A Poem of Gratitude

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches I thought I’d share with my friends a little poem to show them how much they mean to me.

Dear Dog, I want to thank you
For each one of my friends
That visit with me often
And through words their love send.

I love how much they offer,
Good vibes sincerely meant,
Their laughs, their jokes, their heartfelt praise,
And much encouragement.

I pray I can in some small way
Show that I hold them Dear
By letting them leave happier
Than when they first appeared.

57 thoughts on “A Poem of Gratitude

  1. Oh Rumpy Rumpy Rumpy! I like you very much!
    It is YOU always make us happy and laugh!!!
    Congrats on “Liebster Blog Award”!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Thank YOU, Rumpy! And De-De & June Buggie & every anipal that Jen takes very good care of. And Jen, of course, for without her to do the typing for you, none of these will be possible. šŸ™‚

  3. Pawsome poem Rumpy I love reading what You and DeDe and June Buggie even Hissyfit write. Take care of Jen and have a nice holiday:)!!

  4. Wow Rumpster, pawarrific poem. But the fact that in the midst of all the praise & luv 4 u & ur poem…u seem most cited bout, wait 4 it….. cookies…is xactly y u r so loved. Not to mention u r cute as a button!! Your furriend & his mom, ChazzTheDog

  5. Rumpy, we are so grateful that we met you, and DeDe, and June Buggie, and the wonderful Jenny! Plus, all the various pals you’ve interviewed! Thank you for the blog! x Berner Girls

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