A Visit With The Big Guy Himself!!!!!

Oh Dog!  I am so so SO EXCITED!!!  You are gonna PEE ON THE RUG when you see who my guest is today!  Are you ready?????

Then dogs and cats, put your paws together and help me welcome the Big Guy himself……. SANTA!!!!

from wikipedia.com

SANTA:  Ho! Ho! Ho!

RUMPY:  Oh Dog!  I am so excited Santa!  Thank you SO much for being my guest today.  Now I know you have many names you go by all over the world.  Is it OK if I call you Santa?

SANTA:  That’s fine by me Rumpy!  And have YOU been a very good dog this year?

RUMPY:  I sure have!  Now Santa, let’s start by asking about The Legend- you have been around for a LONG time!   From what I read, you first hit the scene in 270 AD!  Can that be true?

SANTA:  The legend began with a kind Bishop Nicholas who was in Myra in what is now Turkey.  Nicholas helped the daughters of a good man avoid having to go into prostitution by providing them with money for a dowry so they could marry.

RUMPY:  The word is that you used the home’s chimney to drop the money down to the girls?  Was that your first delivery?

SANTA:  That’s what the legend says Rumpy!

from wikipedia.com

RUMPY:  Oh Dog!  Now through the years your legend has survived, but it has also morphed to fit with the times.  So tell us Santa, are there any new changes on the horizon?

SANTA:  Funny you should ask.  With global warming slowly but surely increasing the temperature at the North Pole, along with a long trek thru the southern hemisphere, I think it may be time to change the costume.  What do you think?

RUMPY:  Hmmmm…. I dunno, I’m not a dog that adapts well to change.  But the most important thing is your comfort.  What did ya have in mind?

SANTA:  Still working on the design, but I’ll keep you posted.

from wikipedia.com

RUMPY:  OK, one more question Santa.  I know you keep a list of good girls and boys, but what about us dogs and cats?  Surely we’re held to a different standard than human children?  After all, stealing a bite of someone’s dinner is a far cry from refusing to clean your room or skipping school.  Right?

SANTA:  Trust me, good dogs and cats have nothing to worry about!  Now, what’s on the list of my favorite dogs- Rumpy and DeDe?

RUMPY:  DeDe wants a new deer antler and a fancy new collar.  I would like a free pass to Doggy Daycare at Doggie’s Day Out!

SANTA:  And the kitties?

RUMPY:  Well…… they would like fish treats and cat nip toys.  And Stray Kitty would like a forever home.

SANTA:  *writes this down*  Now, no promises, but I’ll get the elves right on it.

RUMPY:  *hugs Santa*  Thanks Santa!  Oh yeah, *whispers*  Just so ya know, Jen says that if things don’t work out with you and Mrs. Claus- look her up!

SANTA:  *blushes*  Ho! Ho! Ho!

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68 thoughts on “A Visit With The Big Guy Himself!!!!!

  1. Hello Mr Santa!!!! * wavespawfrantically* I’m so happy to meet you!
    I’ve been a very good dog this year, too! Wow, I didn’t know about the legend started with Bishop Nicholas. Oh! you’ve been thinking to change your costume! What about knee breeches and short-sleeved? too short ? Woof?
    I hope everypawdy will recieve what we want for Christmas and especially,
    our favorite Rumpy family will DO, Mr Santa!!!
    Thank you very much for your story, Mr Santa! Woo woo! 🙂

  2. What a story, about your name,
    And of the way you rose to fame,
    It does not matter,
    How we natter,
    Or what we call you, you’re the same.

  3. Willow hugs her friend Rumpy – I beez so jealouz you meetz DA MAN HIZSELFS! I hopez you tells him we all beez good AND BRIG US lots OF SUPRIZES! MOL – Willow giggles

  4. What a fun interview! And we learned a bunch of new things, too. We think maybe Santa would wear swim trunks and a Hawaiian shirt if it starts getting too hot. @SantasCat told us he always takes a vacation after Christmas to rest up from all that delivering. He wouldn’t even have to change clothes. Do you think he might trim his beard short, too? Meow!

    We hope everyone gets good stuff for Christmas. Maybe he’ll bring you a big pile of snow to play in! Love & loud purring from us…

  5. Hahahaha! Amazing! The guy in the picture from Wikipedia is called “Sinterklaas” (Or Sint Nicholas).

    It’s a holiday here in Holland on the 5th of December, because that’s supposed to be his birthday. And also the day when he brings children (who have been good that year) presents.

  6. A wonderful Interview, Rumpy!

    Luckily, for us, we were not so excited by it that we peed on the carpet!

    I don’t think Daddy Kiril would have like THAT, um, hee, hee! ;-D

    Thanks for stopping by, and liking our videos!

    We were very excited to see the one you made with all the Cats in your family!

    Very Cool! ;-D

  7. Oh Rumpy, you sure are sneaky! Trying to get Santa to move in so you can have pressies all year round hahaha!!

    Am getting Austin on to writing his letter soonest, but not sure whether I want to know what’s on it. Could be very embarrassing!! xx

  8. As I read this to Oreo, Ling Ling, and Tilly Tot, their eyes grow as round as dog dishes. They want to send theirs letters to Santa right away.

    Btw, Rumpy, thanks for reading my story “Once Upon a Mirror Dreary.” I’m glad you liked it. So did the three holy terrors, but they said it frightened them.

  9. Great interview with Santa, Rumpydog – you handled it well, asking some cool and really interesting questions. Hope you all get what you asked for – and especially for Stray Kitty.

  10. Great interview! We are hoping to get more Kongs this year. We’ve been reasonably good (it’s hard when you’re a puppy) and we’ve never had a Christmas before, so we’re very excited.

  11. Hi Ho…thanks for dropping by my doodle blog and WOWie ZOWie…you are talking to Sannie…Mr. Cool himself…you is dee luckiest….I gotta start figuring out what I need or maybe should give to the shelter…yeah that’s what i’ll do this year… Cheers!

  12. Hi Y’all,

    What a super duper guest! Santa! Wow! So glad he made it simple, lettin’ you just call him Santa.

    Are you going to do an interview with Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer, too?

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  13. Wow Rumpy, Santa?! I knew you were popular but I didn’t know you were a super star. What a great interview. I really hope you guys get everything you asked for. Thanks for sharing. 😀 P.S. My kitchen is done, come by to see some pics when you have time.

  14. Clearly you have *connections*, Rumpy, getting to talk to Santa himself. But that shouldn’t surprise me from a dog-about-town like you. Hope Christmas is a huge thrill for all in your household, four-footed and otherwise! 🙂

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