Another Exciting Week of Letters to Santa!

Oh Dog! It’s once again time for some letters to Santa!  And we’ve got three letters from good dogs for Santa for this week!

Rumpy and DeDe Claus- made at

Our first letter comes from Tiggie Ritchie from over at West Coast Dogs.

Dear Santa,

I have been an exceptionally good boy this year.

I think there was a bit of a mistake last year and somehow I got on your naughty list.  See what happened was we had Christmas and I got loads of awesome presents, including a little indoor house that was a bit too small for me.

Then a few days after Christmas when I was still working my way through my gourmet dog cookies sent to me all the way from England…something happened.  The humans said, ‘Look Tigs, we have one extra present for you’, and it was my sister Hholly.  It was then i realized that I had been moved from the ‘nice’ to the ‘naughty’ list.  She loves that little indoor house and it is exactly her size.

So this year big guy, I think I need to be very clear in my wishes; I have decided that i would like the following items and I am willing to be good to get them.

a navy blue collar (I think I’d look good in blue)
a cat
a nice stuffy toy that Hholly is not allowed to destroy
a job downtown so I can ride the skytrain with my HuMum
a tasteful argyle sweater
a yellow monkey rain slicker (this was on last year’s list, but I didn’t get it, just sayin’)
oh and I’d like a haircut for my HuMum so she won’t complain that I am pulling her hair when I sit on her head

I don’t want to be greedy, so I’ll leave it at that.
Love Tiggy xoxoxox

p.s. – my sister Hholly said she doesn’t want anything this year, she says that having me for a brother is gift enough.

Our next letter comes from Fluffy Toy Poodle who hails from Canada:

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good boy all year round, Santa.

I would ask for a flashy collar or for a juicy bone.

I ask this Christmas for a Chinese buffet table with all of the fixings. Like that me and my buddies will have an pawesome time together.

Toy Poodle hugs & kisses,


And here’s a letter from Madi, Carter and Abby:

Dear Santa, Dis iz Madi, Abby & our lil brudder Carter! We hab been telling Carter all about you Santa! You see he iz new to our famibly and he is only one year old and da first year ob hiz life waz not da best. He got shuffled frum 2 oder homes before making it to hiz 3rd home…hiz forever home wif us! So fur dis Christmas we want to ask fur all da oder abandoned doggies and kitties to find their forever home like Carter haz wif us! A home dat will be warm, safe and dey will neber hab to know what hunger or hurt iz.

Since dis iz da first Christmas Carter getz to spend wif us…Can you pwease bring him some new toyz? Dat way he doesn’t chew up all ob ourz! *Giggle* He needz some chewyz, and some tough stuffied animals to pway wif too! For my sister Abby, would you bring her some snacks! Maybe a couple bullysticks, she weally likes dem and any oder chewies you fink she might like. Santa, for me “Madi” I would like some nommie peanut butter treatz! I LUB peanut butter flabored treatz and we want to just hab a wonderfur Christmas wif our family! we are all so greatful to hab a Mumzy dat lubs us so much and wonderfur grandparentz that spoil us! Merry Christmas Santa, ❤ Madi, Abby & Carter

Oh Dog!  What wonderful letters!  Send YOUR letter to Santa to

29 thoughts on “Another Exciting Week of Letters to Santa!

  1. Wow, Tiggy! That is a lovely to hear that Hholly doesn’t want anything this year, ’cause having you is gift enough. Beautiful!
    Hmmm. Chinese buffet table….*drools* sounds delicious, Fluffy Toy Poodle! Could I join? Woof?
    Oh Madi, I’m sure that Carter will have the most wonderful Christmas this year with you , Abby and all your family!!!
    P.S. Rumpy and DeDe Claus are so real!!! * giggles*

    1. We do look cute, don’t we? I was gonna make June Buggie an elf, but I thought I’d better wait until closer to Christmas so Santa will be watching and June Buggie can’t attack!

      1. hAY!rumpy! thanks4 colecting all of theses letters 4 santa! ANYWAYZ! Dear Santapawzx! this is barkley,ya know ,named after the imaginary HUGE pet of big bird and snuffalumpagus!? ,remember? (i was told i just shrank and cchanged color, so therfore became visable!) ! ANYway! theres me, my bropher sky (short 4 skyler)my two sisters (pandora,wich we call panda) and ummmm, my other sissy,well she dont actually have a name w e just call her LADY Luck or little magic! cause my mummy herd her meowing on a cold evenings walk ,and then on the way back, she haerd her again! (it!was almost like she was in distress!) and it was just too cold 4 her! so she brought her into our home. after two days of trying to nurse her she decided to try to find her feline mummy! then unfurtuanatly her mummy had intruded into the yard of a family that just didnt want her back ,there4 the tiny newborn baby feline baby was denied the rightz too her mopher! how is sheto get the same nutritian that her mummy couldgib her!?!so toooo this day, we (sises and broper and humons) pledge to do the best 4 her! (evinthogh my daddy made a mistake the other day by stepping on her with all his wait (shes o.k.)).Santa P,i need to ask u 4 a prair 4 her,and mayby,hopefuly by chance a name! (she has been trying to meezle ho er way to push some buttons on this here compu thingy,but i know she iz wayyy to young to even understand these things!-so i know this kinda stuff would mean the world to her!shes so exzited about it all!) Oh,!and if u wold throw in a little bit of unberstanding to add to her knowledge pease mr. ser? thanks!!!!!!!from all 4 of us + our humins! lubz ,kisses and hugz, Barkley, Pandora (peaz ecknore that BOX rumer thingy!im really purrfy!)skyler and Little no name**** P.S. i almost fergot if u could find me somfin to help me with this skin alergy im dealin with!id apreatyate it! itz drivin my mummy crazy tooo that i schratch and bite me all the time! THANK YOU! Ill b waiting by the cookies,hopefuly i dont fall asleep this time! are u always so quiet? -dont u ever get tired and run low of energy? there4 run into things or knock them down?! love the gang ^ ^
        > ! ! <

  2. This is so lovely dear Rumpy! But you are so beautiful… I am thinking to send my letter too, my crazy Nia, when she is busy in the kitchen, I think I can write to you. Oh, yes, I have been watching her for a long time at her desk. She supposes that I was sleeping.. I think it would be easy to type and to write to you… Thank you dear Rumpy, you are great. I should go now, nia is coming, Love, nia’s cat!

  3. I’m getting all kinds of ideas for my list. My person has been busy so I’ve got to keep bugging her to help me with my list. She says she might let Scratchy write one first. No fair!

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