Poetry Challenge- Halloween Edition!

Oh Dog!  It’s time for another Poetry Challenge!  Today’s topic- Halloween!!!!

It’s Halloween
And I’m feeling mean
I’m dressed like a Wookiee
So gimme a cookie!

So, do you have a Halloween poem to share with us?  I have this one:

Ghosts and goblins fill the air
make you afraid to go anywhere
Bats, black cats, spiders and rats
Make you afraid wherever you’re at.
But with all the supposed frights
promised us on Halloween night
it’s as it is throughout the year
it’s only humans we should fear.

OK now, it’s YOUR turn!  I’m ready to be scared!


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45 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge- Halloween Edition!

  1. Hey Rumpy, you look cool on the pic!
    Here is my poetry for Halloween!
    I’m not good at it though…it’s fun! Woo woo 🙂

    Night has fallen 
    The town is dreadfully quiet
    Those scary voices echoing all over the darkness…..

    Give me cheese or I’ll bark at you!
    Give me cheese or I’ll fart all over there!

    What a wonderful day Halloween is!!!


  2. Think of witches, shrill and mean,
    Bats and cats are also seen,
    If you know ’em,
    Write a poem,
    For Rumpy Drummond’s Halloween.

  3. Here ya go Rumpy. I just wrote it now. You’re so inspiring. 😀

    Ghosts and ghoulies all about
    Pumpkins with their faces carved out

    Kids in costumes
    Grown ups with treats
    All the activity in the streets

    Just after dark the excitement begins
    Knock, knock and ding dong
    They sing their little Halloween song

    “Trick or treat, smell my feet
    Give me something good to eat”

    Laughter and awwwwing, it’s all so sweet
    They do a trick and I give them a treat

    Ghosts and ghoulies all about
    Pumpkins with their faces carved out

      1. I love searching for this stuff and I’m sorry this time I didn’t find anything credible, but I thought I would share something I do find interestingly parallel. In the Apocrypha, there is a story of an idol named Bel (Daniel 14:1-21). In this story, Bel appears to be eating the food offerings that are placed before it. The prophet Daniel exposes the fraud by scattering ash on the floor, which reveals the footprints of the food thieves the next morning.

  4. Great poems, everyone! I was so inspired, I had to write one, too. Just don’t let Tyna see it or she’ll kill me! GULP!


    The Tyna Monster
    by Loup

    The Tyna monster is on the loose
    She prowls around the place,
    Her frothy jowls are jiggly and loose
    Such a scary, hideous face!

    She opens her mouth to let out a roar
    What a horrible deafening sound!
    Such a horrendous din makes my ears get sore
    And makes my head start to pound.

    Tyna is ready for Halloween night
    She doesn’t even need a disguise,
    She’d give anyone a fright
    With those big, black, droopy eyes.

    A warning to be careful this Halloween night
    The Tyna monster is malicious and mean,
    She can kill you with one big, vicious bite
    But try to have a Happy Halloween!

  5. Erm…

    Hoorah it’s Halloween!
    It’s time to dress up as a gremlin!
    Or maybe this year
    I’ll dress up as a goblin!


    take care

  6. Whoa there Rumpydog! Thanks for tawdling over to visit Us at my place. I’m going to put my mind to a Halloweenie poem. It’ll take me a while. As a Pisces, I can never make up my mind, so writing a poem is going to be a real challenge. But I’ll be back. Not like that Austrian, enough of him already, I will truly be back…sometime…with a poem in my paw for you.

    Arooooo! Stuart

  7. Here’s our poem…we thought about it all day!

    If you ring our bell
    our people will yell
    a big spooky BOO!
    Then give candy to you!!

    Up in the air
    there’s a bat over there!
    It’s fishies we want
    or your house we will haunt!

    Our costumes are scary,
    you’d better be wary.
    We’ve got toilet paper.
    To your house we will caper.

    But we’re not that bad,
    so you mustn’t be sad.
    We’re really quite nice
    and we’ll catch all your mice.

    By the light of the moon,
    we will yowl you a tune.
    Then jump over your gate
    and tomorrow sleep late!

    RCx8 say Hahahahaha, It’s Halloween!!

  8. I’m still laughing over the one you submitted! I can’t think of one as I’m not a big fan of Halloween … if I come up with something, I’ll fly back on my stick and add it. 🙂

  9. Halloween is almost here
    Let’s give a cheer
    Let’s run in fear
    Chase the girl that you like best
    Wear your cowboy vest
    Or superman chest
    Now hop in bed, you ghostly goon!
    Halloween will be here soon!
    Linda Ghostwriter

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