June Buggie Rants- about YOU!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say!

Oh I am so hissing mad! At who? Well it might be you!

Do you hate PETA because they kill animals? Do you hate the Humane Society of the United States because they don’t send money to local shelters? Have you been told that HSUS supports Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)?

Then you may have been duped by a lobbyist organization that is believed to be backed by the animal breeder industry. They’re headed by a guy named Rick Berman, also known as Dr. Evil. Not heard of him? Then take about 15 minutes and educate yourself.

60 Minutes interview with Rick Berman.

Among the non-profit organizations he fronts are Humane Watch (which claims to keep an eye on HSUS) and the Center for Consumer Freedom. These groups claim to enlighten us with the truth about Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the obesity epidemic, the animal rights community and Unions, among others. They also funnel alot of money to their founder- Rick Berman. Hmmmm…. wonder where that money comes from? Oh yeah, he won’t tell you, and because these are non-profits, he doesn’t have to.

But don’t take my word for it. You can Google, so do your own homework!

You better, because the next time you come snooping around my blog with these so-called “facts” about the Humane Society supporting BSL (to learn their actual stance, read THIS), you best have evidence in hand. This little kitty is not interested in hearsay.

And I’m not real happy with those of you that have fallen for it.

You got that? MEOW!!!!

55 thoughts on “June Buggie Rants- about YOU!

  1. OMG! That’s so mean! Animals have souls too, everyone knows there’s a heaven for them too! And a hell for those who hurt them 😀 I read their first stance and i was like “Hell NO! Eradicate??? That’s pure cruelty!

    I think every dog wants to be well fed and loved. And it is our responsibility to reach out to the animals and provide them a home. We always bring home stray cats and now we have four cats and five kittens 😀 I even once brought back a pup but it ran away after a few days.

    I have a request, can you ask all your friends (specially the cute ones 😉 ) to vote for my blog here http://bit.ly/tjLMvO

  2. Hi June Buggie! * smiling and waving paw at him*
    I’ve just known the truth of the “fact” about the Humane Society supporting BSL.
    If I hadn’t have read this rants, I wouldn’t have known what is true.
    Although I don’t live in US, I think that a group like HSUS should NOT be misunderstood by NOT true stories!!! Thanks June Buggie! * wink at him*

  3. Great job getting the word out, June Buggie! It’s sickening that rick berman and lobbyists like him will flat out lie to advance the agendas of whoever is paying them.

  4. Whew, I’m happy to say that in this case ignorance is bliss because I hadn’t heard those negatives things and so I didn’t fall for anything. Because I’d hate to have you mad at me, June Buggie!

  5. I never knew all of that! Thanks June Bug! Its impawtant that we inform ourseleves and not believe some peoples publicity!

  6. As always, we thank you for helping us to make sure we know what the facts are. We have a question for you. We have always RT for an animal rescue group who brings their dogs (from a no-kill shelter) to Petco for (hopefully) a forever home/adoption. They post pictures of these dogs, etc. and we want to see them get adopted. Please, can you, or another member of your family help us with this since one of you has written about Petco before. Thank you. xx

  7. Unfortunately, HSUS has made no effort to hide the fact that they support BSL. BSL is Breed Specific Legislation, that is, laws which target specific “breeds” and/or dogs based solely on physical appearance. BSL does NOT only mean banning breeds. It includes mandatory spay/neuter laws that are breed specific. And, HSUS supports those laws. Hence, HSUS supports BSL. It isn’t a lie made up by some random person, it is fact.

      1. Hey, its your blog, meaning you are welcome to post whatever you want to post. But, I also know how to stand my ground.

        I don’t think you are trying to tell me HSUS doesn’t support breed specific mandatory spay/neuter (which you mentioned before that they do support). Really, I think our definitions of what is and what is not BSL are different. So, you are welcome to your view, but I have my own as well.

      2. Sorry, but what are you wanting proof of? You already stated that you know HSUS supports breed specific mandatory spay/neuter. Do you want me to provide you proof of something you already said previously that you knew?

      3. @k-Koira: I’m on the Humane Society’s website and don’t see anything about the organization’s support of breed specific legislation. For those of us who are not as informed, can you please provide something (a link?) that shows HSUS’ support of BSL? I don’t really know much about this issue and would like to take a look at the facts and decide my own opinion. Thanks.

      4. Are you a troll for the breeder industry? Sure seems like it.

        Now, until you come up with some PROOF (in case you don’t know what that is, I suggest you go look up the word in a dictionary), I suggest you go post your ramblings to a more sympathetic audience. Or at least a more gullible one. I am not going to let you twist my words.

