Introducing Fluffy Toy Poodle!

Oh Dog! We’ve got another exciting guest for you today. Fluffy Toy Poodle is a cool dude hailing from Canada. He’s real hard to pin down on specifics, but he does have a great attitude. So dogs and cats, put your paws together and help me welcome Fluffy!

Fluffy: Woof! I can’t believe it! I’m being interviewed by my big buddy Rumpy! I am so glad being your guest!

Rumpy: Great! Well let’s start off by having you tell us a little bit about you.

Fluffy: Woof! What can I say about me??? *scratches his chin with his paws* Does lookin’ handsome count?

Rumpy: *giggles* I’m sure all the ladies are very happy! But how about some background? Ladies dig that kinda stuff.

Fluffy: I’m approx. 7-8 years old. I’m a neutered male Toy Poodle who arrived in my humans’ lives in Novemeber 2005 as a rescued stray.

Rumpy: Oh yeah, I can already hear them swoon!

Fluffy: I’m not a stranger when it comes to being the #1 host when the family has get togethers. I will actually greet guests with a kiss and sit next by them and play with guests.

When I’m not busying saying Hello to the world, I enjoy hanging out on the couches as I know those are MY couches.

I enjoy listening to easy listening music but hate heavy metal and rap music. Every time my human plays heavy metal and rap music, I run away from her room until she turns off the heavy metal and rap music.

Rumpy: So what kinds of treats do you like?

Fluffy: Woof! Chinese food are my favourite treats but can that count as food too? Actually my favourite treats are bacon strips for dogs and meat pieces.

Rumpy: Yummy! So tell us about your human.

Fluffy: Woof! I like the fact that I can dominate my human and get her to buy me things. What I don’t like about human when she produces that awful human smell. Geez, Carolina talks about me being stinky but she smells the worst!

Rumpy: At least she doesn’t blame it on you! woo woo! So are you on Facebook or Twitter?

Fluffy: Woof! I have been on Facebook about 3 years now. I tried Twitter but I find it boring. With Facebook I can easily gossip about my human.

Rumpy: Ok, so is there anything else you’d like the readers to know about you?

Fluffy: Woof! I want all of my buddies to know that I love them all and when ever they need someone to talk to, I am all ears.

Rumpy: Awwwww…. that’s so sweet Fluffy! Now, one last question for fun. If you was a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Fluffy: Woof! If I were a dinosaur, I would be the most handsome one that all of the ladies go crazy over. A T-Rex I wouldn’t dare as I would scare all of the ladies. I think I would be Triceratops as Triceratops ate plants and didn’t bully others such as the T-Rex.

Rumpy: Cool! Well thanks again for being my guest today Fluffy! It’s been great! And ladies, the line forms to the left.

46 thoughts on “Introducing Fluffy Toy Poodle!

  1. Hi Fluffy! Wow you like Chinese food! Although my humans love them, I’ve never tried it. Cool! Me neither, I don’t like noisy music (Oops, sorry Fluffy’s mom!) and crackers! Yes, you’re very gorgeous and handsome boy, so I’m sure ladies already go crazy on you!!! Woo woo!!! 🙂

    1. Woof! Eripanwkevin,

      We gotta get together sometimes and eat the wonderful joy of eating Chinese food.

      I know! The noisy music is so terrible for my personal own taste. My human has no good taste with her music selection. Something gentle like The Carpenters is my alley!

  2. Hi Fluffy. It is lovely to meet you. I am sure there will be a long queue of ladies – and they would be behind me, but I am engaged. Loves Charlie xxx

    1. Woof! Benny,

      It’s not the perms that the ladies love, it’s being smooth with the ladies and treat them right and they all go crazy.

      Just follow my program and you’ll thank me Benny. =D

  3. Tilly Tot and Ling Ling would like to express their pleasure at seeing a handsome male dog their own size (and Tilly says, her own age). Also a fellow Canadian. Not all dogs can wear a tuxedo so well either. Being Shih Tzus, they would like to tell you, arfee arfee. (I have no idea what that means. Hope Fluffy understands.)

  4. Woof! Hello to Fluffy! You sound like a very good host if you kiss Hello to your guests and sit next to them and play. We’re wondering if you always greet them in that very nice tux, too? You can come to our house anytime to help us host–or just hang out on our couch! x Berner Girls

  5. Woof! Rumpy,

    Thank you for your pawesome interview. I always knew our chemistry together in the public eye is pawesome! *puffs his little chest out while inflating his ego*

    I also want to woof Thank You’s to all of the ladies out there for checking out the interview.I love you all! =D

    Toy Poodle hugs & kisses to all,


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