Advice From Dear DeDe!

Hello everybody! It’s me- Dear DeDe!!!

Today we have a letter from a dog seeking advice:

Dear DeDe:

I am sad. I thought the holidays were supposed to be a time of love and joy, but it appears to be anything but. Traffic is worse. People aren’t nice in stores. And the worst? The people that say mean things. See, we’re not Christians, yet my Facebook feed is filled with these posts about I’m not saying Happy Holidays- I’m saying Christmas! It really hurts my feelings because I feel so left out! If this is a time to celebrate peace on Earth and goodwill toward men, then why are so many people so mean?

Confused and Sad

Dear Confused and Sad:

I think humans that are insistent that no one step on their own rights don’t always stop to consider the fact that they may be hurting others.

The truth is that while not only Christians celebrate Christmas, it is a Christian holiday. But there are also other holidays celebrated around this time, such as Kwanzaa (Dec. 26- Jan 1), Winter Solstice (Dec 22) and Hanukkah (December 20-28). There are others who do not celebrate any holiday at this time of year.

As for your dilemma, I wish I had an answer for you, but there is nothing I can suggest; humans are sometimes unthinking, but I don’t think they purposely mean to leave you out.

I hope you will choose to instead focus on the things that DO make this season nice.

Love, DeDe

41 thoughts on “Advice From Dear DeDe!

  1. In Pakistan we get a winter break but not because of Christmas. Although we do have a Christian Minority here, so im glad they get this time off so that they can celebrate in peace. People are unthinking and sometimes cruel too. But then there are good people so seek out their company. 🙂

  2. Hi DeDe! * waves paw*
    In our country, there are NOT so many Christians, but still people LOVE celebrating Christmas Day. To be honest, we don’t know much about the Bible and about Christ, because we don’t have any oppotunities to learn about it at school. But still we say ” Happy Christmas!!!” and love the day! Maybe it might look weird or silly to those who celebrate it seriously but we are happy enough. 🙂
    The point is, Dear Confused and Sad, what you feel is how you take things in. If you don’t like what others say or behave to you, you just let them pass. You don’t have to feel sad or be confused for them! You shouldn’t take things negatively! It wastes of time in your life!!! Woo woo!!! 🙂

  3. For Christians it is good to celebrate the birth of Christ ( though I don’t think it happened on Dec 25th!) Mostly now this time of year seems to be about presents! People get very stressed(well they do here) and also burdened with having to spend the holidays with family who they would never want to see at any other time.

    The true Christian message is one of forgiveness, redemption and love and the joy that brings. I guess amidst the clamour of commercialisation here in the west, folk might forget that.

    Well said DeDe 🙂

      1. I agree. People are like that here as well, mean, moody, no respect. And they expect me to be nice.

        But around Christmas, people should be happy.

  4. Aww, that is a little sad. I think your advice was spot on DeDe. Don’t let others decisions and choices get you down and focus on the best part of the season. Someone else’s stress needn’t be your own. 😀

  5. Love your posts through the eyes of Dede! We should all be as loving as our tail wagging friends! I learn many things about life thru my pups – being happy and excited to take a walk, have a treat and snuggle down! And that should carry all the way thru the holidays…Christmas that is!

  6. that’s a wonderful photo of you dear DeDe, Ched agrees and THAT is saying something !

    I think the spirit of Christmas is what this season should really be all about. It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in as much as trying to capture the true goodness that this holiday should bring to mind. Kindness, giving back, thinking of those in need,family and friends, miracles….NOT the frenzy of shopping and getting stressed out that so many people take as the norm these days. Not what I call any kind of holiday.

    Good post dear DeDe, well done. 🙂

  7. If you let something like this get you sad I suggest you take a closer look at how tolerant YOU are of others. I think people do need to be considerate of other cultures but 1) I am not Christian either but still celebrate Christmas. It is a commercialized holiday that, to me, has nothing to do with Jesus anymore. I think a lot of people feel the same way so sawing “Merry Christmas” is not some ploy to convert you to Christianity and 2) If someone celebrates a holiday and wants to share THEIR celebration with you, YOU need to be tolerant of their culture.religion. I don’t take offense to that and if someone does get up in arms I think THEY are the intolerant ones.

    PS…If someone says “Merry Christmas” to you and you want to say something else you should be able to say “happy holidays” or whatever back to them without them getting offended.

  8. Sorry…it is not anger. It was more of a general statement about people being more tolerant. I think everyone needs to be more tolerant of others in this world. I think that is what your friend was getting at anyway.

    I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is mine…right after I woke up and hadn’t had my coffee yet. Sorry. I didn’t mean to send the hate vibe to your friend. That is not where my heart was at all. Tell her I am sorry please. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. I would take the comment back if I could. I see how I could have written it to better reflect what I was really trying to say.

  9. This is going to be my first christmas, I’m really looking forward to it. My dad says we’ll make it extra special this year because I’m the new edition to the family.

  10. Well said dear Dede. Although I am not a Christian, I love this Christmas time, maybe because of my childhood days… When I was a little girl we were living in Germany. And I really wish to be in Europe especially during Christmas time. The relationships, and the meaning of these days are amazing. I wish you to have a nice Christmas, with my love, nia

  11. It is sad that people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I think those that like to say Merry Christmas are just trying to remind everyone of the true meaning behind this holiday and do not mean to exclude anyone. Because this time of year has been turned into a marketing ploy to get people to spend more money, many Christians feel that fact has been forgotten. As evident also in the rude and unfriendly spirit some have with the stress of the commercial hustle and bustle of the season. None of which is very Christian or Christ like at all!
    Christy (Payton’s mom)

  12. Well said DeDe! We think that no matter what holiday you celebrate or what you say to wish someone a great holiday that it should just be filled with family, love, and fun!

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