Dakota’s Story

My Mom was so happy to read your Gotcha Day is October 20th because that is my Mom’s birthday!

I came to my Mom and Dad on October 19th 2007 the day before my Mom’s birthday.

My Mom’s first cat (Bobo) had passed in July 2007. She had him for 18 years.

Ever since my Mom was a little girl she wanted a Sheltie. She was obsessed with Collies, specifically Lassie. When Mom was 5 a family across the street had a Sheltie named “Dandy” that looked just like Lassie! “Dandy” was actually a Sheltie and not a Collie. Mom said she only played with the kids because of “Dandy” lol.

While Mom had Bobo she wasn’t able to get any more pets because he was a “one pet cat”

When Bobo passed, two weeks later they adopted my kitty brother, Cody, then Dad started his “mission” of trying to find Shelties that were up for adoption in Michigan. He searched and searched and couldn’t find anything.

As luck would have it my Dad heard from my step-sister that someone was selling a Sheltie that didn’t meet “show standards” Guess who THAT WAS?! ME!!!

Mom and Dad came to meet me, naturally they fell in love with me lol (I was 8 months old at the time) and they brought me home on October 19, 2007 a day before my Mom’s BIRTHDAY!!


8 thoughts on “Dakota’s Story

  1. Dakota – my Mummy’s first doggie was a Sheltie. Mummy said he was one of the greatest loves of her life. I am so glad that she has you to take care of her – and that you have each other.

    Mummy has me now, but I am sure if we met a Sheltie in need, I would be sharing my dinners!

    Much love to you, Charlie xxxx

  2. Hi Dakota! Firstly, Happy Gotcha Day to you, Happy Birthday to your mom and Happy Gotcha Day to Rumpy!
    You must have been the best present for your mom 4years ago! My mom loves Shelties and Collie, as she used to be a big fan of “Lassie”.
    Thanks for your lovely family story, which I enjoyed reading very much ,Dakota. Woof!!! 🙂

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