Sonnet for a Cookie (repost)

Oh Dog! My typist and I have other things going on right now, so I thought I’d share with you a previously published poem. This is my sonnet for my true love- cookies!

I love my human and my kitties too,
and they love me, I know this is a fact.
But only one thing makes this big dog swoon-
That is when Jen brings out the cookie sack!
Anticipation builds for that first bite.
I beg! I plead! I sit, lay at her feet.
The flavor is a carnivore’s delight!
I love how cookies crunch between my teeth.
Oh Dog! To have an unending supply,
to have large bowls of cookies everywhere,
is what I dream about most every night.
Then wake up finding there’s no cookies there.
My heart belongs to Jenny, that may be,
but I’d love you if you held a cookie!


Don’t forget tomorrow we’ll have more letters to Santa! And we’ve had some good ones sent in!

35 thoughts on “Sonnet for a Cookie (repost)

  1. Ahhh…not just a handsome face, a poet-doggie too. I am SO impressed. The Ched…well, not so much but that’s expected. I’m glad I stopped in to enjoy this “treat”!

    Happy Weekend, G

    PS: I’m posting a 20 gifts under $20 post, with reviews for all, at MRLR , tomorrow, hope you all will stop by then! Great gifts, great prices. ๐Ÿ™‚

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