Happy Gotcha! Day to Me!

Oh Dog!  It’s here!  I am so excited!  Happy Gotcha! Day to me!  I am so happy that you have come to celebrate with me!  If you’d like to read my story of how I rescued Jen, click on my pic!

Happy Gotcha! Day to me!

Last week I asked you to prepare your Gotcha! stories to share with us.  Some of you have sent pictures. I love to hear stories with happy endings!  I hope you do too, because you’re going to read a bunch of them today!

My friend Loup sent me this cool photo:

Loup Graham and me! Click on the pic to read his interview.

Kevin sent this sweet message:

Dearest Rumpy, 
Happy Gotcha Day!!! ( on the 20th of Oct).  Here I am! I got dressed up with ribbon to participate in your wonderful party!!! Woo woo!
I thank you very much, Rumpy. If I hadn’t met you on Twitter, I was not sure to continue it.
You always cheer us-anipals up and send us lots of important messages through your blog or twitter.
I’m interested in knowing about the situations of animals all over the world and you
guide us to show it.  The better I know you, the more I like you, Rumpy.
Your family is so lovely, each of you cares about each other.  We should learn more from you.
I hope that this Tuesday will be a great day for you, Rumpy! Woo woo!!!  I’m now preparing for a poetry about my mom and me…hmmmmm.
lots of love from Kevin xxx

Kevin! Click on the pic to read his interview.

Tweeter Kitty wrote an awesome poem!  Click on her pic to check it out!

Tweeter Kitty
Rocky sent in a photo with the following:  Here is a picture of Rocky’s first day at the ranch with his new mama Stella – unfortunately Stella passed away in May of 2011.  He had an eye infection and really bad puppy acne – but just a sweetheart!!!
Rocky with Stella

Bongo has written a poem also.  He’s going to post it so you can find the link to his blog and check him out.  He’s got cat problems like I do!  Click on his pic so you can check out his blog!


Nuala sent pics of her brothers.  To read their story, click on the photo!

Splat, Socks and Carus

Jackson Bearkitteh has written a poignant poem of his rescue as a feral that was near-death.  Click on his pic to read it.  Here’s pics of him and of his sister Violet.

Jackson Bearkitteh

Here’s the stories of three sweet dogs.  Click on the pic to read Tilly Tot, Oreo Blizzard and Ling Ling’s stories!

Tilly Tot (left) Oreo Blizzard (center) and Ling Ling (right)
Hello, my name is Stellita (Baby Girl to my mom).  I adopted my mommy three years ago on 9/11.  I lived in a shelter and was afraid of everyone because I was beat when I was 6 months old and ended up being passed from shelter to shelter.  Then my mom showed up when I was 1 1/2 years old.  I would follow her around, but would not let her touch me for about 3 months.  I wanted to see if I could trust her, being a human and all.  After that, she was the only one I trusted to go to. Some lady wanted to adopt me, but I did not want to go to her because I was afraid of everyone.  So, mom stepped up and took me home (my forever home).  I now live with my mom and two very small chihuahuas.
I had my Gotcha Day Celebration last month and could not be happier..  So, I justed wanted to wish you the best Gotcha Day Celebration day ever!
Stellita (Baby Girl to my mom)

Here’s Dakota and mom!  Click on the pic to read their story!

Dakota and Caren

And last but not least, here’s the pic Gordon sent me.  I guess you could say this is “the end.”  You can read his interview by clicking on the pic.

Happy "GOTCHA" day Rumpy.... give us a kiss. MOL MOL MOL....

OK now, the party has just begun!  Start posting YOUR Gotcha! stories!

woo woo woo!  I love you!


57 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha! Day to Me!

  1. Seriously, all the piccies are gorgeous – and I love the one of Rumpy and Loup and Kevin and everyone is so lovely. xxxx

  2. OMD! You look soooo lovely today, Rumpy!!! I almost cried while I was reading today’s post! Everypawdy loves you!!! How wonderful animal world is!

    Here I wrote a poetry about my mom and me.
    It also mentions how we met, so I hope you like this.

    I came here to save you and protect you
    You can trust me who ever never leave you
    Your smile is the best treat for me
    I will stay with you until my very last day.

    Happy Gotcha Day! Rumpy!!! Woo woo!!! 🙂


    Beautiful pictures! Sorry I couldn’t manage to send you mine on time 😦
    I have two friends at home. Tommy, a 6 years old Yorkshire, who came to me with nine months. Her previous mama was and old lady who thought was buying a toy Yorkshire, but Tommy didn’t stop growing… so couldn’t handle him properly, so she call her vet and asked him to find Tommy a new home and bingo! His name was Tommy already, so we didn’t change it.
    My second baby is Lucy, named after Lucy Pevensie from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Her mommy, a white Lab, got pregnant at her first heat (father unknown) and the owners decided to give away the puppies. They call the vet, he calls me and on a summer afternoon 3 years ago she became part of our family.
    And that’s our story.
    Have a nice day!

