Dear DeDe Turns Back the Clock!

Oh Dog!  Dear DeDe here!  Did you people in the US and Canada remember to set your clocks back last night?

And if you set your clocks back, I hope you also remembered to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.  Jen definitely needs to do that, because ours go off every time she cooks.

Now here’s a word of advice for you dogs and cats who, like us, live with a human “of a certain age”.

That time change may not seem like much, but it takes a toll on the human body.  Jen is gonna be grumpy because her routine is off.  Sure, it seems she should be fine since she gets to get up later.  But she also has to work later, and that will make her feel tired.

So while your human is being mindful of your needs for routine and will gradually get you acclimated to the time change, please be mindful of your human and offer the same courtesy.

And June Buggie, that means you too!

60 thoughts on “Dear DeDe Turns Back the Clock!

  1. DeDe, I love your column today – in South Africa we do not have time zone changes (there has been requests for it, but I don’t think the government will institute it). So we get to read about it and the humans kind of experience it what with work. But I love, love, love the line of ‘humans of a certain age’ – I think you should write a column on dealing with and handling ‘senior’ humans. *looks meaningfully at Paw*

  2. Hi dear DeDe! Rumpy came out on his tweet that you were farting in your sleep, is that true? Woof? In Japan, we don’t have a dayligh saving, so I was very curious at how people felt about that time change. Hmmm….as you said it seems to take a toll on human body. I’ll keep in mind what you adviced today in case as we’ll have the daylight saving someday here!!! Woo woo!!!

    1. Rumpy made that claim, but I don’t remember that happening! But then, I was dreaming of fireworks. As for the time change, I hope you don’t get it. It’s just one more example of humans that can’t leave well enough alone. *sigh*

    1. The smoke alarms in our little house are very sensitive. So if a pan spills over onto a stove eye the smoke alarm goes off. And if something spills over in the oven, the smoke alarm goes off. So Jen cleans the eyes and the oven really good. And what happens? The darn toaster set the smoke alarm off! ROFL

  3. Well DeDe, being a woman of a certain age, I can relate. We’ve had a whole week to get used to the clocks going back and no one told Austin so he is an hour earlier. It’s a pity pets don’t come with a time adjuster!! I seem to have been grumpy forever!!! 😉

  4. Hi DeDe – I was a very good boy this morning because Mom told me before she and my Dad went to bed that the time would be changing…..still, this morning at my “usual” time, I was very tempted to go upstairs and give her the quiet little “MaMaMaMa” wake up call I usually give. Temptation was resisted though and sure enough – she got up and took care of her #1 priority’s breakfast (tee hee) so all is well in my world!!!! Happy Sunday……….

    Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

  5. Good morning and Thank you so much for the reminder,
    As I woke this morning I had a little bed buddy cuddled up, I have been searching trying to find him a outfit to wear since he stays so cold all the time and it hit me with this internet thing this morning to Google “how to make a dog outfit” Well. I found what I was looking for.

    Now for my 1st attempt. It didn’t turn out too bad, I will go today in search of some colorful festive socks to make him more outfits. I may be onto something…

    I’m sending you a picture.
    I don’t know how to connect it on here.
    have a wonderful day and an extra hour to play…

  6. Good advice, Dede. I’ll try to be lenient on those humans and not be quite as bratty as I usually am until they get used to the time change. Then I’ll let’er rip! Mwhahahah!

  7. Thanks you Dede, we iz lucky like Nuala cuz they duzn’t chanj teh time in Arizowna. Its forchewnit cuz I refuzes to chanj time jusht fur they hoomanz silly ideaz an I haz an iron paw! MOL

  8. I love the clock going back cos of the extra hour sleeping! It’s when it goes back that I get grumpy! LOL! Charlie has his own inner clock!

    Take care

  9. My people were up late last night, so they really needed that extra hour of sleep this morning. I was very kind to them and I waited to do my morning shake and scratch until my person got out of bed.

  10. Yep, Jan remembered before bedtime. But thanks for reminder. She has been known to forget and get us all confused.

    Glad you liked Cameron’s sleeping pose. We cats know the camera is coming and jump up to spoil her photos too – like yours do. So you know Cameron was snoozing hard and really comfy. 🙂

  11. Great advice, DeDe! We changed all the clocks back, and Moosey was pretty good about letting the mom and dad sleep in the extra hour. Sammy, not so much. 😉

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting about our BlogBlast for Peace post. We love meeting new friends! Have a great day.

  12. Our smoke alarms tell us when they need new batteries…good thing too with Mumsy’s forgetful head. Mumsy likes this time change best of all and wishes they would leave it like this and never change it again. To us kitties and woofies it don’t matter…we could care less what time it is. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. Great advice DeDe, especially about the smoke detector batteries. I can appreciate how Jen feels. When the tall person travels he sometimes gets jet lag and it takes him a few days to adjust and return to ‘normal’.

  14. I had to ask my person what everyone was talking about and she said to read Pandafur’s comment. No time change in Arizona. Then I wondered why my person got up later this morning. She said the time didn’t change but the service times at her church did. Now I’m all confused. -Bongo

  15. Do you bug Jen to feed you an hour earlier? Delilah was up at 6:15 this morning and didn’t understand that she was getting fed until the clock said 7:00. 🙂

  16. BOL! We don’t care about the time change. Yes, we know that mom set the clocks back, but, you know, we were hungry. We gave her our usual smiles and hugs, and she was happy to serve us breakfast!. Thank you for reminder about smoke alarms! x Berner girls

  17. We’ve already forgotten there was such a thing as a time change. But it is true that this little “just” one hour of a difference can mess up animal-human daily routines 🙂

  18. We had that time change only once here in Mauritius! Didn’t affect me much though. Except that we had to turn it forwards by one hour the night before my professional exams. It’s one of those endless “no-sleep” nights for medical students and we had one hour less..

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