A Talk with the Magnificent Magnificat!

You guys ready for another poetry challenge?  Let’s get that Halloween poetry thing going this Friday.  Whaddaya say?  I am SO ready!  Are you?  Get ready!


Oh Dog!  Do I have a treat for you!  Today I’m going to talk to one of the coolest kitties on Facebook.  She can be ornery at times, and if you upset her she might puke on ya, but I think you’re gonna really get a kick out of what she has to say.  So put your paws together and help me welcome Magnificat!

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  Thanks so much for being my guest today!  How about we start out by having you tell us a little about you.

Magnificat:  My full name iz Magnificat Jasmine Olson, Maggie for short. When mommy waz little, she had a cat named Cleocatra (Cleo for short) and when she went to da Bridge, mommy decided dat when she gotz another cat, she would put cat into da name, hence, I iz Magnificat. Mommy drove forty milez to adoptz me!

Rumpy:  No kidding?  Oh do tell!

Magnificat:  She was looking for a cat and couldn’t find one dat was just right. A friend told her about two catz at the Albert Lea humane society (she lived forty miles away at da time) so she drove down to takez a look. I marched right up to her and started talking so she knew I waz da one for her.

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  That is pawsome!  Sounds just like what Chabichou told me about his adoption!

Magnificat:  i only used to drinkz out of a fishbowl. Mommy used to have a goldfish in a fishbowl and i alwayz dranked out of it but lefted da fish alone. then she gotted an aquarium and putted da fishbowl away and i wouldn’t drinkz for three dayz. when mommy putted the fishbowl by my food dish and filled it up, i started drinking again!

Rumpy:  ROFL  That is classic!  Now I know your family has grown since I first met you.  Tell me about them.

Magnificat:  Me and mommy moved in with dat boy and oddall (Ozwald) last april. we also have da furball (Syndicat, Syndi for short) and da intruder(Bobcat).

Rumpy:  Ozwald is a dog, and Syndi and Bob are kitties you guys rescued!

Magnificat:  i luvz mommy cuz she saved me from da humane society and she takez good carez of me. dat boy petz me and takez care of me too. i don’t likez da fact dat they letted da intruder and da furball livez with uz cuz i iz da queen of sheeba!

Rumpy: Well I’m sure you still rule the roost!

Doing pilates on her Milty blanket

Magnificat:  i luvz to layz on my milty blanket and sleepz next to mommyz head when she iz sleeping. I don’t sleepz on da pillow but right next to it. if i thinkz i iz starving to death in the middle of da night, i will start thunderpawing mommy and yelling at her at da top of my lungz.

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  That sounds like June Buggie!  So you got a milty blanket?

Magnificat:   oh!! and i waz da very first kitty to getz a milty blanket.  The Milty blankets are made by maike liekweg johnson.  each one iz made by hand and a portion of da cost of each one goez towardz animalz dat needz helpz with medical stuff. Tiny timmy and myron wood are two such petz. The miltyz are named after milton b aldridge because da first one waz made for him when his human daddy waz sick with cancer and mz maike wanted to to something special for milton. da fabric comez from germany and mz maike iz da only one in da u.s.a dat can getz it. da material wickz away moisture and static and they don’t pill up after washing likez da onez from da storez do.

Rumpy:  That is pawsome!  For a link to the Milty Facebook page, click here.

Magnificat:  mz maike doezn’t makez any money by making da miltyz, she just doez it becauase she luvez to helpz da animalz. there are also people dat doez donationz for animalz dat deserve miltyz. she iz da only one dat makez them too and she doezn’t have any helperz. she haz sent them all over da world!

Rumpy:  Ms. Maike is wonderful!  Now, lets get back to you.  Tell us about your favorite treats.

Magnificat: my favorite treatz are party mix, canned salmon, and tuna fish. i also likez eatz mommyz cheesecake when she izn’t looking.

Rumpy:  A cat after my own heart!  Now I met you on Facebook.  How long have you been on there?

Magnificat:I haz been on fb for i thinkz three yearz.

Rumpy:  Cool!  Are you on Twitter?  Do you blog?

Magnificat:  i iz not on twitter  I don’t gotz a blog but i might haz one someday.

Rumpy:  So, is there anything else you’d like everyone to know about you?

Magnificat: i iz really so happy dat i haz made so many friendz on fb and i luvz them so much.  i can add pukez to just about any word – pukezited, pukezlarious, pukeztatic. i pukez when i iz mad, sad, happy, and just for fun (ok i really don’t pukez dat much but i say i do).

Rumpy:  *giggles*  I didn’t think so.  No kitty could puke THAT much!  So, one more question just for fun.  If you was a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Magnificat:  if i waz a dinosar i thinkz i would be a trex

Rumpy:  A puking T-Rex!  *snickers*  Well, at least you’re not a Velociraptor!  Thank so much for being my guest today!  I’ve really enjoyed it!

39 thoughts on “A Talk with the Magnificent Magnificat!

  1. Hi Maggie! I love the pic that you’re doing pirates on your milty blanket! Good posture!!! I have never heard of the blanket before, but am interested in it because of what you told us about. Well, it’s a lovely story that your mom drove forty miles to find you!!! Woo woo!!! 🙂

    1. if you iz on FB you can go to da Milty Blanket and Maike fan page to see about da blanket. otherwise, i can getz your email to mz maike and she can send you info

  2. Morning Magz – its Charlie (Homer) here. Lovely interview. Mind you Rumpy is such a good journalist, isn’t he?

    Lovely to hear your story. You really are a star. So pretty too xxx

  3. Awwww me and Charlie are so pleased to meet you Magnificat! You are as amazing as you are gorgeous! Yay! Thank you Rumpy for such a fun interview too! Take care

  4. Hai Rumpy an Maggie! Its nice to meetchew an Iz rilly tinks you shud comes play on twittaland cuz its fun. Thanks you fur teh intervyew Rumpy, I likes meetings noo anipals.

  5. Keep doing those pilates Maggie… “Let’s go girls …kick those legs up…you can do it!”
    I haven’t heard about the issue with puking, but when I was little, a neighbor had a kitty cat that when upset, “it” would come out the “other end” and splatter on the ground. The children would run away from this kitty cat whenever they saw it coming from a distance or coming toward them. Kids can be cruel when they don’t understand.

  6. Magnificat, it’s nice to meet you. My person says she used to have a cat that looked a lot like you that was adopted about the same way – except my person didn’t have to drive 40 miles. -Bongo

  7. Great interview Maggie and Rumpy ! You and I have alot in common Maggie, including our technique for adopting our human as Rumpy mentionned . Hi 5 ! 🙂

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