  4. HAPPY, HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!! What wonderful stories you shared with us!!!

    My Mommy’s birthday is the same day as your “Gotcha Day!!” Mommy’s birthday is TODAY and my “Gotcha Day” was yesterday!

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Have an AWESOME Gotcha Day Rumpy! I hope you have a wonderful celebration (love the hat!) and an especially fabulous day. Lots of great pics and stories from all your friends here – it’s always fun to read how others found their humans! As for me – I celebrate every day that my Mom and Dad found me in a shelter almost 12 years ago and gave me such a happy life!

    HUGS from Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

  6. Happy Gotcha Day Rumpy! How good that it is on Thankful Thursday. My Gotcha was two weeks ago. I wrote my story today in my blog so you can read about it there…Have a great super fantastic day *snoogles*

  7. Happy Gotcha Day! Mine is in the springtime. I was a tiny puppy when I came to my forever home. Can you believe someone dumped me in a parking lot? My people say they are very glad they found me at the shelter and brought me home. I’m very entertaining.

  8. Happy Gotcha Day Rumpy! Here’s my Gotcha Day poem. It’s kind of long, but I had to tell the whole story.

    I like to run
    I run for fun
    But it really got me in trouble
    They locked me away
    For more than a day
    It kind of burst my bubble

    Dog jail’s no good
    I don’t like the food
    And other dogs barking all night
    I’m stuck here for sure
    My brain is a blur
    To live like this is such a fright

    But they came, yes they came
    And they tossed me a ball
    Then they left just as fast
    One more ball – Is that all?

    The next day I saw them
    My leash they did get
    They took me and told me
    I’d be their new pet

    At first I was scared
    When I saw my new home
    The cat didn’t like me
    And the yard I did roam

    But now I’m adjusted
    I’m happy to say
    Especially when someone
    Is willing to play


  9. Hi Rumpy! Happy, happy day to you! I wish you tons of extra treats and toys today! And what great gotcha stories! Yours was particularly entertaining…hehee!

  10. Happy Birthday Rumpy. You have so many wonderful friends and I am happy that many have chosen to say so many great things about you on this very special day. You deserve it all. You are a magnificent ambassador for dogs (and cats). Happy Birthday. Love from Bassa xx

  11. Happy Gotcha day sweet Rumpy!!! Have a terrific, fun day. Enjoy all the attention and special things you get. Hugs and nose kisses from Chancy, Snookum, Patches, Pooh, Angel, Baby Boy and Mumsy

  12. Happy Gotcha day Rumpy ! Kitty-kiss from (I hope you don’t mind) on this special day.

    Here is my story. I was a shelter kitty when I adopted my human. I adopted her and not the other way around. She had come to the shelter hoping to adopt a grey tabby baby girl kitty. The lady at the shelter said they did not have any kittens at that moment so she brought my human to the room where they kep older kitties. When I saw this human coming in I thought this was my chance. I walked over to her and started giving her head bonks and talking her into taking me to her house. My human to be had her mind set on adopting a baby cat so she went home. She thought about me all night long, she kept thinling about my eyes and my constant talking. She went back to the shelter the following morning and said to the shelter lady she could not get me out of her mind. She did the paperwork and I went home with her. So I really did adopt her. Instead of adopting a grey tabby girl kitten, she was adopted by a one year old male orange tabby 🙂
    I wish all shelter kitties were as lucky as I am.

  13. Happy Gotcha Day! What a wonderful thing, sharing your special day with furiends!!! We love woo!!!


  14. Happy Gotcha Day! What a nice idea to have a roundup of adoption stories. We love them all. Target’s Gotcha Day is tomorrow: he is the sole survivor of a stray family who died of cat flue. He was picked up by a rescuer and then we were allowed to take him into our family. Au was beaten, wrapped in plastic bags and dumped on a motorway. He was picked up by our friend, and passed to us. Guido was a stray on the street. He was rescued and we got to adopt him. Come visit us anytime.

  15. Hello there Rumpy Dog!!! Awwwww HAPPY GOTCHA DAY! Me and Charlie are so sorry we are a couple of days late but we hope you had a great day of fun and celebrations! We are glad you rescued your human – that was indeed a wise and wonderful move on your part!! Yay!:-) Enjoy and take care

  16. Hello, Rumpy, I wasn’t online, and now I am late, but I think to some of us it is a 2nd Birthday, so “Happy Gotcha Day!” to you! B0ng0

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