More Exciting Letters to Santa!

Oh Dog!  It’s time for another week of exciting letters to Santa!
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Now before we get started, I want to warn you that tomorrow we have an extra special treat in store for you, so be sure to stop back by!

Now let’s get to the letters!  Our first letter is from Kevin who lives in Japan:

*Clear my throat* Dear Mr Santa:

Hi Santa! Oops, maybe this is a bit impolite to say “ Hi” to you, because you are famous “BIG STAR” among children all over the world! In fact, you are not only popular for children, but also for our “ ANIMAL WORLD”, too! Therefore, I have a GREAT favor to ask of you, Mr Santa!

Since I started twitter, I’ve got quite lot of anipals all over the world like in US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, and Thailand etc…Oh dog! I can’t tell HOW many countries.They are incredibly pawsome pals! However we can only see through networks, which is truly a pity that we couldn’t meet face to face…

So! Here is my favor, Mr Santa. When I was watching a DVD of one of the Walt Disney Movies “The Arabian Nights”, the main character “Aladdin” was flying in the sky with a Magic Carpet called ”Flying Carpet’’! which looked so useful as he can go anywhere! If I HAVE the one, I COULD fly to my pals easily!

Plus if I have the one, I can HELP you delivering tons of presents on the Christmas day! You can’t be late to deliver as lots of kids are waiting for you. I also know you’re extremely busy and those reindeers too! If I put 2 antlers on my head, pleople don’t realize I’m a dog!

Wow, “ Flying Carpet”! Cool! If I get it, I’ll show it off…..Oops!!!…NO NO NO…Mr Santa! I’ll use it WISELY * Hem hem* I’m already hanging a big stocking near my bed which is big enough to put “Carpet”!  Looking forward to get up on the Christmas morning! Thanks, dear Mr Santa! * paw waves*

Always good doggie, Kevin xxx

Oh Dog, Kevin!  That’s one wish I sure hope Santa makes come true!  And Kevin, this next picture is JUST FOR YOU! ROFL

let's see ya rant NOW Mr. June Buggie!

If you tell June Buggie what I’ve done, I’ll have to hurt you.  Moving right along, our next letter comes from Barkley!

hAY! rumpy! thanks4 colecting all of theses letters 4 santa! ANYWAYZ! Dear Santapawzx! this is barkley,ya know ,named after the imaginary HUGE pet of big bird and snuffalumpagus!? remember? (i was told i just shrank and changed color, so therfore became visable!) !

ANYway! theres me, my bropher sky (short 4 skyler) my two sisters (pandora,wich we call panda) and ummmm, my other sissy, well she dont actually have a name we just call her LADY Luck or little magic!  cause my mummy herd her meowing on a cold evenings walk ,and then on the way back, she heard her again! and it was just too cold 4 her! so she brought her into our home.

Santa P, i need to ask u 4 a prair 4 her,and mayby, hopefuly by chance a name! Oh, and if u wold throw in a little bit of unberstanding to add to her knowledge pease mr. ser? thanks!!!!!!! from all 4 of us + our humins! lubz, kisses and hugz, Barkley, Pandora (peaz ecknore that BOX rumer thingy! im really purrfy!) skyler and Little no name****

P.S. i almost fergot if u could find me somfin to help me with this skin alergy im dealin with! id apreatyate it! itz drivin my mummy crazy tooo that i schratch and bite me all the time! THANK YOU! Ill b waiting by the cookies,hopefuly i dont fall asleep this time!

Hey Barkley, you need to chill out on the caffeine!  I sure hope Santa brings that little one a name!  Next here’s a letter from Mr Bob Buttons:

Lass yeer Santa givved me grate treets & toys but Ai liek teh Brudder’s wish. Sumbuddee,  givved me a home as a ol’ guy when mos’ peepuls want new baby kittehs. Ai wud liek fur Santa 2 bring all teh older kittehs & goggies new homes. Amen.

Oh Dog!  I hope so too.  And last, but not least, we have our first letter from a human!  And boy does SHE have an interesting request!

Dear Santa,

There are many things I can desire materially but all I desire to those who have none, will at least have the basics.  I wish all of the good doggies, felines, and the humans a Merry Christmas.

Sincerely, Carolina from Vancouver, Canada

PS. If it isn’t much of a hassle, may you please put a good man under the Christmas tree with my name on him as a present?  =D

Oh Dog! I need one of those too Carolina!  Then I could have someone to play with when Jen’s at work!  

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a VERY SPECIAL GUEST!

42 thoughts on “More Exciting Letters to Santa!

  1. Hello Rumpydog
    I came over from Luna’s blog after reading their feature about you – cos guess what, I am part Sibe and found Master and Mistress on the street too.
    But I don’t blog as much as you because Misery is too busy writing her own stupid blogs.
    I hope Santa looks after all the streetdogs this year myself.


      1. Hey Rumpy. Misery forgot to add your blog to my blogroll so we are doing it right now. I have a Twitter account too somewhere but I’m never allowed near it. I live in Gibraltar and Spain.


      2. Oooh! Really? How cool is that! I have another friend that lives in that area of the world- I follow him on Twitter. Dig that account up and I’ll introduce the two of you!

  2. OMD OMD! June Buggiiiiie! How cute he is!!! Many many thanks for the pic, Rumpy! It’ll be my treasure! 🙂
    I also hope that Barkley’s sisfur, Lady Luck will have a lovely name from Santa and for Bob Buttons, all the older kitties and doggies will have comfortable homes!
    And Carolina, me too I wish all of the good doggies, felines and the humans a Merry Christmas!!! Woo woo!!! 🙂

  3. Oh, a human can write in, too! Hmm, but then just like Carolina, I think of our anipals and hope that no harm will befall them on Christmas, that they will have the basics and that they be safe from the fireworks on New Year’s Day (we’re BIG on fireworks here in the Philippines).

  4. Cool letters, Rumpy! I like them! Hmmm, gets me thinking about writing a letter, too. I like the idea of that magic carpet. I want one of those. That would be so cool to visit all my Facebook pals.

  5. What great letters to Santa. Reading sure puts me in the Christmas spirit.
    Sorry I’ve MIA Rumpy, but I’m getting a new kitchen and it’s A LOT of work getting out the old one, cleaning and painting. I’ve been missing you and thinking about lots. Hope everyone at your house is healthy and happy.

  6. This is fun, but another week has passed and still no list…I’m running out of time! Guess the holidays are busy even for a dog. Hehee!

  7. Dear Rumpy,
    mes loves your answers to the letters and mes loves what yous did with June buggy. Does yous answer cats letters too?

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