Jackson Bearkitteh

my gotcha day poem

abused abandoned feral colony
fighting for survival
circumstances forcing
brother and sister to be rival

but nobody had broken the law,
the county sheriff said
and with the colder weather
many of us were dead

one day they took us all away
to put us all to sleep
except for me — i ran and hid
i made not even a peep

i hid for days, and then for weeks
completely on my own
i dreamed and prayed so very hard
for a safe warm home

i came across a grey cat’s path
i was too weak to fight
but during the night, i followed her path
and waited at her door til light

the hide and seek went on for days
for i still had great fear
it took some time for me to let
the grey cat’s humans come near

then one day i felt their love
unmistakable and true
i knew they would not harm me
their grey cat told me too

finally, more dead than alive
i came inside that door
my safe warm home and fambly,
i love you forevermore

15 thoughts on “Jackson Bearkitteh

  1. happy gotcha day rumpydog! (sorry i be a day late)
    mine was last week but @msboosh nefur could bring herself to write abowt how i came to be part of her fambly. @mischiefmoggy1 encouraged us to write abowt it but then when @msboosh saw dat rumpy be asking for pome submishuns she thought dat be nise way to write abowt very hard subjekt.

    i dose lub reeding abowt everyone’s GDay. It makes me RUMBLYPURR.

    i not be on twitter lately b/c i taking care of hoomins. dey sick. PLEH!
    VIVA #wlf!
    power to the #pawcircle!


  2. Oh Jackson, I know that you are happy and safe now, but I couldn’t stop my tears running out of my eyes while I was reading your poem. I was so touched. I could well imagine the scene of you having tough time before finding your lovely family. very sad, but very beautiful and very happy ending poem! I’m glad that I have this oppotunity to read this poem. Great thank you, Jakson. πŸ™‚

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