Letters to Santa!

Oh Dog! Today is Veteran’s Day here in the US.  So if you are a veteran, thank you for your service.  Jen is a big NPR fan, and we hear many stories about your bravery and your families’ sacrifices.  You’d be hard-pressed to find people out here in the civilian world that are as brave and as caring as you men and women- and dogs too!  You ROCK!

You know how we thank our veterans here in the US?  That’s right!  We go shopping!  Lots of Veteran’s Day sales to get you into the holiday spending spirit.  I dunno, but somehow that doesn’t seem an adequate thank you to a vet. *scratches head*

Speaking of the holidays, today is week one of our letters to Santa!  And boy, do we have some good ones for you!  But first, I have an axe to grind with a certain mail order catalog company.  They sent a catalog to my home, and THIS was on the back cover:

Who thought THIS would make a great holiday gift?

I hope Santa leaves a lump of coal in the stocking of everyone that thought THIS would make a great holiday gift! pffffttttt!!!!!

As promised, we’re featuring letters written by you to Santa.  Here’s the first- it comes all the way from Germany!  Grammy has an interesting holiday request.  I don’t know that I like it, but Jen thinks it’s a GREAT idea!

This ist my first letter to you! I’m so excited and first of all I’d like to say: You’re doing a great job.  Mommie isn’t that big with Christmas but this year I’d like to change it. So it would be very kind of you to bring over a Christmas Tree, where all cats, dogs and humans who live in this house can sit together on Christmas eve. 

As I’m a spoiled Shih Tzu (that’s what mommie says;-))) I’d like to have some new clothes for the winter. Something that keeps me warm.  And there is something really important for me. I know everybody likes white Christmas and we had that the last years. I hate snow, it is so cold. Uh!!!! Maybe we could have green Christmas this year???

For all who want to know how we celebrate in Germany: Christmas eve is the evening where you get all your presents. The “Christkind” brings them. We have two days off from work, I know in the US there is just one day. So we can celebrate three days where you visit all your family or go to church.

Love, Grammy – little Shih Tzu from Oberhausen (Germany)

Isn’t that sweet?  I hope you get your new clothes my friend!

Our next letter comes from Canada!  Bigfoot has a cool way of writing a letter to Santa- in limerick form!  Check it out!

Dear Santa Claus,

Hi Santa, I’m Bigfoot the Cat,
I hope that you’ll come where I’m at,
It sure would be nice,
If you brought me some mice,
I’d be very happy with that.
I saw some neat things at the store,
So maybe I’ll ask you for more,
I really would like,
A small pussy cat bike,
Or is that too much of a chore?
As a cat I am not very needy,
And I don’t want you thinking me greedy,
I’m not asking for silk,
Just a saucer of milk,
Now that would be great. Yes, indeedy.
There’s a gimmick I wanted to mention,
Now that I have your attention,
It’s called Catnip in Bed,
And it fits on your head,
I think it’s a recent invention.
Now, your patience I’ve put to the test,
I’ve asked much, so I’m just like the rest,
But, since I was a kitten,
I’ve always been smitten,
By you, Santa Claus, you’re the best.
Your friend,

Oh Dog!  That is PAWSOME!!!  Santa is so totally gonna love your letter!

Don’t forget to send YOUR letters to Santa to me at rumparoni@gmail.com and we’ll post them on Fridays.  woo woo woo!!!!

29 thoughts on “Letters to Santa!

  1. First of all, I cannot imagine how anyone could think of putting such a picture in a Xmas catalog … is it supposed to be funny ? … what about children ? I am speechless.
    But most important of all I find Bigfoot’s letter to Santa really awesome ! It’s a masterpiece ! Bravo as we say in my country 😀
    I am looking forward to reding some more letters Rumpy, there are some great talents out there and it’s going to be fun.

  2. Wow! The both of Grammy’s letter and Bigfoot’s one in limerick are wonderful! Oh dog! I might get a late start writing to Santa!!!
    Pleeease wait for me, dear Mr Santa!!! Woo woo!!!
    P.S. Although of course we celebrate Christmas here, we don’t have any days off from working for it in my country so, I’m jealous of those countries that the day is on public holiday!

  3. Yes, that christmas catalog entry is quite … interesting (and no, that is not interesting in a good way). Love the two you’ve published, must get my butt into gear and write something to Santa as well.

    Christmas in South Africa tends to be either ‘English’ or more ‘Dutch’ in terms of when it is celebrated (evening of the 24th or during the 25th). We do the huge turkey and gammon which kinda doesn’t make sense to me as it is in the middle of summer. It is HOT. Warm food. Hot stove. Sweating… Go for a more South African approach with salads, cold meats that kind of foods for goodness sake… (yes a bit of a personal rant, although cold turkey and gammon is rather noms for us).

  4. Hmmm, Me thinks that sculpture would look ok – buried!
    Me has started my Christmas list. It only has about 82 things on it so far.

  5. That’s like on of those ridiculous items sold in Skymall! The copy is so weird: He’s been garden-guarding so long he’s nothing but bones. Seriously? Hahaha.
    Good thing we’ve got these letters from Santa. Makes me wonder what my doggies want. (Probably more tasty treats, uhuh.) 🙂

  6. It’s Remembrance Day in Canada, today, which basically means we honour our soldiers by either heading out in the cold to a ceremony honouring our veterans, or watching it on TV. And then, of course, we go shopping. Totally head-scratch worthy, that!

  7. So agreed – whoever came up with the garden skeletal dog needs lots of coal in their stocking…forget it, no stocking for them at all.

    Letters to Santa are great! Love reading them!

  8. That catalog had us all upset. Just gruesome, and I’m sure June Buggie would rant about it… if you didn’t already throw it out—which I’m assuming you did, Rumpy, the smart dog! We really liked the Santa poem and that got us smiling again. x Berner Girls

  9. Loved those letters and yes, Blessings to all on Veteran’s Day! 🙂
    I’m working on catching up again after a hectic workshop week again. 🙂

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