June Buggie Rants!

Meow! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say.

So you got SO excited because PetSmart was fundraising for its charity yesterday. Well La De Da! And what a coincidence, here it is right before holiday shopping ramps up. Lots of goodwill toward their company was created.

Well let’s talk about these mega-pet stores for a minute. Why do you support them? Because they don’t sell dogs and cats but instead allow rescue groups to have adoption events in their stores? That’s great!

But they DO sell animals, and lots of them- everything from birds and fish to small rodents and reptiles. And along with those animals they make lots of money on cages, bedding, food and toys.

Do you know where those animals come from?

The Humane Society of the US posted an article this past September that addresses how many of these animals sold in the US are bred in mills just like puppy mills. Born Free USA posted links to newspaper articles detailing birds that were rescued from breeder mills.

The irony is that while rescues make hay of how great PetSmart is, they continue to turn their backs on Petland franchises that allow rescued animals to be adopted through their stores.

Funny, I don’t see the difference.

Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT want to see the mega-stores going back to selling dogs or cats. But what I WOULD like is to see them stop selling ALL animals.

So while you berate people for shopping at pet stores that support the indiscriminate breeding of animals, ask yourself, am I doing the same thing?


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49 thoughts on “June Buggie Rants!

  1. Hi June Buggie!!! *waves paw at him* I’m glad to read your Rants ’cause I feel a week is too long to wait…*sniff sniff*
    I didn’t know that even birds are brea in mills like puppy mills! Poor birds…humans have to think about the gravity of animal lives again…Woof.

  2. Thanks for writing this! I don’t know why, but we seem to be able to take only one step at a time – or would that be one type of pet at a time? I guess it’s like Google…if you don’t focus on one thing, you don’t get good results…
    To think of bird mills makes me shudder.

  3. I don’t completely agree about the publicity for the holidays.

    PetSmart Charities have promotions all year…not just at the holidays.

    I adopted Cody from an event at a Petco, (he was not living at Petco he was living with the rescue/foster organization that had an adoption day there that day)

    I really never knew about the issue with birds and small animals…that is something I may have to look into. Thanks.

  4. Thanks June Buggie. As always, your rants are very enlightening. I had never even given a second thought to where all those little critters come from. But you’re absolutely right, it’s about time I start asking myself and maybe getting others to think about it too.

  5. Yikes!!!

    I’ve not come across a pet shop here in the UK that sells animals of whatever kind! I’d like to think they don’t do these things here any more but I do know of course there are little shops (who fall below the radar to be detected) that still sells animals they shouldn’t.

    Take care

  6. Is that where parakeets come from too? We have one, but it too was a rescue bird, believe it or not. (Honestly we adopted it as a rescue.) I can’t believe the all the different animals people will be cruel to.

  7. June Buggie, thanks for pointing this out. I know that we haven’t thought of it that way. We will have to rethink where we shop. Of course, I must say that the specialty dog boutiques are my favorite anyway because I get to go in those.

    1. Jen buys our food either at WalMart (yes, they got rid of ALL animals and started carrying a more diverse selection in foods) or at our local hardware store. We prefer the hardware store because we are supporting our neighbors.

  8. I applaud your “rants” because they educate and also stimulate discussion. I don’t live in the U.S. and I’m not that familiar with the organisations you mention but I would have thought that mega-stores create demand and encourage impulse buying of pets, which is not good.

  9. I don’t shop at any major retail pet store regularly- though occasionally I will find myself in there. Instead, I shop at the local pet store, where the only animals “sold” in store are cats from the local shelter. My dogs eat raw, so their food comes from the grocery store and from our bulk buying list. Other supplies like flea meds come from our vet, while stuff like vet wrap and kibble (which I use for training treats sometimes) come from the local feed/farm store.

    Although, when reading anything written by or for HSUS, it is a good idea to keep in mind that they have an agenda politically, one which most often does not fall into step with most pet owners (example, they support BSL).

    1. I’m confused. The Humane Society web site clearly states they do not support breed specific legislation. They DID support breed specific mandatory spay neuter. That is a bit different from what most people think of when they think of BSL. Could you please show evidence of this statement?

      1. BSL includes any legislation that is breed specific in type, including breed specific spay/neuters. Requiring spay/neuter is one thing, requiring it based on breed is a form of BSL.

      2. So what you’re saying is you want us to disregard all of HSUS because of one letter posted by someone who does not represent HSUS, but you don’t want us to disregard PetSmart for supporting indiscriminate breeding of small animals?

      3. You sound a lot like you are trying to start an argument here. I don’t support PetSmart or Petco, and rarely go to either, and said that in my original comment. Only time I buy something there tends to be if I am traveling and need to purchase something and know of no other place to go, which rarely happens.

        However, I will also not boycott any place of business just on the word of HSUS. If reports don’t have a second source other than them, I will disregard them until I find more on the subject. Many people think, oh, HSUS, they must do a lot of good for animals. But, really, they don’t, not directly for any animals (how could they, without a single shelter?). And, they harm a lot of animals with some of their political stances.

      4. Actually it seems you are the one that started the argument on my blog.

        You have the right to support or not support whatever groups you choose. But I have yet to see any evidence of your claims against the HSUS other than anecdotal evidence and one letter posted by an anonymous blogger.

        So again I say that on MY blog I will disagree with you- call it arguing if you will.

  10. It’s been some time since I heard it, but I’ve heard that some exotic birds are actually illegally stolen and imported from their natural habitat. With what you said June Buggie, it makes me wonder about whether anyone should have birds as pets at all.

    1. Well Bongo, their breeders association is pretty aggressive in trying to shut down any negative publicity to their industry. Kinda like some other groups are militant about trying to invalidate the work of the HSUS. There is a lobbying firm that’s mission is to smear the name and reputation of HSUS. They don’t have to worry about PETA- it does it to itself.

  11. The bad economy hasn’t helped. Some breeders should be abandoned / chained / caged without water and treated like their “merchandise” instead of paying a fine. (and some are just so wonderful – I know, there are also those whose animals are treated better than their kids.) Encourage the good ones. Tell it like it is Junie.

    1. Thanks! And I don’t have a beef with the good ones. However, like Bassa said, the more these animals are easily available, the more likely there will be unscrupulous breeders in operation.

  12. Thanks for visiting our blog, rumpydog and June buggy, I agree with you. Get rid of the senseless breeding mills of any animals. All creatures need to be treated with respect and so many times, they’re just not.


  13. That was an eye opener! Youre right – any breeding mills are terrible! I never thought about the ‘smaller’ animals. Nice post – again – an eye opener.

  14. Wow, I never thought about it. My daughter would love your blog. She wants to be a vet when she grows up, and she’s going to help rescue animals. She made a club with her friends last summer, and they were the neighborhood pet rescue club. If a dog or cat got out, they were on the case! It was so cute.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. We appreciate all we learn while reading your rants sweet June Buggie. They closed down a huge puppy mill in our state just this week…we would be so happy to see ALL animal mills shut down and no more selling of animals. Hugs and nose kisses

    1. I agree. It’s just sad that some of these operations get out of control like they do. It’s not good for the people involved and certainly not good for the animals.

  16. Thanks for this information, Junebuggy. I rarely shop at the big pet retailers…it’s always obvious by the prices they charge that they are just a department store for pet owners with more money than sense (or conscience). But the issue of selling small animals that come to them in dubious ways is serious and worth ranting about and investigating.

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