A Talk with A Cat Named Dumptruck

Oh Dog! Are you in for a treat today! I have a guest with a most unique name, and a rather unique story! So, without further ado, I give you Dumptruck Spires!!!


Dumptruck: Hi Rumpy. Fainks fer invitin’ me to be on your world famous blog.

Rumpy: Oh Dog! Thanks so much for being my guest today! Let’s start out by you telling us a little bit about you.

Dumptruck: I woz born in Ware which iz abowt 20 miles north ov London. Mi breeder was a nice man called Allen who breeds British Shorthairs and usually gives dem names dat begin wiv Robocat. I am a British Shorthair Siver Spottie and I woz one of his early kittens. Mi pedigree name iz Adwalsh Titan Silverstorm. Now dat is a bit ov a mouthful. I am a 14 year old British Shorthair Silver Spottie and came to live with my tipists when I was about 6 years old.

Dumptruck again

Rumpy: Oh? And what was your life like before you came to your current home?

Dumptruck: My early years were spent “servicing” young lady cats who wished to have kittens. I also attended many cat shows with mixed success. I did a few shows wen I woz young but Allan wanted to breed from me cos I was very pretty an’ a good shape. Wen I woz about 6 he decided to retire me and sold me to a new home. Before I woz collected my now mummi & daddi rang Allan and asked if he had a male cat that they could have. Allan told the people that were going to have me that I was no longer available because mi cat mummi Inca was veri happy wiv my now mummi & daddi and I was going to join her. Here’s a phot of me and mi mummi Inca.

Baby Dumptruck and his mama Inca

Rumpy: Awww…. you were such a cute baby! And what an interesting past! Tell us about your family.

Dumptruck: I share my house with my two sisfurs. Bunbun – a female honey coloured Persian, and Jess – a female British Shorthair black tipped (white with black tips to her hairs). I have 2 tipists who put da words on Facebook for me.

Rumpy: So tell us what you like best about your humans?

Dumptruck: They spoil us all rotten. I have a giant dog bed to sleep in as well as Horaces back.


I love that they are willing to type my messages on Facebook (even if they cant always spell proper).

Rumpy: Wow! So, any complaints?

Dumptruck: Although my tipists are generally very good I do NOT like the way they sometimes make me beg for treats as a party trick when their friends come round. DO THEY THINK I AM A DOG?!?!? (No offence meant Rumpy).

Rumpy: None taken! And speaking treats, what are your favorites?


Dumptruck: That’s an easy one! I make an complete fool of myself “begging” for Whiskas Temtations Chicken and Cheese flavour. I just can’t get enough.

Rumpy: Sounds like my cats! So, are you on Twitter Dumpy?

Dumptruck: I am so busy on Facebook I have never found the need to open a Twitter account.

Rumpy: And how long have you been on Facebook?

Dumptruck: I discovered Facebook about 18 months ago and I love it! I am lucky to have “met” many wonderful friends (over 3800 at the last count). I would think that I have regular contact with about 150 of them. I love the fact that they are spread all over the world – although sometimes the time zones can get a bit confusing.

Rumpy: Yeah, I know what you mean about that!

Dumptruck: In my Facebook “world” I can travel anywhere on the back of my faithful steed Horace who is a green hippo. London – Australia approximately 1 minute travelling time! Round the world trips can be made in a few hours allowing for short stops at friends homes for a natter and a few “noms”.


Rumpy: It is wonderful isn’t it? Is there anything else you want all your friends to know?

Dumptruck: The most common question I am asked is “why are you called Dumptruck”. I am told that it’s because I was a big kitten who never turned down food. I come from a line of large kitties. For example one of my brothers was called Robocat Demolition Man! He was HUGE!

Rumpy: Oh Dog! Speaking of huge, if you were a dinosaur, what kinda dinosaur would you be?

Dumptruck: Mi hero is Manny the Mammoth from the “Ice Age” films. He, like me, is big, intelligent, has a big appetite and doesn’t see the need to run. If I had been born when dinosaurs walked the earth then I would have wanted to be a mammoth.

Or – A Megatheruim which was a giant sloth. It never ran anywhere and neither do I!

Rumpy: *giggles* Well Dumptruck, it has been a real pleasure to talk with you today!

51 thoughts on “A Talk with A Cat Named Dumptruck

  1. Wow Dumptruck, baby you are soooo cute! 🙂 That was wonderful you could stay with your mama Inca in a same place! Jess and Bunbun are adorable, too!!! 🙂 Yes, the time zones are really annoying…hard to catch up with sometimes!!!

  2. 🙂 “My early years were spent ‘servicing’ young lady cats who wished to have kittens.” I will not be bad. I will not be bad. Dumptruck is the cutest name, and such a face! Oh and Horace the turtlepotamus is adorable!!

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of children from your early years experiences Dumptruck!! I enjoyed hearing about your life and especially your trips round the world via Air Facebook. I use that airline a lot 🙂

  4. Beautiful Dumptruck! Were you and mummy Inca adopted together?

    Well you look adorable – enjoy your retirement with your typists and sweet household. Take care

  5. What a handsome guy Dumptruck is – I love the name and it suits him perfectly. Interesting always to read about the lives of other cats……this is quite a story and I hope Dumptruck has many more happy years ahead of him!!

    Pam and Sam

  6. Dumptruck is a handsome man cat! Me can see why he spent so many years making babies! Thanks for interviewing him rumpy!

  7. Oh, we enjoyed that interview with Dumptruck so much. We were hoping all through the read that you would tell how he got his name and you did. Dumptruck and all his family are beautiful. Thanks, for introducing us to them sweet Rumpy Dog. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Nice to meet you Dumptruck. Your first career sounds like it was a lot of fun. Wish I could do that, (with dogs, not cats) but it’s not gonna happen.

  9. Dumptruck. Oh wow. We love all the photos you gave to Rumpy for us to look at. You’re so handsome–and we loved hearing all about your interesting life. We’re going to check you out on Facebook! xx

  10. Oh, so sad. Our dear friend Dumpy has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. I am missing him SO much . . . .

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