A Visit With Bongo

Oh Dog!  I am SUCH a slacker!  I asked my next guest here WAY over a month ago to be my guest, and then FORGOT all about it!  *slaps paw to forehead*  I would take total responsibility for this fiasco, but the truth is this is Jen’s fault.

Anyway, today I am FINALLY bringing you my interview with a WONDERFUL guest.  He is gracious, because he never even asked me what was taking so long.  He is also quite a talented blogger in his own right.  I especially love the pics he posts when he tells about his hikes.

So dogs and cats, get yourself in your comfy spot, because you’re in for a real treat.  I give you- Bongo!

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  It’s so great to have you as a guest Bongo.  Let’s start out by you telling us a little about you.

Bongo:  I like to run, but that got me in trouble because someone found me running down the street and they put me in dog jail. I was there for a long time and then my person and my younger person came to visit me. I won their hearts by handing them balls to toss for me, and I’m good at catching them and bringing them back to toss again.

Rumpy:  That IS a talent!  DeDe loves to catch balls, but she doesn’t bring them back.

Bongo:  I was really disappointed when they left, but the next day they came back and took me home with them. That was almost six years ago. They had fenced in their yard so they could have a dog, but when they left me in the yard alone it kind of felt like being in dog jail again, so I found ways to escape. Well, they discovered what I was doing and plugged up the holes, but then I discovered I could jump over the fence, so now I’m mostly an indoor dog and that’s fine with me, except I do miss getting out and running.

Rumpy:  You are a persistent fella aren’t you?  I was like that.  I thought I should be an inside dog too, and now I am!

Bongo:  When my people brought me home I wasn’t the only animal there. I share my house with a big, black cat named Scratchy. We didn’t get along so well at first, and I have the scars on my nose to prove it, but now we tolerate each other – except when Scratchy tries to take over my blog.

Rumpy:  I have the same problem.  Especially when June Buggie goes on one of his rants *sigh*.  So tell us about your humans.  What do you like about them?

Bongo:  My person tosses Frisbees for me and takes me on lots of walks. We go on trails near our house and it’s more fun than walking on the street. I do have a complaint though. She never lets me stop and smell things as long as I want to.

Rumpy:  I can relate there too!  Humans are so alike!  What about treats?  What are your favorites?

Bongo:  I like to eat anything and everything – except olives. If someone gives me something with olives in it I spit them out and eat whatever was around them. I do like fresh tomatoes stolen from my person’s garden, but I think my favorite treat would be a nice, juicy, meaty bone.

Rumpy:  I’m with ya there!  Well, but I do like cookies too… and peanut butter…. and…. OK, back to the interview.  Now are you on Twitter or Facebook?

Bongo:  My person’s been on Facebook for awhile, but she won’t let me get on it. I keep trying to talk her into letting me have my own page, but she says she spends enough time helping me write my blog. She used to put funny things about me on Facebook and her friends started asking about me when they saw her, and telling her how much they liked reading about me, so she let me start a blog.

Rumpy:  And your blog is way cool!  You guys should check it out- Bongodogblog.  So Bongo, anything else you’d like to let the readers know?

Bongo:  I want my friends to know that laughter is good. When I’m home alone I get into trouble sometimes, but when my person helps me turn it into a funny story she’s not quite so mad at me anymore.

Rumpy:  I totally agree with you there!  Now, one more question just for fun. If you was a dinosaur, what kinda dinosaur would you be?

Bongo:  If I could be a dinosaur I think I’d be a dilophosaurus wetherilli. They used to live in Arizona near where I live so I wouldn’t have to move very far, and they’re famous because they were in the movie Jurassic Park. I could handle being famous. I’d get lots of attention from cute girls.

Rumpy:  Oh Dog Bongo, you’ll sure have the girls giving you a look after today!  Thanks so much for being my guest!  It’s been a real pleasure!

60 thoughts on “A Visit With Bongo

  1. Hello Bongo – well you sure are one handsome doggie. If I wasn’t engaged to Max I would like you very much!

    I am so glad that you have a really lovely home now – and I am sure that the family are really happy to have you too. You are gorgeous. Love Charlie xxx

  2. Wow! Hi Bongo! I’m glad I could finally read your story!!! I’ve seen your name on Rumpy’s blog many times and been very interested in you! It was lovely that your humans came back to take you home from the dog jail! 🙂 Your brofur Scratch is so cute, too! ( I’m cat lover dog! ) That’s great to hear you have your blog, Bongo! I’ll visit there!!! Woof! 🙂
    and Rumpy, thanks for this wonderful post today! Woo woo!!! 🙂

    1. Kevin, nice to get to know you. I see you on Rumpy’s blog all the time. I’m not sure Scratchy’s so cute when he has his claws out, but I’ll tell him you said so.

  3. Dear Rumpy, how much I love you, your sharing with us, always showing us your world, and helps me to look from your side to this world. You are so nice and you are so lucky too to have a owner like dear Jenny! I just want to give a big kiss to you 🙂 Bongo seems so lucky too, what a nice story, for you both I wish the best in your life, be a good dog always… (Thank you dear Jenny, you are amazing lady, 🙂 ) with my love, nia

  4. Hai Bongo nice to meetcha! I lives in Arizowna too an its too hawt to be owtsides in da summertime enywayz. Maybe if you want to play owtside you can come play in mai catio. Only how larj iz you again? Owr catio iz cat size.

    1. Pandafur, nice to meet a fellow Arizonian. I know what you mean about it being too hot to be outside. In the summer we wait until it’s almost dark to go on our walks, but this time of year I love being outside.

  5. TonTon here: I need to warn you about those frisbees with the holes. When I was little i went to catch one and it fell right over my head like a collar. Everyone laughed at me! So please .. be careful.. T

  6. Your persistence paid off and now you are an inside dog – well, you just want to be around your family, don’t you? Better than being outside on your own! I’m so glad you found your forever home with your nice humans.
    Great interiew!

  7. Great interview, Rumpydog! It was nice hearing more about Bongo. I sure like the picture of him with his Frisbee. Best of all, though, I think it’s great that you both get to be inside dogs!

  8. One of our favs interviewing another of our favs now that makes for a very fine blog. Sure enjoyed the interview. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Your interviews always make me smile and Bongo is a great looking dog, will have to check out the blog. I enjoy your blog so much I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award 🙂

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