dogs has a fear of strangers. We believe his former handler used to hit him. Every time guests arrive at our house, he panics and looks for a place to hide. He is 4 human years old and is quite tiny and when he starts trembling, it just breaks my heart. May I have your advice, please?

    1. Hi! I’m sorry I have taken so long to respond. If your dog’s problems are not caused by a medical condition you might want to talk to a trainer about things you can do with your dog to help him overcome his fears. I couldn’t afford one myself, but they are on the internet so do some research!

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