Dear DeDe!

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for- MOI!

Oh Dog!  I am so excited, and just a little bit nervous.  I’m SOOOO excited because today marks 100 posts published at Rumpydog!  How cool is that!  In the words of Rumpy…. woo woo woo!

But the reason why I’m nervous is because today’s question is from a cat about a cat.  Well, I’ll let him tell you about it.

Dear DeDe – this is Isaiah, Cleo’s brofur and I have a problem that I hope you can help me with or maybe explain.

Whenever Mom is around Cleo the Diva acts like a b*tch to me. She pushes me off the chair if we are sleeping together and then tries to beat me up. I’m getting a little tired of it, so I do not let her on the bed after Mom is in it.

If Mom is patting me, she runs over and tries to grab the attention from Mom by poking me in the butt with her nose. I should let out a good fart next time she tries that. Can you explain why she is doing that and what I can do to make her stop or give a way to extract revenge.

Thanks for your help.


Dear Isaiah,

I am not an expert in cats, but I’m wondering if this is simply normal cat behavior.  Ya see, I live with two kitties- June Buggie and Bubba.  They are 14 year old brothers and they’ve lived with Jen since they were 6 weeks old.  And every day they have fought at least once.

Cats are social animals, but with that social behavior comes establishment of pecking order.  It’s no different with humans.  Every school class has a leader.  Every office has a pecking order too.  So here’s some questions to ask yourself:

Is Cleo swatting you with claws out or in?

Is this always her behavior with you or only at certain times?

Do the two of you at times groom each other or nap close by each other?

If you really think this behavior is abnormal then your human might want to talk to the vet or do some research online.  Otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  Besides, if you’re Mama’s boy, you already have your revenge!

But if some of you cats (or humans) have a different take, please leave a comment for poor Isaiah.

Have a great week everybody!

35 thoughts on “Dear DeDe!

  1. hey Isaiah- my name is Toby – i has a twin sister – sometimes she lets me wash her face and other times she is hissing at me just coz i said hi or walked past her or tried to wash her… i knows what u is going through – sisters are trouble! when we was tiny she loved me lots-she never left me side -we slept together and washed eachother and she sucked my nipples -once i was old enough to understand that was wrong i started to push her away.

  2. First of all, congratulations on 100 posts of Rumpy’s blog!!! It is amazing! Woo woo woo!!! 🙂
    Hmmm, I think that Cleo seems to behave like this only when their mom is around, which means probably she wants mom to like her more than Isaiah. She wants to be mom’s first periority in their family. I know their mom loves both of them equally and Cleo loves you, too but she is just jealous cat.
    Oh Isaiah, you shouldn’t revenge on her. It won’t be any solution! Woo woo!

  3. Congrats on 100 posts. That is terrific. Cats do like to rule. Our dogs and cats here get along great. In fact the doggies are a little afraid of the cats. So Isaiah, be careful. But cats can be good friends. Take care and have a great Sunday.

  4. Wow! MEOW to Rumpy! These posts have added up fast. They really fly when you’re havin’ fun! And you’ve done some of the BEST interviews. We learned all kinds of things and it’s great to find out about your anipals all over the world.

    And DeDe! Today’s advice to Isaiah is excellent and very wise. You obviously understand us kitties quite well. We kinda trade our pecking order around, depending on what we’re doing…like who goes through the door first. Or even IF one of us gets to go through the door…it’s not like we have any money for tolls. We don’t even have pockets! Rocket and Julie like to do judo throw downs on each other, but they’re just playing and having fun. Maybe those two kitties could get their mom to pet them both at once. We like that when our people do it.

    Please say hi to June Buggie and Bubba for us. Are Graybie and Little Girl still with you and Rumpkin, too?

    Love & loud purring to all of you, especially Jen. She’s a great mom!

    P.S. to Isaiah ~ That fart idea of yours just might work!

  5. Yay, 100 posts! Congrats Rumpy et al. 😀

    Oh Isaiah, poor guy. Our Rosie does that to ALL of her siblings (3) no matter who they are. She’s an attention hog. She’s all nice when it’s just them but as soon as any peoples give any cat any attention, she comes running and usurps the pets, scratches and nuzzles. It’s just her way. I hope Cloe isn’t actually hurting you and that she’s just being bossy.