      5. So long as it can be agreed that BSL includes any law that requires only some dogs, as defined by breed or physical characteristics, to be treated in a certain way, yes there is proof. This would include a law that requires only certain dogs in an area, based on breed or physical characteristics of that breed, to be spayed or neutered, while not requiring dogs of breeds not included in the legislation to be similarly spayed or neutered.

        Letter written by the HSUS to Lewisville, KY. It can be found by searching online, or view-able at this link: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CB4QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dogpolitics.com%2Fmy_weblog%2Ffiles%2FLouisvillemulti-topicfinalletter.doc&ei=YCLETsLrLKfSiALruJDVCw&usg=AFQjCNGGX8x70CJI9ZfEpqTngWns5scdNg&sig2=K3ySKXZhI5uWpc2mhTTxgQ

        Frankly, I support most of the mandatory spay/neuter laws that I have seen. Most of them have a clause that allows reputable breeders to keep their dogs intact as long as certain regulations are followed, while assessing fines for those people who do not spay or neuter their dog and don’t follow proper procedure for keeping the dog intact. However, I do not support any legislation which singles out certain breeds of dogs.

        And, rumpydog, if I were a troll for the breeding industry, you probably would have seen some significant indications of that on my blog at some point. Of which there have been none. In fact, I believe I only mention breeders about two times on the blog, once in a post about sport-bred mixed breeds and once in a post following up a Wordless Wednesday picture of a puppy.

      6. Did you read this letter yourself? I just did. If you did, you’d see that they are NOT taking a stand but stating why this might be a good idea.

        How do you get BSL legislation out of that statement? Is it because you WANT to see it that way?

  8. All animals that come into the Human Society are spayed and/or neutered no matter what breed they are. They support this for the fact that stupid people run puppy mills and then leave animals to die. Perhaps before you try to voice an intelligent response,(which must have hurt your head), you should actually read and understand what is being said and realize that BSL is NOT the same as protecting animals from being used as money makers.

    1. There are many Humane Societies around the country, and most of them are not in any way affiliated with HSUS. Most of them do require that all dogs and cats be spayed or neutered before being adopted out, or else have a spay/neuter contract in place requiring the dog or cat be spayed or neutered within a certain time period (the time period when I adopted my dog was within a month, since that particular shelter did not have a vet on staff to perform the surgery before leaving the shelter).

      I’m not talking about a policy of individual shelters or humane societies. Rather, I am talking about a law that requires all dogs within that law’s jurisdiction, be it city, county, or state, be spayed or neutered, versus a law that requires only all pit bulls or dogs fitting that physical description be spayed or neutered. The first is a damn good idea, in my opinion. The second is BSL.

      1. Your argument makes no sense. The Humane Society is the Humane Society. There are not individual ones, if they have that name, they are affiliated. By law they cannot use that name unless they are. They are all governed by one entity and the rules are the same for all of them. Until all states have BSL, no shelter of any kind can enforce a specific breed alone have mandatory spaying or neutering. Plain and simple.

  9. June buggie & rumpy dog rock. obviously k-kiora’s site is not very popular and wants to use the love & trust we have for you to spread their message. frankly if you have your own blog, leave this one alone. rumpy dog always advocates investigating for ourselves, so you need to just go away. we follow rumpy dog cause he keeps us informed fairly, maybe your blog just isn’t as good? but that is no reason to over post here. let us enjoy this blog, you’ve made your point & we decide with our posts and support how we feel about that.

  10. It’s so important in any situation that we investigate for ourselves. So many people have made statements based on what someone else has told them and when asked to back up that statement they can’t. The best ones are the emails that are forwarded that say the information was verified in Snopes. When I look on Snopes myself I find that in almost every case the information in Snopes is different than the message in the email – and usually Snopes quotes the email message on their site as well.

  11. Hey K whatever your name was go troll up your own blog and leave this one alone!! I have and will always support Rumpy and June Buggy and this here iz their blog so Be Gone!!

  12. Whew, June Bug, you don’t back down. Good for you.

    I know kitties aren’t usually allowed in movie theaters. But if they were, I’d suggest you see the movie Thank You For Smoking which is about lobbying. It’s funny and sad at the same time. And it ties in with what you’re ranting about here.

  13. The kind of filthy disinformation and manipulative fraud that’s so common in politics and especially in lobbies makes me want to have a HUGE hissy fit!!! Thank you for asking people to pay attention and investigate thoroughly when people make such claims, particularly ones that influence the shady movement of large quantities of money.
    Three cheers to you from Miss Kitty.

  14. Junie, I will NOT do my homework because I am OUTRAGED. You mean the kind of thing you howl about here has invaded even our Place of Refuge?? I tell you, I am OUTRAGED, do you hear me? Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go bite something. My Bean better watch out. Sometimes I’ve had about all I can stand of that species. Your friend –Bugs

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