June Buggie Rants about Halloween!

Meow! I am June Buggie, and I’ve got something to say.

First of all, I don’t appreciate Hissy Fit Jones sneaking in and posting on MY day. Those darn young’uns have NO respect for their elders.

But what I’m REALLY upset about is how cats are thought of as evil around Halloween, especially black cats.

Now look, I may not be the easiest creature to get along with, but do I look evil to you? Don’t answer that Rumpy.

I mean, honestly, here we are in the 21st century and you humans still don’t have enough sense to realize that we are not shape-shifters that help witches spread evil across the world. If that were the case, we’d have done a great deal of damage to you cat haters out there.

And why cats? What is a cat going to do? Scratch your knees? Cough up a hairball on your deck?

Instead here’s some things that are REALLY scary!

  • Not knowing where your next meal is coming from- thanks to you that feed the strays/ferals and donate to food pantries.
  • Living in a war zone- we pray for the day that no one has to live like that ever again
  • Apathy

So cut the crap with all the black cats as scary Halloween creatures. The only thing a cat is going to scare is a mouse.


And oh yeah, Rumpy says to remind you that tomorrow is the Halloween Poetry Challenge. Get your scariest poems ready. Whatever.

54 thoughts on “June Buggie Rants about Halloween!

  1. OMD!I was REALLY worried of you because
    you were not there on your day, I enjoyed Hissy Fit Jones post alot though. Nooooo!!! You don’t look evil to us AT ALL!!! You look the sweetest kitty I ever met! Woo woo!!!
    PS. Cat truly chases a mouse? Shiro,too? Woof?

  2. june buggie u is sooo gorgeous.
    i loves black cats – i dont have any black cats (i have black n white). i got a friend over the road -she is black and i loves her -and she loves me -she sees me out walking and she follows me and heabuts my hand and runs between my legs and in front of me. she comes in my garden and i go out and sit with her and give her lots of rubs and a little cuddle.

  3. We have two all black cats at our house and they are the sweetest and cuddliest of the bunch. I don’t understand those silly black cat/Halloween superstitions. Nonetheless, we make every effort to ensure they are INDOORS on Halloween night.

  4. Well said June Buggie – well said!
    It just goes to show it’s all silly superstition cos where we come from it’s lucky for a black cat to cross your path. Personally i think it’s a lucky day when ANY cat crosses my path! Am so in love with them… Well done you for standing up for our lovely black kitties!!
    (May i also point out that i have many friends who consider themselves Pagan witches and they are decidedly not evil but fine, kind, nature-loving people. Many many years ago, your local wisewoman or cunningfolk would do a lot of good for your village and it’s a bit sad that is forgotten and turned into evil witches thing…oops….that was my rant – LOL!)

  5. We have a black cat that just moved in one day (so actually the cat has us). In the evenings sometimes he likes to go out in the back or front yard for a just little while. But around Halloween, we will not let him out at all, because you know why. It is such a shame.

  6. We love the strays/ferals in our neighborhood – keeps the mice population under control. Our one neighbor doles out the food and provides a warm place in his garage. They sit on our fence or sun on our front patio. I do not think cats are scary just warm and fuzzy – love when they wrap around your legs lovingly. Love Ya June Buggie and you are one SWEET PUTTY TAT in my book at least:) Happy Halloween!

  7. Rocket and Chin appreciate your putting in a good word for black cats! We’re not thrilled about all the shrieking kiddies and doorbell ringing. We’ll admit we do kinda like to scare the mousies, but, if she can, our person gets the mice and puts them back in the woodpile. Would you like to have a ride on the back of a broomstick? That might be fun! And then you could fly around the world and toss cat and dog treats over the landscape. Meow for now. P.S. That vampire kitty is really funny, but not scary!

    1. Do would like the broom ride but I am NOT interested in giving dogs treats. The cats don’t need me to give them treats because they are capable of manipulating humans into giving them some.

  8. No kitties in our house but plenty that patrol the neighborhood for those mousies. One kitty even hangs out underneath our covered gas grill. I don’t mind as long as the kitties leave my backyard birdies alone.

  9. You’re right about this June Buggie. In fact, you know, you seem to be spot on about all your posts–we don’t like to call them rants. x
    Woof! We are tri-colored, but the majority of our fur color is black. Very pretty color!

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