Nuala’s Brothers!

Since I was recently interviewed and I gave my background to you, I thought I’ll tell you about my three furrbrothers’ gotcha days – or the part of the gang that I call ‘Da Boyz’

Splat or Oom Splat (Uncle Splat) is at fifteen the oldest cat here.  Well, fifteen years ago, Paw had a half-Siamese cat called Wambo.  Meowmie was a teeny bit jealous and wanted a cat of her own.  The two of them were shopping one Sunday morning when they walked past a pet shop and Meowmie fell in love with this tiny striped bundle of fluff that was sleeping on his own (a real individual).  They decided to get the youngster – this was Splat.  Now, Paw and Meowmie both worked at the same company on an IT project called Sales Platform.  Splat became the mascot – they couldn’t leave the little tyke alone so he would go to work with them.  Hence his real name is actually ‘Sales Platform’, which was abbreviated to Splat for short.  As Paw points out, people do look at you strange when you call ‘Sales Platform, food time’ outside in the garden.  Like ‘Splat’ is not strange already *heehee*.

Splat and Wambo did not at first get along, and Meowmie’s brother took him in for a couple of months.  That did not work out, so they tried again and this time Wambo and Splat settled down and became, well, not firm friends but at least they were comfortable in each others’ presence.  Oom Splat these days really is the ornery old man that will complain about the whippersnappers of today. 🙂

Socks the big gray and white cat was adopted from the SPCA along with a furrbrother called Raistlin (a pitch black male cat).  Wambo passed away and Paw’s heart was broken.  Meowmie decided that Paw needed a kitten to keep Splat company, but that the kitten would need a friend.  So each of the humans would pick one kitten – Paw settled on this teeny gray and white kitten that was intently playing with a dust bunny.  The first memory of Socks is of him getting all nervous and having a barfisode on the adoption ladies’ papers *teehee*.  And thus their cat family grew from one (Splat) to three (Splat, Socks and Raistlin).

Paw is still amazed that when he picked up Socks as a kitten, Socks fitted in his hand.  These days Socks’ head is larger than when he was a kitten of eight weeks old.  Paw keeps on saying that once Socks started eating, he just never stopped. Socks got his name for his white socks and of the four is the most scared of strangers.  He also doesn’t like being picked up, which is a pity as his size makes it so impressive when you see him being held.

Carus was a godsend (oh boy, will this give him a big ego).  My fursis Nikita had died of Lung Cancer and the humans had agreed to not go through trying to adopt another kitten just yet as I have always been a bit … resistant to another cat.  Also, Nikita and I never got along, there was constant bickering.  A couple of months later Meowmie had a CSI initiative at the Animal Anti Cruelty League walking doggies, washing them, playing with them etc.  Whilst there she decided to take a look at the kitten section and lo and behold who ran up to her.  Yes, Carus, never shy.  Well, Meowmie fell in love with him and decided that so would Paw.  Arrangements where made and on the way home she phoned Paw.

The first thing Paw heard was a teeny kitten meowing in the background and he then uttered the immortal words that Meowmie will not make him forget – “What is that, it sounds small’.  Well, Carus got home, Paw tried to be tough just in case things didn’t work out.  As for me, well maybe it was mothering instincts kicking in but I became firm friends with the tiny kitten.  Oom Splat was the next to accept him and finally Socks decided that maybe it won’t be so bad to have Carus around.  Carus got his name from an online game that Paw plays (World of Warcraft) and is named after one of the pets.  He is extremely outgoing and friendly and just wraps everybody that meets him around his paw.
So there you have it, fifteen, thirteen, ten (me) and almost two.  Quite a spread over the ages.  I like being the only girl amongst the boys, the humans love their little pack of cats each with their own purrsonality.  To people that say that cats are all the same, we all say pfffft! Oh, and for those that can’t figure it out, Oom Splat is top left, Socks is top right and Carus is the bottom picture in the collage (I know you said one picture, but getting all three in one place is just impossible, so a collage as a single picture was the next option).

11 thoughts on “Nuala’s Brothers!

  1. What nonsense that pussycats are all the same. All our pussycats were individual personalities and very different, like hoomans are. It is lovely to know that you all have a wonderful home and a nice Mummy and Daddy – and I do hope that they are not too difficult for you to take care of. I know myself what a responsibility hoomans are. Love you. Charlie xxx

  2. Hi Nuala, thanks for telling us about your furrbrothers! It was very interesting to read how your furrbrothers are named! Splat after Sales Platform, Socks after his white socks and Carus after online game(!!!) ! I like the idea of it!
    The pics of them are lovely! 🙂

  3. Oh My Cat I am a godsend did you hear that? *puffs out little chest* and yes I have the whole house Very firmly wrapped around my litle Paw.



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