June Buggie Rants!

MEOW!  I am June Buggie and I have something to say!

I want to say something to you people who are hurting right now because you’re unemployed, under-employed or who have a job that SUCKS but you’re stuck in it.

I’m sorry.

Yep, I’m sorry, and that is sincere.

Why am I saying that?  Because I know you’ve been beat over the head for the past few years.  If you’ve got a job but the conditions aren’t great, you’ve been told to “Suck it up!” because at least you’ve got a job!

If you don’t have a job, you’ve been told that “It’s not your fault!”  But the longer you stay unemployed the harder it gets.

Now I’m not here to give you a motivational speech or to tell you the secret to making your dreams come true.  I’m a Cat, not an abundance preacher!

What I do want to tell you is that I know sometimes you feel sad, and that it’s OK.

I also want you to know that there’s someone that loves you very much.  I make it a point to let Jen know how much I love her every day.

I don’t know what the future holds.  I do know that all we have is this one moment, this now, and that’s enough.

So….. take a moment to take off the armor you wear around the 2-leggers, just be, and let those of us who love you, love you.

What’s that?  *cocks head*  Do I hear purrs and sloppy kisses?


41 thoughts on “June Buggie Rants!

  1. Hi June. Very well said. Our mummy is sad a lot and we always gives her snuggles & headbonks to cheer her up. We hope all kitties will do the same for their humans & staff. @cat_MarsEchelon

  2. Aww Buggie, I don’t think you are as scarey as Rumpy makes you out to be. I agree with your sentiment, the unconditional love and affection of us furrballs can make a huge difference to humans when they are down. A very nice rant – *pawhugs* to you and yours (and give Jen an extra purr from me)

  3. OMD! Dear lovely June Buggie, what a wonderful post this is! The more you rant, the more I love you!!! Woo woo! *blush* Mom says that whenever she gets down, she loves seeing our faces because it cheers her a lot. We can help our humans!!! Woo! *pawhugs to you and your family*

  4. Well said June Buggie… Everything is going to be alright… Sometimes what looks bad to those on the outside, are actual blessings for those experiencing it on the inside… TY! 🙂

  5. Right you are, June Buggie. You guys do seem to know (oh who am I kidding, of course you do) just when we humans need pawhugs. I sure hope more humans will see this priceless gift that you offer us & treat you much better.

  6. I think you are absolutely right June Buggie. I also think you are very pretty.

    Love you, Charlie xxx

  7. June Buggy, Blogville is FULL of lots of support and good kind understanding words… FUR SURE they will make everybuddy feel BETTER.

  8. June Buggie, you rock my world. You might not know this but your rants help to inspire me to appreciate my furry friends even more. Sometimes, letting them just love us is harder than loving them. A paw on the face when you’re crying can be the most comforting feeling in the world.

    Does that make sense?

  9. Hey June! You are sooo sweet. I’m currently unemployed too but luckily I have a cat and 3 doggies to keep me company. 🙂 I would say my cat would be glad to meet you but I guess not, he likes to be the only center of attention. 🙂 He’s like the king of the house.

  10. Hi June! I’m Gabey and think you like to look intimidating but are really a softie at heart!

    I’m never unemployed–always something to do, whether eating, sleeping, playing or loving my mom and grandma, which is almost the most important job I have…and the pay is pretty good!

  11. This is Gabey, again. Forgot to say MEOOOW! I’m a cat too. Didn’t want you to think I was one of Rumpydog’s kind (though, as I don’t have any canine housemates, I really shouldn’t judge…)!

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