  6. Concatulations on the 100th post!! We love your wise ways and look forward to many more. As far as the cat, you really just have to let it go and not let it bother you. It is what it is and there is no point in ruffling feathers. I’m sure your human tries to sneak in as much special time as she can with you, so just let the cat have her way… that’s how it’s meant to be!

  7. I think you are right De-De. We have seven cats. A Mom and her total of six kittens from two litters. They all love each other but there are often fights. Especially between the youngest male and one of his older sisters but they all get into it from time to time even taking sides. They go after each other and roll through the house like a cartoon picture of a fight. They often have little needle point scrathes under the fur but they never do any real harm. No open wounds or anything. I worried at first but since I have been retired I have had alot of time with them and I could go on and on with stories of the dynamics of their relationships with each other, with me, with the two dogs. In short, unless they draw serious blood, I’d say they will work it out eventually…………….or not. They are, more than most people ever know, individuals with all the personality traits and quirks that a human has.
    Ok. Done. I was worried I wouldn’t get that done before Mic came out and started running his mouth about his sister and her attitude and how she picks on his little sister Nu-Nu and on and on. i do have one idea. (Oh You’re going to love this) Try talking to them. When Lunchbox began to pick on Nu-Nu, Gert would join Lunch in the attack. Nu-Nu fought bravely but was clearly overwhelmed. Mic just sat and watched as they rolled by in a ball of fur.
    Are you ready? I sat down on my bed with Mic and I told him how he should be protecting his little sister and not let Lunch pick on her.
    I took Gert and Lunchbox and talked to them, about being nice to Nu-Nu and I told them this over and over in a kind of gentle coaxing tone.
    Everytime the fighting would begin (usually with a hiss) I would loudly say NO! Be nice. I would then try to target the actual offenders and speak to them and tell them, Be Nice.

    Now you can call me a mad old hermit with seperation disorder but not only did the correction work but the very next day after i sat and talked to the three cats, Mic began to defend his sister and would take on the whole houseful if he had to to keep them away from her. Gert suddenly decided that she would take Mic’s side and would chastise Lunch and chase her away before she could get started and actually seemed to be acting as a referee or mediator. From time to time she still gets in a hissing contest with Nu-Nu but she has never attacked at random again. Even Lunchbox has calmed down and accepted Nu-Nu.

    I always thought cats were smarter than we knew but this experience with Mic and gert has made a cat believer out of me. They listened, understood, and responded appropriately the very next morning. Give it a shot. I can’t promise that all cats are the geniuses that mine are but….just kidding, i don’t see why you shouldn’t have as good a chance of success as I do. if it works, be sure to get back to Jen and let her know or comeon back and wite a comment for us all to read.

    1. Wow, I bet you have your fair share of fights for sure. Sometimes Jen uses the squirt bottle if they’re getting too crazy, but usually she just lets them do their thing. The worst part is Bubba cat sounds like he’s stuck his tail in a food processor when these skirmishes start. More than once he’s woke Jen from a sound sleep and kept her awake the rest of the night with one scream.

  8. Hi Everyone – Isaiah here – thanks DeDe for the advise and thanks everyone for the advise. She never has her claws out, she just likes to hit me. I do have my fun especially when we start to play and Mom is around – I kinda act like she is hurting me in the way I meow. I have started to challenge her a little when Mom is around. Cleo is laying in Mom’s lap and I climb and lay on her chest. HEHEHE the diva does not like that. So I guess I am just going to have to adjust to her being boss, but I don’t have to like it!!

  9. This is Scratchy. I’m sneaking onto Bongo’s blog. Every time I get attention Bongo gets jealous so I have to get my attention on the sly. It’s not just a cat problem – dog’s do it too.

  10. Watch the position of the cats’ ears. At least once a day in my house we have a kitty smackdown. As long as ears are in their full and upright positions everyone is having a good time. Once the ears start titlting back we call in a referee.

  11. 100 posts published. That is way cool! Congratulations!!

    We Berners do not have any cats in our household, but sounds like great advice–you always give great advice! Woof!
    x Berner Girls.

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