June Buggie Rants about Rumpy!

MEOW!  My name is June Buggie and I have something to say!

So it’s Rumpy’s Gotcha!  Day tomorrow!  Well la de da!

Ya wanna know the dirt on Mr. Bloggin’ Dog?  Well I don’t repeat gossip, so listen up good!

Cats love the Rumpster!  Oh yeah, you heard me.  Mr. rough-and-tough fluffy dog has all the kitties wanting to hang out with him!

Even that stray kitty that comes around sometimes has it bad for Rumpy.  *rolls eyes*

When cats fight, Rumpy cries!  Oh yeah, like a baby!  He can’t stand it when a couple of us kitties decide to physically communicate our displeasure.  And to be honest, sometimes we tie up just to watch Rumpy cry.

Rumpy stinks!  OK, not really, but he doesn’t like to be groomed.  He don’t like his nails trimmed, his coat brushed or his feet washed.  BABY!!!!

And if that’s not bad enough, he plays with toys!  Yeah, a big over-grown dog like him has toys.  His favorite toy?  THIS!

Oh, and one more thing.

Monday night Rumpy locked Jen out of the house!  Oh yeah!  Jen went outside with DeDe so she could potty.  Mr. Wonderful here decided to jump up on the door and look out to see what they were doing.  In the process he locked them out, without keys or cellphone!  Then he sat at the back door and cried for an hour because they didn’t come back inside.  What a doofus!

But truth be told, I kinda like the guy.  He’s always happy.  He loves to play.  And he is afraid of me!

Tomorrow is your Gotcha! Day Rumpy.  I hope it’s a good one.


49 thoughts on “June Buggie Rants about Rumpy!

  1. Hi June Buggie! *waves at him* Now I knew why you were laughing while you were writing this post!*giggles* I enjoyed reading Rumpy’s gossip and I love him more, because he is NOT perfect! That is one of his charm, I think. He looks strong but in fact, he is like a baby…hmmm…how cute he is! I know he likes you, June Buggie and you TOO like Rumpy, don’t you? Woo woo! 🙂

      1. YES!!!!! *blush blush* I like you more than anypawdy else, June Buggie! It was love at first sight! *blush again*

  2. Hey June Buggie! We know you’re really just teasing Rumpkin ’cause in your heart of hearts you like him. Look at all you sleeping kitties making a circle of love around him. Such a peaceful sight. We think he’s the cat’s meow AND the cat’s pajamas and we bet you do too! And, of course, why not? He’s so good-natured and sweet!

    The things you say are dubious about him are things all dogs do. We’ve never known any dogs who approved of people touching their feet and you should see the huge box of dog toys at our house! If it was you kitties who stole his favorite toy, we’re glad you made it re-appear. He was pretty worried there for awhile.

    When he locked Jen and DeDe out the other night, it must have been an accident. And he was prob’ly just crying cause he doesn’t have opposable thumbs to turn the knob and let them back in.

    Tell the truth now…you and the other kitties are planning to make him a big ol’ Gotcha Cake for his special day, right? If we were there, we’d bring cookies and help decorate it cause we’re some of his biggest fans. Love & loud purring to ALL you from RainbowCatsx8

      1. Oh June Buggie! We try to be like Switzerland and stay neutral. We do agree you have some points about cute lil’ Rumpkin, but he has points, too. Pointy ears!! teehee We are also big fans of you and them other kitties. We like to read your rants ’cause sometimes we have rants of our own about stuff around here.

        Maybe we can get together for a play date sometime! We’ll bring some of that tasty cream that Swiss chocolates are made from. Love & loud purring to all of you from all of us! (Did we redeem ourselves a little bit?)

  3. Oh I loved that June Buggie. Although I do have to say that I cannot help but love Rumpy as well as you. I know you love him. I would love to come round and play. Love Charlie xxx

    1. Meow! He is perfect, if you can handle a 100lb dog who walks perfectly on a leash until suddenly he sees a squirrel and decides he’s going to give chase.

  4. What a delightful post in honor of Rumpy this is June Buggie! Sounds like your crew get along really well together – we love the photo of all of you taking a snooze! I imagine that your Mom wasn’t too terribly amused with Rumpy locked her out of the house though. EEEEK! Mom and I hope that Rumpy has an awesome GOTCHA DAY tomorrow.

    Kitty Hugs from Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (and his Mom)

  5. Aw, I can tell you do love the Rumps, just like the rest of us, June Buggie. Your rant had an affectionate tone to it. He’s so good to all the kitties, unlike Loup who wants to eat them. That Rumpy is a such a great doggie!

  6. We love the picture of all of you on the bed. That is so great. We just know that you love Rumpy. We love our dogs here too. Our dog Jasmine cries when we have arguments too. We will be back for your gotcha day. Take care.

  7. OMC I loved this!!

    Guess what? Dakota’s “Gotcha Day” is TODAY and MOM still HASN’T BLOGGED ABOUT IT!!!


    She said something about having to announce winners first…when it was MY Gotcha Day she posted immediately (as it should be!)

    BTW Dakota “cries” too, those woofies are weaklings!!!! MOL!

  8. What a cool picture of the whole pack sleeping on the bed 🙂 And the fact Rumpy is afraid of June Buggie does not surprise me at all. Firstly, he is a gentledog. Then, we have the same with our ferrets. They can take anything they want from our dog’s bowl. Not a growl 🙂

  9. Hi again June Buggie. 🙂 Sooo sweet of you to talk about Rumpy! Even if its just ranting. He’s such a sweetheart.
    And i’ve seen my big grown up doggies getting up to go away just because my cat was passing by too close to them.

  10. Sweet June Bug this was a hilarious post. We sure enjoyed reading it. We thinks all you cats are very lucky though…Rumpy is a very sweet doggie and he loves all you cats. We bet he is real sorry too for locking out Jen and DeDe. Have a fun day and try to be nice to Rumpy since his Gotcha day is coming up. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. OK – you love him really!
    Rumpy sounds like the purrrrfect companion a cat could have to be honest…
    we love that he love his toys…

  12. You know June Buggie…all those things you listed?

    They’re the reasons we love Rumpy. Well, maybe not the “he stinks” part.

    Anyway, don’t be jealous of Rumpy’s Gotcha Day and be happy for him that so many new friends want to celebrate. I’m sure there’ll be just as many on yours.

  13. Omaigooness! Thats a lot of informayshunz abowt Rumpy an kittehs duz like him. I no cuz Iz a kitteh to. Iz furry xcited fur Rumpy’s Gotcha Day tomorrow!

  14. I bet Rumpy is just as manly as Inky…..all tough for show, not into hugs and lovey sissy stuff, but secretly loves having a chin scratch and freaks out when I leave the room. 😉

  15. Oh My Dog…or should I write, Oh My Cat?? That picture of Rumpy the Dog, with all the cats –that is sooo adorable! So, are you one of the cats that is in the picture, June Buggie? 🙂 So, see, you really do love him!

    We’d like to wish Rumpy an early Gotcha Day. Thank you for your gossipy post.

    x Bernese Mountain Dog Girls

  16. Oh JB thanks for sharing Rumpy gossip! I kinda like u more now (sorry it wasn’t about u b4, i’m just a dog u know). I know u like Rumpy, u just gotta hide it a little for pride (same goes 4 me with kitties… ooops.. sorry again). And hey Rumpy i share ur sentiment exactly bout groomin!

  17. Hi June Buggy – he he – I love this post. I’ve seen Rumpydog around Twitter, but not yet really talked with him. It’s nice to meet the one who keeps him in line.

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