Drink to a Dog’s Health!

Oh Dog!  I’ve introduced you to alot of my animal friends, but there are also human friends that do good stuff to help us animals.

Today I’m going to let one of them, Barbara Keys, tell you her story about how she is helping dogs through her business!

Thanks so much to Rumpydog for letting me tell my story!

My name is Barbara Keys and for 25 years I was a high school English teacher in an impoverished area of Houston, Texas.

Over the years, I helped countless dogs found roaming the streets or coming to the school searching for food. I carried food, bottles of water and disposable bowls in the trunk of my car so that I would always be prepared.

Most of the dogs wouldn’t let me approach them, but they would watch me put down the food and water and I would see them eating as I drove off.  I would look for them every day.

Students would also bring in dogs they found roaming the campus dehydrated, emaciated, mangy and sick.  I took the dogs to the vet, found them homes, or turned them over to shelters or rescues.  Several became beloved pets of my own.

Eli- a rescue Barbara adopted

The plight of these feral dogs tugged at my heartstrings and I was always pondering how I could do more.  The hardest part of my job was driving in and out of the neighborhood from the freeway!

One morning, while driving in and drinking coffee, it dawned on me.  I could provide great, organic, Fair Trade coffee to consumers and donate a portion of the profits to no-kill shelters and rescue groups.

I spent the next two years learning about the coffee business.  Houston is one of the largest coffee ports in the world, so my plan was falling into place.  I finally launched Hyperhound Coffee in the summer of 2011.

My goal is to grow the company and donate as much as possible to homeless dogs and the organizations that help them.  By purchasing Hyperhound, our customers are getting great coffee and saving man’s best friend one cup at a time.

You can find Hyperhound Coffee on Facebook, Twitter, and at their web site.  http://hyperhoundcoffee.com/ 
You can also help animals by helping yourself!  Buy Patricia Mason’s e-book Entanglements at Amazon.com for 99 cents.  All proceeds go to help a shelter charity.  For more info, click here:
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44 thoughts on “Drink to a Dog’s Health!

  1. Barbara – that is wonderful. I would like to wish you and your business every possible success. I am sure that the help you will provide to the local animals will be invaluable. The very, very best to you. It is lovely to meet a lady like you. Love Charlie xxx

  2. What a great idea it is, Barbara! I’m so impressed to read what you’ve come up with and are doing for those homeless animals! I really hope that your business grows much much bigger and comes to my country, too! Woo woo!!! 🙂

  3. We love your article, your excellent business idea and the fact that your coffee is organic and Free Trade. That’s the only kind our guy person drinks and we bet our girl person will be ordering some coffee from you for his Christmas present. She’s having some trouble getting to the website, but she’ll keep trying.

    Meanwhile, all of us want to thank you for the care and compassion you’ve given to all those pups over the years. People who love and do good things for animals are the BEST!! Please say hi to Eli from us. He’s very cute!!

    Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx8

  4. That is FANGtastic!!! My dear furend Mona was found wondering the interstate in Houston. Thank Goodness fur Dachshund Rescue of Houston.. THEY saved her and now she has a WONDERFUL home.

  5. Barbara, what a great idea. You’re helping homeless dogs and by buying Fair Trade coffee you’re helping prevent human trafficking as well. Rumpy, thank’s so much for introducing Barbara to us.

  6. Well done Barbara, it’s people like you who inspire me to do more to help out our doggy and feline friends. It’s so easy to just sit back and think “but I can’t do anything”… you are proving that there are ways to help.

    If I come back to the US and am in your neighbourhood I’ll be sure to stop by for a coffee!! =^..^=

  7. Wow! Great coffee, helping the world, and providing for dogs – all in one fell swoop — genius! I love it! Kudos and best wishes to you!

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals!

    Kim Thomas

  8. This is terrific news for homeless dogs! Thanks so much for helping them Barbara. I wish you all the success with your business. Thanks Rumpy for introducing her to us. You are one awesome dog Rumpy! 🙂

  9. Wow! Your friend is a true humanitarian! Not only is she an educator, but she saves animal’s lives all while selling fair-trade organic coffee to help them?? She is truly an admirable person!
    yuki and rocket

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